Sunshine Vibe: A Place To Call Our Own Joe Symes & The Loving Kind 

It took me a while to write about my decent observation/reaction about this new EP but I will soldier on. I am talking about the A Place to Call Our Own by Liverpool’s Joe Symes and the Loving Kind. So the music was just sitting there waiting for its time to be heard. And the surprise was all worth it. Remember, I wrote something about them a few years ago. I was struck by their sense of melody, harmony and that unique vibe that they can call their own. Is the title a nod to their native place? Perhaps it is. Or maybe it is up to the listeners to create their own story based on the imagery of each song.

The subjects deal about everyday life, relationships, nostalgia, and how life moves on in the midst of chaos and resolution. I notice a hint of Teenage Fan Club and Travis there but perhaps this is normal ion a band that is known to record memorable melodic songs. Their musical career spans a few years and they have grown better with each release. Even Joe’s singing has attained that depth of expression which is sweet, ironic and also sad at times. But if there is one word that defines this release it’s FUN. Yes! With somewhere around half an hour, you have songs that make you get off your feet, smile and supercharge your day. The energy and optimism is all over the second track Follow You. I love how the drums roll with such insistent glee.

Other songs are worth your ears if you are a big fan of Oasis, The Beatles and even The Smiths. There is that spoonful of Johnny Marr in It’s All Make Believe. There is no dull moment in A place To Call Our Own. When you find yourself struggling on a bad day, I suggest you pop this up and see how the mood changes. Music is there to uplift us when we are down. This is something that Joey Symes and the Loving Kind always deliver!

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