So What’s Up With James Bullard?

I’ve been looking at my blog stats today, and there’s one post getting regular hits through the years. It’s my James Bullard interview posted around 2017. So I thought I might check his Spotify page to see what’s up. The last update was in 2020. And he only has 31 listeners. I was shocked because he makes outstanding songs. I’ve followed his music since the MySpace days(remember that?) And I was hoping he’s going to be huge. He posts on his Instagram account once in a while, and that’s it. No news of touring, recording, or any interesting musical project. Perhaps I will interview him one of these days to see what’s up.

If you happen to be online, give this man a listen. His music might be something for you. It’s just alarming that he’s only got 31 followers on Spotify. Man, I think he needs to hire a management team.

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