All About Dirty Laundry and More: Singer-Songwriter Grant Larseny Gets Candid

A true artist always finds a way to figure out how to make ends meet. Whether it is about beating deadlines or surviving a pandemic, creativity is our savior. That is why it is fascinating to chat with creative people from all walks of life. It is by unexpected chance that I get to meet singer-songwriter Grant Larseny who loves going against the flow. He has an album out called Dirty Laundry.

At first, listen I’ve been captivated by his incredible voice and unique way of writing and recording song. A singer and solo electric guitar. This is rare. It’s usually acoustic guitar; we shall find out what made him take this route. The effect lies somewhere between the brunt force of pop-punk and acoustic rock, but with that candid lyrical expression that only he can pull off. If you haven’t listened yet, you better listen to some songs via his album while reading this interview. I promise you that you will make something good out of this. He is speaking on behalf of the creative individuals out there. People who are trying to surf the stormy seas of the pandemic and, if you are brave enough, then maybe you can follow his route. You would be surprised at how many doors will open if you are not ashamed to be who you are!

What’s the inspiration behind dirty laundry?

The inspiration was my life and my family. I found myself unemployed for a couple of months one spring/summer, and I would spend a couple of hours every morning applying for jobs, then spend the rest of the day just enjoying life. I was surfing a lot and made a real effort to play and write more music. I had been in a punk band previously, so I consciously stripped back the anger and but kept the simplicity of a couple of chords with a real focus on the melody and fun.

The album is notable for its solo electric guitar and vocal. I kind of like this approach because it showcases your vocal abilities. What made you decide to record the songs without a full band?

In his home studio recording songs.

The guitar and vocal approach were more out of necessity than anything. I didn’t have the time and energy to put into band practice and promos and gigging, especially considering the goals of 3 or 4 other people. This was a way to scratch the musical itch in my own time, at my own pace. And choosing the electric guitar over an acoustic just came down to doing something a little different. I’ve always preferred playing an electric, there’s not a lot of solo artists playing them, and it was nice to have that little bit of distortion to dirty up the sound.

Any plans for a follow-up release?

I’ve got a couple of songs that I think about releasing from time to time, but no plans at the moment for a follow-up. I have a weird relationship with music – it’s always part of my life, but we’re not always close, and we’re spending some time apart at the moment, haha.

What are you currently into these days?

Currently, I’m just trying to keep the bills paid without going mental. Coming into summer, I’m planning to do a lot of surfing, and I’m always into some kind of weird project. I build longbows and surfboards when I can find the time, and I recently started playing basketball again after a ten-year break. But more than anything, my partner and I just had a little girl, who is baby number 4. Just being a dad takes up a lot of my time these days.

What’s your advice for fellow artists on how to deal with the pandemic and other craziness?

Man, craziness is right, and to be honest, I’m don’t know that I’m the most qualified person to be giving out advice, particularly as a musician – but in a general sense, being kind to yourself is the big thing. Keep your mind busy, find and do things that bring you joy, take a break when you need to, reach out for help, and all that standard stuff. It sounds easy and cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason, and it’s easy for us to forget that it’s important.

Grant Larseny is an alter ego he created. He currently works and lives in Australia. You can catch more of Grant Larseny through his Facebook and Bandcamp page. 

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