The New Toad the Wet Sprocket Album is my Anchor

Times are always changing. The relationship we have now might not be the one we have tomorrow. There is uncertainty and fear in the horizon as we think about health, economy and politics in the midst of this pandemic. But these things are not within our control. However, we can have control over how we feel and the way to achieve the feeling we want to have. Music is a way to unlock that part of us who gets happy with the little things. The part who believe that there is something more than this…

Listening to Starting Now which is the new album of Toad the Wet Sprocket is like coming home again. The songs have this poignancy and also maturity, yet continues to have that optimistic vibe. I love how the band continues to create music even in the midst of forces that bring us down.

This post is not a review. I will leave that to the music critics. Mine is a reaction when a favorite band releases a new album. They still get to me. Music still gets to me. I am 48. Nothing gets easy now. But I still ride my bike daily. I still create content and try to learn new things. I look tired and whithered at times but my heart feels young. This is the feeling we get when we still let our souls be touched by art, joy and things that make life worth living. Thank you TTWS for continuing to fight the obstinate hands of time.

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