The Sound of Warm Honey: Grafton Primary

Loic Rathscheck sent me a Grafton Primary video. Loic is one of the best electronic composers of this generation. He has been an important source of electronic music . It is nice to be connected in the music scene.  Well, this is just a random think I got from the mail but it got me started with this band from Down Under.

What is interesting about this band is their sense of connection to the spirit of the 80’s.  In terms of catchy melodies and good hooks, these guys has what it takes to indulge listeners into an aural journey. Listening to their one son “All Stars” i can’t help but get a big smile on my face. The music is so good and infectious , it pours like warm honey on your tongue.


The Heavenly Joanna Stevens

The great thing about electronic music is its adaptive capacity. After years it gets remixed again and wala! It sounds new. The 80s gave us a lot of good electronic bands and this has been passed to the few who maintained quality music. And that means, music that has undergone a lot of studio analysis and months of painstaking work. And what better way to represent this music other than vocalists deserving a place in the pantheon of Goddesses?

I first heard of this  California-based music siren named Joanna Stevens through Delirium’s Myth from Poem. Her voice got exploited to the purest ecstasy when she guested on Sleepthief’s Labyrinthine Heart album singing the devotional Here I Confess that will surely make Enya’s producer Nicky Ryan nod with its exquisite arrangement and production technique. Joanna has the kind of voice one would associate to Sarah McLachlan and Liz Fraser. But Joanna is a versatile singer. She is able to blend Pop , Rock and Electronica, jumping genres and enchanting listeners. With those model looks and awesome talent, I am sure she will reach celestial heights. Miss Stevens is also the other half of  Solar Twins.

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10 Reasons Why I like Enya

Picture from And Winter Came(2008)

Ok this is where I indulge myself in my most profound expression of adoration for this Lady of Perpetual Melody. Don’t smirk at me (though I know I have played her music again and again that makes you hallucinate and see intricate patterns on your wall).

10 Things I Like About Enya

1. She’s Irish and she got me started to this whole Celtic stuff (although I would really describe her music as Celtic).

2. I thought she was the new face of Lancolme  cosmetics a couple of years ago. That’s how pretty I think she was at that time and still is.

3. She made me sale away, sail away into an island of dreams.

4.I just love saying her name out loud: ENYA…ENYA.. this is my mantra when I feel so bad.

5. She does everything musically. Even how she controls the way she appears in the public. She is also stubborn(in a good way) in how she approaches her art, not allowing anybody-not even record executives-to tell her what to do. She did it her way and that’s what brought her 80 million records sold.

6. She belongs to a very musical family and grew up in a rural part of Ireland. She never let anything compromised her values. She never hang out with celebrities and lived in her own castle. And contrary to popular belief, Enya is more real than your Madonnas and Laday Gagas.

7. That beautiful voice is easily recognized due to her distinct timbre. Her voice can be simply described in two words: Ethereal and Beautiful.

8. She does all the backing vocals(layering) as well as play the instruments (otherwise, guest musicians are credited). She has maintained this close friendship with her producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan. This makes up the team Enya. This is a friendship and artistic collaboration that endured the test of time, album sales and harsh critics.

9. If you don’t like the music, it is OK, but you gotta respect the craft. Enya spends years and years perfecting an album inside the studio. If she and her producer think the song is not working out, they don’t have any hesitation of deleting the entire recording(even though it was worth 6 months of their toil) and doing it all over again. See? Who can do this? Your  bands? Your so called divas? No she is the real deal.

10. Centuries from now, people will forget who topped the Billboard charts or who made it to American Idol finals. But Enya’s music will endure. Because she does it quietly. And she does it for the love of music. And I love her music.

Royal Wood:The Last of the Romantics

I heard Royal Wood last year and now I could not get my ears off his music. He has a catchy and slightly nostalgic way of delivering his songs. He is after all influenced by classical music. It is no surprise that his music would always challenge, evoke and create timeless appeal.

I love this video called Juliet and also the instrumental arrangement . His voice is mellow .  He also shares close resemblance to Chris Isaak.  With this kind of appeal, I am sure this Canadian artist will go a long, long way.

Partenaire Particulier : Dance while Smiling in the Dark

My friend Loic introduced me to this wonderful French band PARTENAIRE PARTICULIER that has all the elements of Pop, New Wave and a bit of Goth. If you love Depeche Mode with a twist of Daft Punk then this one is your ear candy. I like the catwalk tongue – in -cheek come on of Effigy. The rest are really Parisian in electronic frenzy. Which is the kind of music you’d like to listen to when having a long ride on a train.