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Mutual Benefit aka Jordan Lee

Mutual Benefit aka Jordan Lee

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My friend Loic Rathscheck sent me this wonderful link to a video. He now has two analogue synths. This guy makes amazing music.

The Glass Vaults-Hear the Crunching Waves

I am currently listening to the Glass Vaults and my God there is this faint echo of Sigur Ros as will as Spiritualized in every tracks. A shoe-gazer band for depressed generation.But the band is able to carve their own identity leaving room for more good things to come. This is the first and I am sure a good start for an introduction.
JUKBOXR to release Glass EP from New Zealand duo Glass Vaults
Limited edition vinyl available November 1st

Glass Vaults is Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce
Glass Vaults is a Wellington, New Zealand based two-piece who use a mixture of washed textures, ambient and atmospheric sound scapes and an amalgamation of programmed and live drums. Both born in the rural Manawatu, Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce met at university in Wellington where they began experimenting with music under the name Vaults. Having recently graduated and undergone a name change to Glass Vaults, the pair are using their time to work on writing and shaping their sound under this guise. 

The Glass EP is the pairs’ first release and was recorded on Rowan’s grandmothers farm in March 2010. They then teamed up with friend Bevan Smith (Signer, Over the Atlantic, The Ruby Suns) to produce the recordings into the final release. The Glass EP is an initial marrying of the pairs’ ambient, looped soundscapes fused with minimal lyrical content and structured songwriting. Glass Vaults successfully “deliver a fully realized EP buoyed by the peerless semblance of potential; rare that music can at once sound so wistful, but look forward with such promise” (Jonathan Shedletzky). JUKBOXR Records will release the GlassEP for the first time outside of NZ with a limited vinyl run out November 1st.

For more information and review copies, please contact

Glass EP Track listing:
Side A
01 They Will Grow
02 Set Sail

Side B
01 New Space
02 Worrier
03 Forget Me Not (click song title to download)


I also found this interesting link:

10 Documentaries Every Musician Must Own

Presenting Paula O’Brien

Hi guys there’s this really cool British electronic artist that has tickled my ears with atmospheric candy- coated tunes. But then again some of her music can be described as spine- tingling. If you want to have a walk on the edge at night, or think about movie scenes in your head; Paula is the perfect soundtrack. Moody, ethereal and washed with sophisticated vocals, this one is a must-hear for lovers of the genre.


I love the music of Justin Elswick and I was able to chat with the man on occasions. He is so down to earth and passionate about his music. He has created a sound that is closer to what Enya or Vangelis make.

Ambient Meets Rebel Sound:The Final Year


 Hearing Alex Marsolais-Whicher  sing with that distinctive slurr, one can’t help but note the possibilities that this band will have in music someday. Already, the guys behind The Final Year are showing that they are not interested in selling out to the pop crowd. The music is a bit catchy but with a comical side.  You either like it or hate it, depending on your musical inclination. Bratty but intellectual, atmospheric(with ambient washes ) but disturbing; Silence & Reflection never fail to amuse or incite reactions. Listen to the band’s cover of the Dire Straits classic and start to holler!

If you love bands like Popsicle and Wheezer , then you will love the way The Final Year makes music-teetering between leering contradiction and honesty.