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I ride fixed gear, brakeless. I think music and cycling are two important things in my life. I started blogging around 2006 but I realized that I want to focus on music so I became a music blogger.

Listen to Born Ready by Council Now Out!

council band

The big drums and symphonic sounds could only mean one thing. You are in the realm of Council. The New-York based band consists of three brothers. They have just released their newest single Born Ready a few days ago. This is a celebratory time to commemorate their previous triumph Rust to Gold, which got them more than four million plays via Spotify. That hit was also featured in the 2018 Winter Olympics. At this point, they have already crafted their own kind of sound or style. It is a big sound with sweeping soundscapes and great melodies.

Pat, Doug, and Andy are hoping to trade farming for music. I am sure they will get far because of their sound. They already played with All American Rejects and the Kooks. Born Ready was produced and mixed by Matt Squire who also worked with Panic at the Disco and Ariana Grande. As of the moment, they will be promoting the new single in events like the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and a busking tour sponsored by BOSE.

Born Ready Link: https://soundcloud.com/councilband/born-ready/s-zefhX
Spotify Link https://open.spotify.com/artist/3N7z79Am2V9dxOxd8K2HVo
Website https://councildoug.wixsite.com/councilbandpage

Also, check out their Rust to Gold Music Video below:

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From Now To Then

The New Release by Dennis McCalmont (From Now To Then) showcases crystalline guitar sounds and polished lush sounds.

Every release from Irish singer-songwriter Dennis McCalmont is an inspiring listening experience. Every song he ever recorded is beautiful. He comes from the same academy of tunes as The Beach Boys and Roxy Music. His voice has the same range as Bono, but with the emotional style of Billy Joel.

His new album will make fans of melodic rock n roll smile. The crafted songs will hook you. From Now To Then is a follow up to The Joys of Modern Life. Like the previous album, he tackles personal and social issues. They are about loss, nostalgia, and faith that always envelope our existence.

Did he plan to be a singer-songwriter of existential woes? His songs are on point. His subjects are relatable but also varied. The lighthearted songs (in the vein of the Lemonheads) set contrast to serious ones.

It’s futile to determine which song is the best. But, Demons is a personal favorite. It speaks to me on many levels. His songs are always good. Everything sounds right. Not one word or melody is out of place.

McCalmont prefers crystalline guitar sounds. Something that’s evident in artists with jazz and blues background. Songs like Carousel, L.O.S.T, and Gemini stay with you because of their heartfelt lyrics. There’s always been this palpable honesty in his albums. He never writes or performs to impress. He bares his soul in every track. It is up to you to take it or leave it.

Apart from the artistry, there’s the craft. Every polished track sounds lush yet stripped down. No fireworks or effects. Only musical goodness.

Bacolod Jerk Chicken-A good place for live music and food!

A good place for live music and food!

I noticed my excitement! I am sure it’s those little things. It can be the sound of instruments or the pulsing beats that draw you in. They are like magnets. My enthusiasm was building up. The event was called The 4th Reggae Fest in the grounds of Bacolod Jerk Chicken. It’s not my first time being there. I was also there during the Halloween fun ride. I kind of regret missing out on the many events. The faces were familiar. 

I saw Yan so I was glad I had someone to talk to. Then I saw Aero and his family. I chatted with Van of Jack Sprat, RJ, and Shotie of Bacolod Fixed Gear. There were other slightly familiar faces. I am sure I’ve already met in many events, music or bike-related. 

The music was moderately loud. We were still able to chat with each other.  Waiters delivered food and drinks. I helped myself with a bottle of cold beer. I prattled and listened to the bands. They were all great with their sets! Young people arrived in droves. The night continued with more food and music.

Loving This! Call Me feat. Paula (cover of Blondie & Giorgio Moroder )

Cover me with kisses baby, cover me with love’…

How can we listen to that line and not be reminded of Richard Gere’s American Gigolo? That same movie introduced Blondie to the masses-both Debbie Harry and Gere claimed iconic status through the rest of the decade. I hear that song once in a while but I wondered if someone is confident enough to cover it. You know, someone with the right musical approach and vocal ability. Harry had that silky voice in the earlier days. So Paula is the perfect fit for the task.

Cover, production and arrangements by JCRZ
Vocals by Paula.
Original track by Blondie & Giorgio Moroder.
Made for demonstration purposes only-According to JCRZ’s soundcloud. But what an amazing demonstration! Paula’s vocals are agile and slick as a cat, and it compliments the New Wavey/Spacey arrangement.

JCRZ and Paula share the same appreciation for New Wave music and they like to collaborate for the fun of it. And I think this is the essence of good music!

Haunting Composition Nathaly’s Mermaid Theme by Loïc Rathscheck

‘This theme is for a friend’s short fantasy mermaid video. She is Asian, lives in Hamburg and is creating a youtube channel with various videos that will be needing short themes.’

Like most electronic musicians, Loic Rathscheck uses a combination of analogue and digital equipments to create sounds and produce music. He already composed many tunes for solo projects and works for films and television. He stated in his bio how his early ‘discovery’ paved the way for his current path in life.

“At the age of five, I started to play the piano and no one could get me away from this instrument. Both my parents brought me to classical music. Moving to the US opened me up to other genres of music such as blues, rock and alternative.”

Nathaly’s Mermaid Theme is one of his latest works, that’s truly captivating. The classically styled composition reflect’s the underwater world of mermaids. The melody swells and resolves into a haunting last note.

Explore his by visiting his official website: http://www.loicrathscheck.com/