Loving This! Call Me feat. Paula (cover of Blondie & Giorgio Moroder )

Cover me with kisses baby, cover me with love’…

How can we listen to that line and not be reminded of Richard Gere’s American Gigolo? That same movie introduced Blondie to the masses-both Debbie Harry and Gere claimed iconic status through the rest of the decade. I hear that song once in a while but I wondered if someone is confident enough to cover it. You know, someone with the right musical approach and vocal ability. Harry had that silky voice in the earlier days. So Paula is the perfect fit for the task.

Cover, production and arrangements by JCRZ
Vocals by Paula.
Original track by Blondie & Giorgio Moroder.
Made for demonstration purposes only-According to JCRZ’s soundcloud. But what an amazing demonstration! Paula’s vocals are agile and slick as a cat, and it compliments the New Wavey/Spacey arrangement.

JCRZ and Paula share the same appreciation for New Wave music and they like to collaborate for the fun of it. And I think this is the essence of good music!

Haunting Composition Nathaly’s Mermaid Theme by Loïc Rathscheck

‘This theme is for a friend’s short fantasy mermaid video. She is Asian, lives in Hamburg and is creating a youtube channel with various videos that will be needing short themes.’

Like most electronic musicians, Loic Rathscheck uses a combination of analogue and digital equipments to create sounds and produce music. He already composed many tunes for solo projects and works for films and television. He stated in his bio how his early ‘discovery’ paved the way for his current path in life.

“At the age of five, I started to play the piano and no one could get me away from this instrument. Both my parents brought me to classical music. Moving to the US opened me up to other genres of music such as blues, rock and alternative.”

Nathaly’s Mermaid Theme is one of his latest works, that’s truly captivating. The classically styled composition reflect’s the underwater world of mermaids. The melody swells and resolves into a haunting last note.

Explore his by visiting his official website: http://www.loicrathscheck.com/

One of the videos to support the indiegogo campaign of Layne Greene out now!

Canadian singer/songwriting and actor Layne Green has launched an indiegogo campaign and he is uploading a series of videos( a mix or unreleased and released songs). One of them is already up. The title is Look Out. Take note that he recorded this live without studio gimmick. The mic is far which means that he is relying on his technical skills to sound flawless even in such environment. A testament that he is an excellent live performer. You can see it here. All raw, presented from his vibrant artistry. Subscribe to his YouTube channel too!

Listen to the bilingual Dance Track – Costa Rica by Rory K & Fran Estanciero

Still from Costa Rica by Rory K & Fran Estanciero

Hey, summer is just around the corner, and it is great to celebrate that inevitable holiday season with a new danceable hip hop track brought to you by these two wonderful artists. Rory K & Fran Estanciero made a collaboration that really works. They premiered Costa Rica through Instagram then followed it up with simultaneous Facebook announcements. It is currently getting a lot of attention and shares.

Costa Rica which is a Hip Hop, Dancehall and Reggaeton fused song is about a search for the perfect woman. It is also bilingual – sung half in English and half in Spanish with a feel-good vibe. It’s evident that these two artists share that creative chemistry, that’s often the case of people who jive creatively. I am looking forward to this record becoming a radio and poolside favorite this summer.

Introducing Jon Magnusson from Sweden

If you are looking for something acoustic to chill to, then do check this guy from Sweden. His name is Jon Magnusson. He makes cheerful and poignant music in the vein of Leonard Cohen, Iron &Wine and yes Simon and Garfunkel! His songs remind me of walking into a sun-drenched field with huge trees swaying to the music of the wind.

If you want to explore his music, I’d recommend you start with Acoustic Dreams because it is one of his notable recordings. Songs like The Street Where I Was Born and Growing Old Disgracefully showcase his wit and humor.

His style of singing is also unique. He doesn’t resort to maudlin delivery like most folk singers. He sounds cheerful even in his emotional songs. His songs are also eclectic. ” Started playing music at a young age, writing songs as a teenager and since two years back decided to make music my full time job. But I do it my way and in direct connection with my listeners and supporters. I’m not dependent on what a label or a manager tells me to do. If I wanna make a jazzy prog-folk EP, I will and then follow it up with a hip hop collab.”

So be sure to watch out for his current and future projects and connect with him for enquiries.