Rogues & Blushing Virgins:Southern Gothic With a Touch of Burlesque.

Rogues & Blushing Virgins

by Christian DeArmond & Helena Berlin:

Southern Gothic with a touch of burlesque.


It would be unfair to describe the works of singer-songwriter in just three words: sex, rage and sorrow. Though I would say they do stand out in his his body of works that spawned many releases.However, he sounds gentler in this new release. More..friendly for lack of better words. The new EP is called Rogues & Blushing Virgins. Newsflash! Not everyone is feeling bright and bouncy this season. That is why there is always a room for this new release in the hearts of people like us!

Water is a dominant theme in this EP. Whether it is about lamenting a lost love under the falling rain or following a ghost to the river, Rogues & Blushing Virgins is a cohesive project. The airy voice of Helena Berlin is featured in all the tracks. The three songs are Dive, Dark Day Darling and Jericho River.

Jericho River reminds me of True Detective, the first season. And hey the producers of the show should spotlight this release for their future seasons. So yes please, give this EP a listen because it satisfies the reality hiding inside us…more than we want to admit.

RAKANS – #FreeThePersona – Teaser Video

A true artist is someone who is fearless. How many of us can attain that state where we have no fear in freeing our persona? Rakan Solomon walks in this perilous road between controversy and craft as part of his self-expression. As a big fan of avant garde singer/songwriters, he carved his own musical path a few years ago. Then he disappeared from social media. All the while he was cultivating what is now called #FreeThePersona. Watch the video below:

I think what draws me to his art is his unapologetic self-expression. We live in a world where people are divided by cultural and racial tensions. This is an era of change. Nothing escapes social media and it is both something of a blessing and a curse-which fuels the anger of those who try to hold on to bigotry brought about by religious tradition.

“If used wisely, conflicts can set you free.” This is the statement that accompanies the teaser video. Perhaps that is true. It’s like when you have lived long enough under the shadow of politeness and habit that confronting the powers that be is hard. And then something happens. And you speak your mind out. You do something. You start a revolution….

RAKANS – #FreeThePersona – Teaser Video

If used wisely, conflicts can set you free.

Directed by: Mohamed Moe Sabbah

Concept by: RAKANS and Mohamed Moe Sabbah

Styled by: Ramy Saad

Special thanks:

Elie Sawaya

Gigi Hourany

Music: LÜJAH, from the upcoming album LÜJAH

Produced and composed by: RAKANS

Musical post-production: Zeid Hamdan, Marc Codsi, LU Studio

Video available on YouTube: