Music Inspired by the Hammock (Podcast)

Tame Impala-


Sophie B Hawkins-

Peter Gabriel-


Mr Little Jeans-

Mike Oldfield-

Donna Lewis-




Audio Interview with Milan Samko of The Aprill — with Daniel Székely, Jakub Fišer, Milan Samko, Jan Mourek and Gárl Ticháček. — with Daniel Székely, Jakub Fišer, Milan Samko, Jan Mourek and Gárl Ticháček.

Interview with Milan Samko of The Aprill (Plus live performance) by Baxter Labatos on Mixcloud

This is my interview with lead man Milan Samko. I posted a blog about them in my past issue. I like their music. It has mainstream appeal. Milan and I planned to talk through Skype. He usually does video editing and Photography work in the afternoon because that’s part of his job. He surprised me with an acoustic performance. I am glad to capture the energy in this audio interview.

YouTube version of the interview

My 17th Podcast is Up!

My weekly show is back to sooth your world with wonderful music! Yes yes they are all here: sound salad and tunes of high quality.

New tunes are up plus more emphasis on Christmas music in my Celtic music show. As for the indie variety, I am featuring tunes from Radio Happy Music Compilation for the Haiyan​/​Yolanda Victims. Visit


Celtic Music

Loreena McKennitt-The Seven Rejoices of Mary Tara O’Grady-Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Enya-Amid the Falling Snow Cherish the Ladies-Deck the Halls Larry Kirwan feat. Ashley Davis-Happy Christmas The Celtic Tenors-Silent Night Damien Dempsey-Oh Holy Night


Indie variety

Ade Hodges-Short Drone for Tacloban Among the Echoes-Feels like Heaven Xan Alexander-Klausified Flight-Strange Little Girl Heliophile-Nebula Samuel Smith-The Way of the World



Podcasts #12 #13 #14 #15 and #16

I realized I haven’t posted my succeeding podcasts so, I am putting the widget so you will get to listen to them. I have to tell you mixcloud isn’t available on windows phone yet so  you ‘ve got to wait a little while until they make a good app for that. But if you have an iphone or an android device, then this will work.

I noticed more and more listeners are lazy in getting to their laptops of desktop computers to listen to music online. They’d rather use their mobiles to do that. Mobiles are good if you are multi tasking or you are on the run most of the time. It is a convenient way to listen to music when you are riding in a bus.

But it also limits your full experience as an end-user. There are many benefits going into the desktop experience.