Old by Layne Greene is Now Out!

Nostalgia teaches us a lesson, But there is no need to dwell.
Some things are better left where they are. Nostalgia is painful when you know when you can never repair it. I think this sums up the new single of Layne Greene called “Old”. “People change and get replaced”, He sings in a confident voice that has grown more expressive with time.
“How could you stay here? We don’t belong here.” Why do we want to get away as soon as possible? I sometimes guess what we call “family” can be a source of toxicity.
This is an essential thought for people who have made the decision at the crossroads, whether right or wrong. The future can surprise us. 2022 is the future of 2012. I remember back in 2012…But there is no need to dwell. Did you do cringy things that still make you blush? Am I speaking for anyone else?
I was never one to pay attention to lyrics because I am more of a “sounds” guy, but this one has mass and density in terms of meaning. He writes with certainty free of overdramatization. His words are on point and also wise. Layne has undoubtedly moved on and made a career out of the thing he loves to do, which is music. He also offers musical tutorials when not performing or recording. It looks like his foundational knowledge in music theory is finally paying off.
Old is an upbeat song with interesting chord choices. There is that atmospheric signature sound that I love.
Old is now out via Bandcamp and soon through other outlets.

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