July: Beautiful R&B from this British Artist

So I found myself wide-eyed at 2 am. I am getting used to my night shift job, and I get sleepy during the day and wide awake at night. Somewhere in that ruminating, I would reach out for my tablet to play music. I like almost all kinds of music. But the hour demands something smoother, loungy, and gentle.
July is one artist that surprised me. His persona seems laid back, but his music can easily catch your attention. I first noticed the arrangement and use of dreamy keys on top of mellow beats. His voice is smooth and very expressive. His delivery is excellent, and his songs are so good in many situations.
The song that caught my attention right away was Catalina. That’s the name of my late aunt/foster mom, who passed away in 2013. There were moments of sadness when I think of her. This song is a good representation of what it is to me: Catalina is a Diva.
Pokey Lights is another chill-out tune that goes down smoothly. I love listening to this while riding my bike aimlessly around the metro.
July is generous enough to share with me his unreleased tracks, and I am not disappointed. He has a good producer who backs him up. He has a talent that means something. At least it means a lot to me because his songs are beautiful.
Are we expecting an album soon? Well, he is ok releasing singles as opposed to entire albums. This approach benefits him more as an artist. But he needs a push. So let’s push him up there.
I can see a bright future for July. His formula works. His music is something and so much more.

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