Fledge: Poetry Reading and Open Mic @ AAB Gallery & Cafe

Other photos by Revo Yanson and Rukmini Yanson

When you served art at one time in your life, art will make a way to find you. Call it subconscious longing, infinite intelligence, or fate. But you will always find yourself in the same situation and people in those rare instances. And it’s a kind of a wake-up call when these instances happen. You will find yourself looking at the mirror. You will be looking at yourself and you will ask yourself “ Did I sell out? Did I stay true to my true nature?” the answer is either yes or no. But it doesn’t matter. There will always be those rare instances where you will be caught off guard. These rare situations with a lump in your throat, unable to know what to do. And it is a great thing. I will tell you later why.

Tonight was one of those rare nights when the weather and also situation create this inspiration for creative events. One such event is Fledge which is a poetry reading session. For someone who had gone through this, it’s like a renaissance. And something important was happening. This event was about the love for words through poetry. Words are powerful as tools in shaping civilizations, social changes, and as a way of expressing what is human in us all. Words can be weaponized to deceive and destroy-in their darkest forms. But words are also used to heal, nurture, and inspire. And these are what words are supposed to be. It kind of makes you mindful of how you use words right?

Those involved in creating this event are visual artists, photographers, singer-songwriters, musicians, painters, etc. They add their originality to the mix. It’s interesting how everyone has evolved through the years to tackle issues like alienation, work, societal problems, change of career or hobbies, and even parenthood. Happiness can change you, but in hindsight, it’s always for the better. Trust me, being physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy is good for you!

In such a situation, there are moments when you find yourself speechless. Attending Fledge is like being young and fresh out of college again. You are overwhelmed. It could be the crowd. It could be a feeling like fitting into your old clothes. Somehow time has made you different. No, you don’t change. You add layers. And you’re looking a little bit tired and somehow defeated(Thank you, Kenneth, for the insight). But it is ok. It proves that we all want to find that familiar path that we can experience in visual art and poetry. It is good to feel that sense of uncertainty. Why? It’s because it makes you want to catch up. It makes you look forward to the next time. It makes you hungry. And hunger is a great thing. It is what art is all about. So yes, art will find you. And when it does, you better hang around it for the rest of your life.

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