Listen to Born Ready by Council Now Out!

council band

The big drums and symphonic sounds could only mean one thing. You are in the realm of Council. The New-York based band consists of three brothers. They have just released their newest single Born Ready a few days ago. This is a celebratory time to commemorate their previous triumph Rust to Gold, which got them more than four million plays via Spotify. That hit was also featured in the 2018 Winter Olympics. At this point, they have already crafted their own kind of sound or style. It is a big sound with sweeping soundscapes and great melodies.

Pat, Doug, and Andy are hoping to trade farming for music. I am sure they will get far because of their sound. They already played with All American Rejects and the Kooks. Born Ready was produced and mixed by Matt Squire who also worked with Panic at the Disco and Ariana Grande. As of the moment, they will be promoting the new single in events like the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and a busking tour sponsored by BOSE.

Born Ready Link:
Spotify Link

Also, check out their Rust to Gold Music Video below:

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