On The Cheerful Side with Alex Rainer

When you find yourself in a sombre mood, you need a music pill for that. The medicine happens to be the new album by Alex Rainer. Based on his musical resume, it looks like he has been around-and, I mean, performing in venues in Europe and other parts of the world. This album was a suggestion after a concert.

The album was devised during a 2019 European spring tour by Rainer with musician and
Resonating Wood founder Philip Soanes. “It was over vodka shots in a smoky bar in
Cracow, Poland,” Rainer recalls. “Philip and I had each just played sets at a packed house
show, with a lot of old friends in attendance. He asked if I would consider recording the
songs I’d been performing, for the label’s 25th release, and we just got to talking more and
more about it.”

However, you can tell that he is more of a performer than a studio artist. His music comes alive when performed in a live setting. You can tell that in his rooftop video with the sights and sounds of the city. The magic is achieved with just his voice and a guitar. This fellow will give us exciting music for years to come, and we have open ears!

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