Groove to Alex Pardini’s “I WONDER”


This music reminds me a bit of Bryan Ferry but with the lounge flavor that’s always been Alex Pardini’s trademark ever since he started his musical career. While trends come and go, it looks like neo disco is making a big splash in the mainstream as proven by the likes of Roosevelt. “I Wonder” pays tribute to the 80s both musically and visually. And it is always a pleasure to know that this singer-songwriter continues to create a kind of music that can make us dance and chill at the same time.

Alex Pardini ‘MOOD SWINGs’ – Album


Ambient / Chill-Out / Cinematic / Twin Peaks

This is not mainly a political post. But I have to be honest. I took a long break from social media around November. After Trump’s win I could no longer take the toxicity. You blasted sheeps! So I took a hiatus and I think I am getting used to not having Facebook anymore. Life has become less complicated that way. As for the music, sorry to be so late. I don’t know, I just sort of lost the motivation of writing when I don’t feel it. And I think it is a good change. Look at this. I am actually saying things I could not say before because I  believed that art and politics should not mix. But I was wrong. Whatever is happening out there affects us all. But enough of that.

Theatre Magique Records sent me a promo of his latest music. It’s called MOOD SWINGs-take note of the caps and the small ‘s.’  I say ‘his’ because the label is run and owned by one guy. His name is Alex Pardini. He’s from Switzerland and I have written about him in the past, I don’t know if you remember. But yeah his stuff is cool I am always happy to post whatever he is up to. I am so impressed with his recording studio which he built from scratch. I posted something about it. I just don’t remember where…

According to him:

When the days get shorter and the nights seem to last forever – my mood starts to swing.

My tender soul is shaken up by this sad, mad world, but there is always a lovely heart somewhere in the dark, bringing order into the chaotic fiction of my playful mind.

Release date Bandcamp: February 27, 2017 

He sent this late last month. I am just glad I’m not late! I’ve been wanting to do a voice interview with him but he is just shy. But I won’t stop trying! I’ve been getting late on a lot of things lately.

Did I mention I am getting addicted to cycling? Yes, I have been riding since April last year and I bring my music with me. I mean, I blast it using my bluetooth spear on the road with a big smile on my face. Have you tried it? It’s really fun. It is one way of bringing music to the masses while getting the health benefits of riding a bike. I started with a mountain bike then switched to road bikes. Now I am riding fixed gear. I haven’t fallen yet- thank goodness!

Yes it is a sad mad world and as what the description says above, it can lead to mood swings. I don’t know about you but I’ve been dealing with mood swings all my life. Life is pain. But pain can be dealt with-by music and cycling!

I guess I am not the best blogger out there. I stopped paying attention to grammatical rules a long time ago. But I always look for spelling errors!

Listen to the sampler below:



Pre-order now.

November Indie Circus and More.

How are you folks?  The truth is, I posted the entries below ahead of this intro. I didn’t know what to write about, but I figured that I need to represent artists who make my world exciting. Some of them are new, others I met a few years back, some I talk to ocassionally, some are so busy with their lives(and music) and I am happy for them.

Thursday is payday and I am so exciting to see if I can get a new bicycle. This time I want a fat bike. Fat bikes are amazing because you can just take them everywhere. And I am planning to get myself a new bluetooth speaker so I can jam while pedaling. It is really awesome to have music wherever you go.

Anyway, I hope your middle of the week is amazing. Not as boring as mine. Ok signing off for now…

Now  for something not really related to music…

If you are a Horror fan and you want to support podcasts related to it, then check out Emerald Gore Society. They have their regular Gorecast where members review movies and other stuff. It is fun. Do check it out.



Canadian singer-songwriter Layne Greene is really getting good gigs around Nova Scotia. If you are around, do drop by and say ‘Hi’ to him after the show!


The Commune

113 Archimedes St, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia B2H 2T3



Alex Pardini 


To be released!


Alex Pardini ‘SOUL THIEF’

FORMLOS Records 002 / Promo
Official Release Date: November 25, 2016

And I’m coming for you, and you and you too!
And I’ll steal your soul
And I’m gonna transform it and rearrange it and re-create it
And I’m gonna put some magic into it
Some vibratory thing!
And the vibe will make you feel good
Will make you shake your hips
I’m gonna make you feel good inside
deep down inside
And if you jack to this groove, to my groove
You jack to your own groove
Because your soul and mine
Just became one
From disco to disco
From soul to soul
From you to me


Luke Murphy


Put this guy on your radar!

February 2015 Indie Music Updates

Hello folks! It’s a soothing weekend and I am bringing to you updates on cool music around the web. It’s amazing to know that 2015 is anther great year of music. We have electronic,acoustic and other types of music that’s ‘not radio.’

I discovered Alex Pardini more than a year ago when I stumbled upon his music on the web. Since thn we have kept a tight correspondent covering many topics including photography( he’s a pro). He gets better each year as he creates fantastic and elegant tunes. His music speaks to the side of me who likes finer, better and beautiful things in life. This is the first playlist I listened upon waking up. These are evening tunes but then again, beautiful music is always enriching any time of the day. So good, so rich!


If you like something acoustic and soothing then check this song by singer/songwriter J.P. Kallio. What I like about his songs is that, you can appreciate his songs even if you are not a fan of folk music. His recordings are always excellent in terms of clarity and balance. This is the kind of quality that I look for in any stripped down tune.


Whenever I listen to any Michael Stovall song, I get carried away. His emotional pieces always have a room for the ‘soundtrack of your life’ kind of moment. The depth of lyrics and beautiful singing are his strong points. The melodies are his gold.


Talents between New Zealand and Ireland have created Altocirrus. I feel so fortunate to listen to their latest album plus review it for this site!


This musical asset of Romania by the name of LeVant continues to dazzle me with his unique ideas. His tunes are somewhat in the  pop-but not so pop, category. His deep understanding of Classical, Medieval,Jazz,Electronic is astounding. Unjaded is his latest release.


Pierre Masse continues to dabble with different styles of music. From acoustic to electronic, his versatility is excellent. I don’t think any artist who started a career doing acoustic rock could pull that off elegantly. And he did. Amazing!


I am enjoying this new upload from Norwegian artist Kjell Roll Elgsaas. Very energetic and complex. Beautiful beats.


And last but not the least, I need you to listen to this beautiful song from Cornish singer/songwriter Dan Aston.  Lemonade Sea is the title. This is recorded at The VIP Lounge in Penzance and featuring Sue Aston on violin and members from Cornish jazz band, Endangered Species.

Enjoy your weekend with beautiful music.

James Bullard- One Man Show

James Bullard has a new beautiful song called One Man Show

Occasionally, a singer/songwriter arrives in the indie scene which makes you wish you can sing and write songs like that. One Man Show is his latest upload via soundcloud. It’s a dreamy upbeat ballad which modern Beat poets will really embrace. I love the way he makes complex songs sound really simple. He has a knack for catchy melodies that never leave you. As of this moment, I have played the same song twice and I am planning to play it again and again until I finish writing this post.iphone360_232807

He first broke into prominence as an actor in Ken Park. Instead of pursuing an acting career like his contemporaries, he decided to pack his guitar and pursued a musical career playing across cities and states. Now,he has earned loyal fans who will never trade him for anyone else because his artistry has captured the hearts and minds of thousands… eclipsing his former image as an actor.

Peter Chains and Athuja
In all my blog posts Peter Chains doesn’t need an introduction. He is a guy whose voice I praised in its emotional depth and beauty. Is it possible for a man to have a beautiful voice and be known for it? Yes. I would cite singers like the late Jim Morrison and Brendan Perry of Dead Can as the closest example. It is great to see him trying his voice on different styles. He is primarily a singer/songwriter but being with Athuja has proven that he can also do Jazz.

For now the band is creating new materials and jamming as they get ready for some serious live performance. I envision an album or EP next year. So far they have uploaded three tracks via their Facebook band page. Please remember that these are not studio quality recordings but they will give you an idea about the direction that the band is moving to.

If you like prog rock and jazz then I am sure you will follow Athuja. If not then I’d recommend you just follow them because it is not too late to reinvent your musical tastes!


Alex Pardini-Beautiful

Beautiful is a new single from European pop artist Alex Pardini. I love sophisticated house and chill-out music. That is why I am always enthusiastic with his every release because I am aware with the amount of effort that he puts in his craft. He is also a good acoustic and electric guitar player and you can hear his rifts now and then.

This is simply beautiful!