Bacolod Jerk Chicken-A good place for live music and food!

A good place for live music and food!

I noticed my excitement! I am sure it’s those little things. It can be the sound of instruments or the pulsing beats that draw you in. They are like magnets. My enthusiasm was building up. The event was called The 4th Reggae Fest in the grounds of Bacolod Jerk Chicken. It’s not my first time being there. I was also there during the Halloween fun ride. I kind of regret missing out on the many events. The faces were familiar. 

I saw Yan so I was glad I had someone to talk to. Then I saw Aero and his family. I chatted with Van of Jack Sprat, RJ, and Shotie of Bacolod Fixed Gear. There were other slightly familiar faces. I am sure I’ve already met in many events, music or bike-related. 

The music was moderately loud. We were still able to chat with each other.  Waiters delivered food and drinks. I helped myself with a bottle of cold beer. I prattled and listened to the bands. They were all great with their sets! Young people arrived in droves. The night continued with more food and music.

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