The Imposter by Joel Sarakula is a beautiful tribute to 60s Pop

JS The Imposter Cover - Small

The Imposter marks the evolution of our musical hero Joel Sarakula into the realm of r&b, psychedelia and 60’s pop inspired themes. His melodies come out smoothly. As if he has thought of them for a long time before recording them. I say this because it sounds like each note in The Imposter falls into place. For the opening track They Can’t Catch Me up to the closing Another Place Another Time, the wizard of retroville keeps getting better with each album release.

The Imposter reminds me of Cream and Velvet Underground mixed with that smooth Quiet Storm crooning. Each song oozes with sexiness and warmth. This album is meant to live forever on vinyl. And all you vinyl collectors out there, watch out for that format when it comes out in the market.

While his last album The Golden Age is akin to afternoon sun striking the surface of a platinum table, The Imposter reminds me of pearls falling on silk sheets. There’s that natural elegance especially on songs like When Summer Ends, Northern Soul, Coralie and Young Man’s Game. Chelsea Gun is my personal favourite as it features that beautiful harpsichord sound. But hey I love all of the tracks here. There’s never a dull moment. And after the sultry Another World Another Time has ended, I feel like the album should have been longer. This is a natural feeling you get when all songs are fantastic!

Children of the Higher Light sounds like a potential single. It has that infectious beat and very catchy chorus. European Skies is another track that would appeal to the hipster crowd. With its swooning atmosphere(in an almost disco beat) and 70s breezy melody, this is getting into me as faster than you can say ear worm!JS Espionage Promo

His live shows are very much in demand in Europe especially in Germany where he has fervent followers. I am not surprise, as we are in general give priority to beautiful melodies and sleek production techniques. Although this  is just a personal opinion, but we can’t deny that there is a good reason why he is getting a huge amount of followers out there.

It baffles me how he gets everything together this way. He did mention during our last interview that he is coming up with something r&B and chill out inspired but still this comes as a surprise. The Imposter is 5 out of 5 starts. Yes it is perfect and I swear I am going to take this album everywhere I go!

November 6 is the official release of The Imposter.


After two days of listening to this album, I have a new favorite. It’s the sixth track in the album called Happy Alone. Perhaps it’s the melody, or the instruments…or maybe it’s his Burt Bacharach-like vocals. It’s really beautiful. It has the same poignant beauty as his single Matchstick Girl (from The Golden Age). The song starts with the piano and guitar. Then the verse starts and I close my eyes. When it reaches the chorus, it definitely one of the most beautiful songs of this decade. He also has a knack for adding horn sections and vocal harmonies.It’s pure and free from the cynicism of many songs today. I am sure that when I listen to this twenty years from now, I will still wear that pleasant smile. There are songs that are meant to endure the test of time and this has got to be it!

Buffalo Souls by Dan Snyder: A Ride Into Beautiful Sonic Places

Wow, who is Dan Snyder? Listening to Buffalo Souls is like riding a spaceship. It all takes off with the first track Beneath Our Dan SnyderVeins. And then it progresses from there. There are little sounds that sparkle throughout this recording. They are like fireflies or planetary rings that shine. If you listen to in-ear headphones you can really hear them as Buffalo Souls is filled with nuance as it is brimming with cinematic explosions. It is a complex album with many textures and sonic landscapes and this is the kind of music that I gravitate too. It has a lot of room for exploration. For instance, in Mt Rainer, the thundering piano brings fourth the little layered voices and beautiful percussion that sounds like an extraterrestrial has landed. Still this is a marriage of electronic and acoustic sounds. There are instances where I marvel at the arrangement of the drums like in So Close where they are made to sound distant. His wet vocals float around like blankets of mists longing for a resolution in a world filled with maybes.

The floating feeling is consistent throughout the albums. And this is what excellent albums should be about-distinctive style or theme and coherence. The Herd sounds pastural and angelic. If this is the style that he is developing then I say he has a chest of golden sounds. If he continues in this path then I will pursue in collecting his albums as Buffalo Souls created an aesthetic impact in me. And in the closing track getting started, it feels like the journey is just enough. It makes you long for another one, yet the experience is satisfying-not to grandiose and not too humble.

Dan Snyder has a gift of beautiful songwriting. And I think his edge is his being able to use his voice as another instrument. And this is refreshing in this decade where every singer sounds like the last guy you’ve heard.





The Juveniles’ debut EP’ You Won’t Control Us’ is irresistible

Yes they are one of the fresh voices of the indie rock scene. I am talking about the newest band to come out of Liverpool. They are The Juveniles. Their new EP is called You Won’t Control Us which lives up to the name and image of the band. And yes you can’t control me from raving about their music. It is partly Blur with a bit of Echo and the Bunny Men with something from Teardrop Explodes.image

Their single is Help Me Out and I betcha no one can resist helping them out especially that they are so cool it makes you wish you discovered them first. Have you seen the music video of the single? It’s so freakin’ awesome and it represents all that is good about the band:music, fashion sense and yeah the amazing Mike Paul Davies who is the band’s frontman.  They should expect hoards of fans from all agesimage image, gender and sexual orientation!

You Won’t Control Us have four songs and the EP lasts seventeen minutes and twenty seconds. The title track which is the last song is another potential single with its beautiful and evocative arrangement.

Members are :
Mike Paul Davies (Guitar + Vox), Liam Devall (Guitar + Vox), Laurel Lau (Keyboards), @Marcgibbs (Bass), Fabrizio Cabriolu (Drums). I think they have a great teamwork as their music sounds tight and confident. Like they’ve played for years. Which is probably true. No band can sound this good without the polish of playing many times.

According to the band:

We grew up with Britpop and hip-hop, indie-rock and throw-away pop. We went on to find ‘madchester’, new wave, punk and the 60’s. Differing sounds, different people and defining moments in musical history that we hold so dear our souls.

Indeed. You will hear different textures when you listen to their latest EP. Here’s to the bright future of The Juveniles.


Radiolab- Dreamless

Beautiful soundtrack for those lonely nights…

Radiolab: Here’s a treat to the fans of ‘not radio’ or anti pop. Dreamless by Radiolab has been released!Comprising of 12 tracks, this indie duo of Dane Di Piero and Meghan Redding continue to challenge the notion of intelligent
alternative music. I think they really push the boundaries with their experimentation and use of odd scales. I can’t resist the temptation of turning the volume up when I listen to Dreamless and watch out for heads turning.
With the ear-catching quirky sounds of Who You Are, Distances and Predictions you’d think you are listening to a band from the 80s. Not until halfway you realize the sound effects are too hi-tech for the era and the concept, too futuristic. Everything about Dreamless defies categorization. It is an album that says’ I am somewhat like that, but not really.”
It is hard to explain but you have to listen to the entire album to know why this is so. Calming, unsettling and generally cinematic, Radiolab have expanded their repertoire to include chill-out beats, lounge as well as Cocteau Twins style of singing. This is heard predominantly in the seventh track Post-modern Blues. And I think it is one of their stand out songs in Dreamless. The instrumental parts are extended with layers of sounds. Intricate and sophisticated.
There are many guest vocalists in Dreamless. You hear male and female vocals alternately. But I think with music such as this, the lyrical content becomes secondary, as the various sounds became the focus of attention. I realize that the album gains depth as I listen again and again. It makes me ponder as to why this or that arrangement sound s this way. The judgement behind the melodies and instruments and also the singing styles.
But it is not for me to decide where you should look for the juicy bits. You have to make the journey yourself, and also don’t forget to say hello to the artists behind Radiolab.
For those losing sleep, this is your remedy. And expect to be mesmerized.


Icon by Nouvelle electro

It’s been quiet in the Nouvelle Electro camp lately. But they made a buzz after uploading two tracks via soundcloud. Icon is part of the songs they are recording for their soon-t0-be-released album. Not sure about the album title yet as Paula and Ian Henderson haven’t confirmed made a confirmation yet. The other one is a remixed version of Red Sky (Red Sky (Dulcet Tonez Remix) available for free download. Check it out because it is a different take on the original version we heard last year.

Icon is beautiful. If you love the solo works of Debbie Harry and the 80s recordings of Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark then you will be pleased with this latest offering by Nouvelle Electro. They are sharing what they do to fans in real-time and I know the new album is a goldmine of beautiful sounds.

Electro duo:
Ian Henderson : synths, vox, songwriting, programming, production (Ireland)
Paula : synths, vox, songwriting, programming (UK)