Kandemic Music is Your Covid 19 Rock Theme Music

We all have our own “Through the Looking Glass” adventure during the pandemic. Yes, it isn’t over yet, but things are getting better in some parts of the world. Everything was surreal, and perhaps a piece of music is needed to sober one up. Kandemic is one of the answers to that. It is what we need. There is rage, anger, empathy, and a sense of humor that the band carries well. 

You can read more about the band’s manifesto through their story. Here’s one exciting paragraph from that:

If we understand that nature has an abundance of anything we need if we treat it right, how could you profit from it? How could the powers that be control us if every one of our needs were met? This is why for years, they have oppressed our natural abilities to the point that we forgot how to use them.

These musicians came from different backgrounds in terms of musical influences. So they used that to create something different and fresh. 

The new single was released this March of 2021. 

According to the band’s bio:

The production team consists of Killabase (ShotgunMunkeyz, Sudalicious ) Zar Acoustic (Headtrip Acoustic Project, Counter Intelligence), J.P. Kallio (Sliotar, Boneyard Bastards, Liberty Hell), NikMartken (Headtrip Acoustic Project, Krude Band)

You can learn more about them and check out new releases through their social media sites. Oh yes, this band is highly entertaining. They are not novelty acts. The music speaks for itself. There’s a lot of artful craft in there, through years of touring and recording. 

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