Myele Manzanza’s Emperimental Foray into Jazz and Electronica Satisfies

I’ve subscribed to Bandcamp a couple of years ago and I just realised how much I miss the music and the artist updates. It’s been a while and it is great to finally go back. I’ve been listening to Myele Manzanza after hearuing his new release Focus. I don’t know how this artist slipped away from my radar and I tell you I am getting hooked. I love jazz and experimental music at the same time. To get the same thing from one artist is trully a great experience. Manzanza has already release many albums indeopendently. To listen to his musicv at 3 AM is a treat! You should try it.

Drums – Myele Manzanza
Bass Guitar – Benjamin Muralt
Keys & Synths – Lewis Moody

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