Haunting Composition Nathaly’s Mermaid Theme by Loïc Rathscheck

‘This theme is for a friend’s short fantasy mermaid video. She is Asian, lives in Hamburg and is creating a youtube channel with various videos that will be needing short themes.’

Like most electronic musicians, Loic Rathscheck uses a combination of analogue and digital equipments to create sounds and produce music. He already composed many tunes for solo projects and works for films and television. He stated in his bio how his early ‘discovery’ paved the way for his current path in life.

“At the age of five, I started to play the piano and no one could get me away from this instrument. Both my parents brought me to classical music. Moving to the US opened me up to other genres of music such as blues, rock and alternative.”

Nathaly’s Mermaid Theme is one of his latest works, that’s truly captivating. The classically styled composition reflect’s the underwater world of mermaids. The melody swells and resolves into a haunting last note.

Explore his by visiting his official website: http://www.loicrathscheck.com/

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