Cyber Coffee Talk with Nazatron

13 Questions answered Nazatron is the musical vehicle of Genaaron Diamente. Genaaron grew up in a small town in Victoria, Australia and started playing guitar as soon as he was big enough to hold one. A steady diet of beatles records, 90s metal, school jazz bands and guitar lessons quickly evolved into an irreversible love …

Nazatron: Australia’s Best Kept Secret

The website is the best introduction to Nazatron's music. So what makes this 20-something really interesting? Find out soon

Remix for Scarlet Soho

Before I write about this band, this link is introductory. My friend Loic Rathscheck made this amazing remix on his profile. Beautiful, melodic with the touch of the 80s. Can't stop smiling and dancing. Check this page and click the latest music:

14 Questions with Pierre Masse

In the middle of doing school work , Pierre Masse sits with us to discuss his latest EP Situations. It looks like a lot of things are going on inside this young man's head and he is not even over twenty. His philosophies are reflected in the six-track effort, half of the songs sung in …

Chillin’ to Aphex Twin

Donie Ryan from Ireland loves electronic music. He posted this on his facebook profile. I love listening to this kind of music. Aphex Twin from Cornwall is the best. Truly groovy and relaxing. Very ahead of its time- akind of music that one can listen to after a long night of clubbing.