From Now To Then

The New Release by Dennis McCalmont (From Now To Then) showcases crystalline guitar sounds and polished lush sounds.

Every release from Irish singer-songwriter Dennis McCalmont is an inspiring listening experience. Every song he ever recorded is beautiful. He comes from the same academy of tunes as The Beach Boys and Roxy Music. His voice has the same range as Bono, but with the emotional style of Billy Joel.

His new album will make fans of melodic rock n roll smile. The crafted songs will hook you. From Now To Then is a follow up to The Joys of Modern Life. Like the previous album, he tackles personal and social issues. They are about loss, nostalgia, and faith that always envelope our existence.

Did he plan to be a singer-songwriter of existential woes? His songs are on point. His subjects are relatable but also varied. The lighthearted songs (in the vein of the Lemonheads) set contrast to serious ones.

It’s futile to determine which song is the best. But, Demons is a personal favorite. It speaks to me on many levels. His songs are always good. Everything sounds right. Not one word or melody is out of place.

McCalmont prefers crystalline guitar sounds. Something that’s evident in artists with jazz and blues background. Songs like Carousel, L.O.S.T, and Gemini stay with you because of their heartfelt lyrics. There’s always been this palpable honesty in his albums. He never writes or performs to impress. He bares his soul in every track. It is up to you to take it or leave it.

Apart from the artistry, there’s the craft. Every polished track sounds lush yet stripped down. No fireworks or effects. Only musical goodness.

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