Loving This! Call Me feat. Paula (cover of Blondie & Giorgio Moroder )

Cover me with kisses baby, cover me with love’…

How can we listen to that line and not be reminded of Richard Gere’s American Gigolo? That same movie introduced Blondie to the masses-both Debbie Harry and Gere claimed iconic status through the rest of the decade. I hear that song once in a while but I wondered if someone is confident enough to cover it. You know, someone with the right musical approach and vocal ability. Harry had that silky voice in the earlier days. So Paula is the perfect fit for the task.

Cover, production and arrangements by JCRZ
Vocals by Paula.
Original track by Blondie & Giorgio Moroder.
Made for demonstration purposes only-According to JCRZ’s soundcloud. But what an amazing demonstration! Paula’s vocals are agile and slick as a cat, and it compliments the New Wavey/Spacey arrangement.

JCRZ and Paula share the same appreciation for New Wave music and they like to collaborate for the fun of it. And I think this is the essence of good music!

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