The Unspoken Connection of Music in Aero’s Going Away Party.



Aero is going back to the US. It is time. After writing, publishing and performing original music, he is going to take a hiatus from the local culture. But he mentioned that music will always be a big part of his life. The change of venue is also probably beneficial to his music since he will continue  networking with other creative minds.

Like any cultural observer, I would not let the opportunity pass me by. It’s like being in the cusp of something remarkable or transforming. When Newry asked me to come over  to the initial venue they booked I said yes. I hopped on my new Louis Garneau commuter to park and be with the cool guys. The atmosphere was electric. I mean that because when I got there, they told me there’s a change of venue. That means riding through traffic on a humid evening. Oh no! My traffic anxiety was strong. Aero was wearing all white, calling to mind the minimalism of a Japanese samurai master. He also bleached his hair while.

It was also a bike party consisting of Bacolod Fixed Gear and Pedal Community. Gaspar was there to ease my traffic anxiety. We zipped through motorists who were trying to beat the rush hour. All was fine until we passed by a road depression. RJ, our champion fixed racer pedaled trough the great downhill and uphill with the ease of a racer. My heart sank  when I realized the rest were a kilometer away from us. Roland pointed this to me and we could not stop laughing through the climb. We could not stop laughing at ourselves and it was great not to take ourselves seriously.


We arrived at Munchies drenched in sweat. Cold beers await us. The atmosphere was festive. Everyone was bumping fists, laughing and locking arms. Aero was already there with his DJ equipment. His rap partner was playing slow jams but we knew there would be live performance. Already tipsy from the drinks, I was just walking and rocking my body to the sound. Then it was time for the live performance.

There is something about a musical performance that is not staged for the big crowd. After all, the spirit of Hip Hop is in the streets, the ordinary people like you and me; the passion for what’s raw and real above the ego. And Aero delivered these sentiments right there! It was not just about him performing crowd favorites like Love  or Cold Beers. It is also about drinking from the moment. He was performing with us-not to us. There is that unspoken communion of music, feelings and also needs across human complexities.

We knew we needed that moment. In our times of great darkness, we knew we will need a crutch to carry us through peaks and valleys of the human condition. And we can look back to that night for inspiration. That’s why as an introvert, I can miss the good events and the company of amazing people. But the scarcity of the meeting makes it all precious to me.


Music, poetry and art.

I hopped bars to see what’s happening in the city. I narrowed my interests into three categories-poetry, music and painting. It proved to be a fruitful evening. I found Frac/tions, Rekindle PH and then the art exhibit of Mark ‘Kidlat’ Copino called Balabalatian. It was a great night having beed with another artist  Joe Geraldo and talking about art and cycling.

Alvvays and shooting rubber bands at the moon.

If the title of this blog post sounds a bit familiar(I know not it’s not so original but please don’t hurt meee), it’s because it’s inspired by an album  by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, released in 1988 and spawned the big hit Circles. Though this is not about them, the band I am writing about can be described as having the same atmosphere or musical bent. I am talking about the Canadian band Alvvays.

I got hooked to their music after hearing Not My Baby from an indie pop compilation album and I thought, hey this sounds a bit like The Sundays, April Showers and yes the Bohemians. After hearing their album Antisocialites ( Polyvinyl, Royal Mountain, Transgressive and Inertia) I am won over.

Beautiful gentle vocals wrapped in  jangly guitars, energetic drums and driving bass permeate the cochlea. The band are consist of Molly Rankin, Kerri MacLellan, Alec O’Hanley, Brian Murphy and Sheridan Riley. If the Rankin family name sounds familiar then you are right. She is related to the Celtic music family of The Rankins. Hey that’s awesome right?

You can sample and buy Antisocialtes here:


Kim Gordon and Body/Head

I picked up Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band  book around three years ago. Why? Because I am intrigued with her visual art. She’s also part of the the iconic Sonic Youth which I explored in the 90s when Modern Rock was so fucking cool and everyone was into NU107. But the band quieted a bit in recent years(will sort of) so I was Googling what Gordon was up to.

I also listened to her No Waves(Body/Head) album which I think was cool. She also said a lot of heavy stuff about Lana Del Rey in that book (I am a big fan of Lana by the way) but I think she has a lot of good points there so can’t fault her. She’s after all part of the riot Grrrl movement. I love her work with Body/Head which is a duo with Bill Nace. They already released five recordings!

Happy Birthday to Mary Fahl (former lead singer of October Project)



Photo courtesy of her official Facebook page.

Though life is a battle of wits and constant threat to all types of stability (financial, health and emotional), it is always great to have a beautiful sounding singer in our midst.

Fahl came to prominence as the lead vocalist of New York-based band October Project (who were compared to the likes of Jefferson Airplane, Renaissance, Concrete Blonde and Clannad) in the 90s. The band broke up an she pursued a solo career singing in films like Gods & Generals and The Guys. She continued to tour and release albums. Her song ‘Exiles’  was featured an audio book by Anne Rice(who is a huge fan of hers) called Wolves of Midwinter. I also read that book  and love it! A TV series based on The Vampire Chronicles is currently on the works and there is a talk about her being involved in the soundtrack.