Fledge: Poetry Reading and Open Mic @ AAB Gallery & Cafe

Other photos by Revo Yanson and Rukmini Yanson

When you served art at one time in your life, art will make a way to find you. Call it subconscious longing, infinite intelligence, or fate. But you will always find yourself in the same situation and people in those rare instances. And it’s a kind of a wake-up call when these instances happen. You will find yourself looking at the mirror. You will be looking at yourself and you will ask yourself “ Did I sell out? Did I stay true to my true nature?” the answer is either yes or no. But it doesn’t matter. There will always be those rare instances where you will be caught off guard. These rare situations with a lump in your throat, unable to know what to do. And it is a great thing. I will tell you later why.

Tonight was one of those rare nights when the weather and also situation create this inspiration for creative events. One such event is Fledge which is a poetry reading session. For someone who had gone through this, it’s like a renaissance. And something important was happening. This event was about the love for words through poetry. Words are powerful as tools in shaping civilizations, social changes, and as a way of expressing what is human in us all. Words can be weaponized to deceive and destroy-in their darkest forms. But words are also used to heal, nurture, and inspire. And these are what words are supposed to be. It kind of makes you mindful of how you use words right?

Those involved in creating this event are visual artists, photographers, singer-songwriters, musicians, painters, etc. They add their originality to the mix. It’s interesting how everyone has evolved through the years to tackle issues like alienation, work, societal problems, change of career or hobbies, and even parenthood. Happiness can change you, but in hindsight, it’s always for the better. Trust me, being physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy is good for you!

In such a situation, there are moments when you find yourself speechless. Attending Fledge is like being young and fresh out of college again. You are overwhelmed. It could be the crowd. It could be a feeling like fitting into your old clothes. Somehow time has made you different. No, you don’t change. You add layers. And you’re looking a little bit tired and somehow defeated(Thank you, Kenneth, for the insight). But it is ok. It proves that we all want to find that familiar path that we can experience in visual art and poetry. It is good to feel that sense of uncertainty. Why? It’s because it makes you want to catch up. It makes you look forward to the next time. It makes you hungry. And hunger is a great thing. It is what art is all about. So yes, art will find you. And when it does, you better hang around it for the rest of your life.

Looking for Cycling Playlist for 2020? Check this out!

If you are looking for the best cycling playlist via Spotify, then you might want to stream Cycling Music Playlist. It has all the hot artists like Billie Ellish, Marshmallow, The Chainsmokers, and many more. My personal favorite is Bad Guy by Billie Ellish. Yet, that song might be buried within almost 5 hours pf If you are looking for the best cycling playlist via Spotify, then you might want to stream Cycling Music Playlist. It has all the hot artists like Billie Ellish, Marshmallow, The Chainsmokers and many more. My personal favorite is Bad Guy by Billie Ellish. Yet, that song might be buried within almost 5 hours of adrenaline enducing songs.

I got into this after having to choose between albums or songs while in the middle of a long ride. By the way I always strap my Bose soundlink micro because I don’t support cycling with headphones. Having a portable bluetooth speaker can give you the ability to hear incoming or outgoing vehicles. You can still hear the music while paying attention the road and your surroundings. Another reason why I like this playlist is the consistency of the mood all the way. The songs are all upbeat and suited for pedaling.

If you want to discover new music and also fuse it with your love for cycling, then this playlist is something you should follow.


New Whip : The State Of Rap with Lane Allen

I discovered Lane Allen via Instagram. It is a solid place to discover fascinating musicians. This includes artists who are new and are carving their niche in the world of Pop, Rap, Rock, or any genre you can imagine. So, after discovering Lane Allen via Instagram, I headed straight into his Spotify profile to listen to his tunes.

When I listen to hip hop, I pay heed to both the lyrics and the production quality. I see that Allen has put a great deal of finesse in his overall sound. I note the clean and slick bass and his emphasis on mid-tempo beats. The fashion he raps is original, with a sense of spontaneity and honesty. He is from Lexington Kentucky. The blend of local music culture coupled with his global music instinct is perfect. He has forged a distinct style that will gratify all rap music fans.

His popular single is New Whip with Steven Cannon. It is a frenzy salad of pure street attitude, slick verses, and pumping bass. These two artists are great together. It is a tune that will pump any crowd. Allen’s Instagram profile shows his day to day pursuits like recording, rapping, and even riding a helicopter. Lane is young, vibrant, talented, and he is heading for a life of a superstar.

He has released a few EPs and hopefully, we will get a taste of a full-length album.

Listen to Born Ready by Council Now Out!

council band

The big drums and symphonic sounds could only mean one thing. You are in the realm of Council. The New-York based band consists of three brothers. They have just released their newest single Born Ready a few days ago. This is a celebratory time to commemorate their previous triumph Rust to Gold, which got them more than four million plays via Spotify. That hit was also featured in the 2018 Winter Olympics. At this point, they have already crafted their own kind of sound or style. It is a big sound with sweeping soundscapes and great melodies.

Pat, Doug, and Andy are hoping to trade farming for music. I am sure they will get far because of their sound. They already played with All American Rejects and the Kooks. Born Ready was produced and mixed by Matt Squire who also worked with Panic at the Disco and Ariana Grande. As of the moment, they will be promoting the new single in events like the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and a busking tour sponsored by BOSE.

Born Ready Link: https://soundcloud.com/councilband/born-ready/s-zefhX
Spotify Link https://open.spotify.com/artist/3N7z79Am2V9dxOxd8K2HVo
Website https://councildoug.wixsite.com/councilbandpage

Also, check out their Rust to Gold Music Video below:

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From Now To Then

The New Release by Dennis McCalmont (From Now To Then) showcases crystalline guitar sounds and polished lush sounds.

Every release from Irish singer-songwriter Dennis McCalmont is an inspiring listening experience. Every song he ever recorded is beautiful. He comes from the same academy of tunes as The Beach Boys and Roxy Music. His voice has the same range as Bono, but with the emotional style of Billy Joel.

His new album will make fans of melodic rock n roll smile. The crafted songs will hook you. From Now To Then is a follow up to The Joys of Modern Life. Like the previous album, he tackles personal and social issues. They are about loss, nostalgia, and faith that always envelope our existence.

Did he plan to be a singer-songwriter of existential woes? His songs are on point. His subjects are relatable but also varied. The lighthearted songs (in the vein of the Lemonheads) set contrast to serious ones.

It’s futile to determine which song is the best. But, Demons is a personal favorite. It speaks to me on many levels. His songs are always good. Everything sounds right. Not one word or melody is out of place.

McCalmont prefers crystalline guitar sounds. Something that’s evident in artists with jazz and blues background. Songs like Carousel, L.O.S.T, and Gemini stay with you because of their heartfelt lyrics. There’s always been this palpable honesty in his albums. He never writes or performs to impress. He bares his soul in every track. It is up to you to take it or leave it.

Apart from the artistry, there’s the craft. Every polished track sounds lush yet stripped down. No fireworks or effects. Only musical goodness.