Partenaire Particulier : Dance while Smiling in the Dark

My friend Loic introduced me to this wonderful French band PARTENAIRE PARTICULIER that has all the elements of Pop, New Wave and a bit of Goth. If you love Depeche Mode with a twist of Daft Punk then this one is your ear candy. I like the catwalk tongue – in -cheek come on of Effigy. The rest are really Parisian in electronic frenzy. Which is the kind of music you’d like to listen to when having a long ride on a train.

Lazy Sunday Treat:Ethereal Folkie Stephanie Dosen

At this point I am listening to Vinalhaven Harbour, the second single from Stephanie Dosen. When I glimpse at her CD I didn’t know what to expect from this Wisconsin born artist except this ad that describes the album as a collaboration with Simone Raymonde of Cocteau Twins. I further warmed up when references to Sinead O’ Connor was mentioned.

A Lily For The Spectre was a calming album and I love every tracks on it. There are those that at times don’t induce this kind of feeling, but then again they are still OK. If you haven’t had too much coffee and you want to be perked up then this is not really for you. But say, it is a Sunday and you just want to sit alone and watching the day pass by, all the while thinking about life’s beautiful moments then this one is for you. I give great points to her beautiful soft voice.

Loic Rathscheck-ElectroDoc

Have you wondered how musicians work in the studio or think about music in general? I have here with me Loic Rathscheck to give you the inside scoop. He is the brain of project El-Vira, an electronic dou based in France and Germany .The album is out so you should give it a try if you like dreamy, atmospheric and highly melodic music. Something you can chillout or dance to. Loic is also known as Loic the Frenchman and his resume is impressive, having worked with serious and celebrated musicians in the industry. Currently he is doing remixes for bands back to back with film assignments. He also does a translating job. I don’t know how he could juggle all of them but he does it well. I sent him an email interview and this is what I got.

1.How did you get into music?

Since I was a kid… I think I was about 5. I loved piano lessons. I was addicted to this instrument! My parents actually had to pull me away so I’d do my school work!
When my parents divorced, my mom moved together with my brother and me to San Diego (CA). I was about 7 then. All of a sudden, there was no more room for a piano nor for piano lessons! My family made a mistake here.That was unfortunate.
I was still fascinated with music. It was not until I was 14 and had moved back to France, that I asked my family for a little Yamaha organ.. It even had a synthesizer part in it to program your own sounds!
Things snowballed from there on. I started to get more and more into electronic music and discovered Jean Michel Jarre, DepecheMode, Kraftwerk and the Art of Noise to just name a few! … I traded my keyboard in for my very first synth, a Casio CZ 1000.

When I moved back to America as I was 17, I bought a better bigger synth… that eventually got better.. and then I bought my very first sampler (the Emax 2, the same beast Depeche Mode used on stage!!)…. well you can imagine that I had to save up for that! So as everyone around me saved up to buy their first car, I saved up to buy my first sampler…
I met A few fantastic musicians and DJs along the way….
The first record release happened when I moved to Germany in my early 20s 🙂
My first CD was quite horrible to be honest with you… and it sold about 20 times!! 😀

2.What instruments do you use in the studio?

A Mac book pro, a PC, 3 hardware synthesizers… I got myself that little keyboard back! yes I found my first keyboard on eBay! I moved from using Logic to using Cubase… but I use many other programs to correct vocals and process sound. 🙂 I also have my bed about a foot away in case I get tired and need some rest in the process of making music!

3. How do you classify your music?
As being mostly electronic… You decide what category you want to put every single track if you wish! Up to you really! 🙂

4.Your music is very visual. I also learned that your mom is a painter.
I sent you a mail about Synesthesia. That is the ability to mix senses together by relating them internally. I see colours and shapes for various sounds and instruments! I also see numbers and letters in colour and shapes. I also LOVE photography!
My mom is an artist and so as my brother in LA. My father loves classical music and my mom even danced with big names in the Royal Ballet in England! My grand mother played the cello. … My brothers love to paint . And my mom can paint very well !
So ART, as you can read, is a major part of my life that has been all around me ever since I was born. 🙂

5.You have traveled around the world a great deal. Among those places you’ve been, what can you say about the musical culture and how it is different from the other?
People use music to communicate feelings! In that sense music is universal! If something is good, it will work worldwide… but commercial trash with added violence works worldwide too. Music mirrors what people are about worldwide. It portrays good times, sadness, love but also hate and stupidity. What changes is the colour of its envelope, its shape! Every country has its instruments and culture to colour its music. I believe tradition is therefore important and is somewhat getting lost as music seems to be rationalized more and more.

6. I learned you also do extra acting work. What can you say about your experiences in this field.

I don t think I will become an actor out of that… some of the work is good and can pay well. Sometimes you do get a small part where you have to say something little. But it can also be a pain! Good thing you asked, just like today!! 😀 … my god… We were about 140 extras playing captured German soldiers from the 2nd world war… well as we stood in lines, the Brits walked down to check if had any SS tattoos. So we had to take are cloths off on top and were standing there only in our trousers! this was today during the summer where the weather is suppose to be hot… Well it was not!!! it was about 12 degrees Celsius and it pored!!!! we were freezing!! … and the camera man and director were very happy with the results! We were not acting! we were REALLY freezing!
I can laugh about this now… one has to keep a sense of humour. We all did even though we all agreed today was NO fun at all! 😀

7.Tell us about the latest stuff you are going to do this month and beyond.
I want to get my remixes done.. as well as all the songs I have started and was not able to finish yet! I have a lot of translating work to get done first! Making money to pay bills has utmost priority! Just as with everyone else.

8.Whats in your music collection right now? Singers/bands?
All kinds… But since I went to the Depeche Mode concert last week, I am listening to a bit of that right now!

9.Any plans of traveling to the Philippines someday?
I would love to do so… I met Anna Capri 10 years ago in Hamburg as she was shooting for some international film project. We got along well… I wonder if she remembers me at all today.
I also would like to meet you one day in person….. but that all depends on money… maybe some day…

10. What is your opinion about the state of music today?
I sort of replied that in a previous question. Music is losing its tradition. There is a rise in violence. How can any intelligent and sensitive human being enjoy trash like 50 Cent????? How can so much hate and violence be so pleasing to so many people world-wide???
On the other hand, thanks to the Internet, many people DO go through the trouble of finding out about different kinds of bands and music. I conclude this answer on a positive note by saying that music brings people from all over the world together!
The majority does want goodness to persevere over evil. So there is hope 🙂

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