Coffee and Energy featuring Mike Milan Dedic

So what’s the first tune you listen to when you wake up? And what’s in your coffee? Wait, you don’t have to answer them but hear me out. This tune is something you might want to listen to. Mornings are not easy. But having something to boost up your Energy is a plus. And this is why this song is something you should check out. It helped me today. I am sure it is going to help you. If you like instrumental music featuring a lead guitar in the vein of the masters like Steve Vail and Joe Satriani, then this is it.
I admit I am kind of missing that kind of music. It seems the current flavor is more beat-driven with 4 chord progressions. There is nothing wrong with these, but it is worth knowing that there are other forms of music. In fact, these different forms of music prove to be far more interesting in terms of complexity. And oh yes, not being mainstream is a plus. However, Energy is getting more popular. In fact, it now has over 8,000 views.
I like this tune for its use of an exotic scale which is so rare in music these days. I also like the driving beat and that insistent bass. It has a nice balance that the keys are there to serve the guitar-which this track is all about. If you are looking for a piece of music to rock your day, then this is it. Have a listen over a cup of warm coffee and the goodness of your soul.

Available now on: ‎……. Video Director & Editor – Lliam Shane Check out his channel at:… Recordings By: Brian Latimer – drums, song mixing; Dearian Seepersad – keyboards

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