Sean Grace: Unique and Evocative

New York-based flutist Sean Grace is more Jazz and New Age than Traditional Irish. That is why he is in this blog and not the other one. I stumbled upon him via YOuTube by accident. I was looking for updates about the Irish band Lunasa when he appeared in the searches. It turns out he had a few tunes with Irish trad style. His music is evocative of the Transatlantic style of playing. I can listen to him all day. I like musicians who create music for the sake of music. It is such a refreshing attitude.
He has two albums out. The first one is an EP called New Frontiers, which nods to the old tradition that meets the new style. The second one is Alice in Wonderland, which is Jazz, or eclectic Jazz.
If you are looking for instrumental music with an evocative and unique style, check out Sean Grace’s music. Listen to them here:

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