Can’t Get It Out Of My Head By Mary Fahl Is An Audiophile’s Guilty Pleasure

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Yes, I admit I listen to streaming music because it is convenient and mobile. I am one of those guys who play music on a Bluetooth speaker (at decent levels) while riding a bicycle. But when I get home, it is another affair. I like my music through headphones because I love the detail that a singer and her production crew have put into the album. And, like the best thing we can consume, again and again, a good album can stand the test of time.

However, some albums are meant to be listened to on a good sound system. I also mean that these are albums where you need to forgo any appointment because the music demands total immersion. For me, listening to an album is like stepping into a dimension of sound. It is a door that you open that takes you to another place. It demands your heart, soul, and brain. It is also a rewarding experience because, like a good book, you end up feeling better and transformed. Such an affair is found in every Mary Fahl album.

So, when Mary Fahl announced that she’s releasing a new album this year, I got excited. Her track record has always been consistent, winning awards and positive reviews. She is not one of those artists who release albums every year. This is a good thing for me because it keeps fans wanting more. She does tours, and I think she is an amazing live performer.

Can’t Get It Out of My Head is a covers album featuring songs from artists who influenced her and was released on July 22, 2022. According to an editorial review, the album has 2 disc deluxe edition featuring bonus tracks contains a hi-res 24bit/96k BluRay in 5.1 and Stereo and an Audio CD. In an effort to find some light and comfort during these challenging times, singer/songwriter Mary Fahl looks back to some of the essential music that has brought her sustenance and clarity by reinterpreting songs from her greatest inspirations … Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Moody Blues, ELO, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and others. For Mary, this is a tribute to the music that defined her as an artist.

My BluRay edition hasn’t arrived yet, so I am listening via Spotify. I will write another observation once I get my hands on the physical media. For now, I am enjoying this album through high-quality streaming. Even in this version, you can hear little details in the recording. I love how you can almost hear the surface of the sound when an instrument is played. I love the warm production. And wow, she also covered Nick Drake’s River Man, which is a cool track!

It is hard for me to choose a favorite track because each one is like a sonic journey. In a way, each song complements the bigger picture. Fahl’s voice has also evolved, and she has freed herself from the shadows of her former band October Project in terms of her musical direction and chosen materials. I should note that she also sings, writes, and performs her own songs.
Further info about the album:

“Producer Mark Doyle and I first met around 2005 when he was the co-producer of ‘From the Dark Side of the Moon’, and he’s been my Music Director since 2013. Aside from the strings and drums, he played every instrument on this album. We recorded most of it at his home studio and a majority of the vocals are taken from the first time I auditioned these songs with Mark for the album… something I never would have done in my youth… but there’s something fresh, unstudied and unselfconscious about working that way. Mark has been essential to the process of helping me make these great songs my own without sacrificing the essence first captured by their original creators.”

Track List:

1) Can’t Get It Out of My Head (Electric Light Orchestra)
2) Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones)
3) Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues)
4) River Man (Nick Drake)
5) Got A Feelin’ (The Mama and the Papas)
6) Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young)
7) Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
8) Since You’ve Asked (Judy Collins)
9) Beware of Darkness (George Harrison)
10) The Great Valerio (Richard & Linda Thompson)

2 thoughts on “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head By Mary Fahl Is An Audiophile’s Guilty Pleasure

  1. The Blue Ray version is a sonic delight, m r. Another great 5.1 production for Mary Fahl and her talented team. The two bonus tracks are string mixes of Tuesday afternoon and Ruby Tuesday . They are not in 5.1 , but to me, they sound even better than the CD stereo versions.

    I always look forward to hearing Fahl’s impressive original tracks, but she is equally amazing in finding creative ways to cover other artists’ materials. Somewhere down the line, I wouldn’t mind another exploration of tunes that ring her bell. It’s not mere nostalgia; she knows how to bring something new to the process . Her concert presentations have always been a graceful mix of her own material and select covers of songs written by others.

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    • Thank you Bryan! I am still waiting for the physical media for that 5.1 magic. She did mention in one interview that she is going back to writing songs again, so that’s something to look forward to in the future. Cheers!


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