Alex Pardini ft. Juan Pablo Eduardo Da Silva Montero Guadalajara Fernando De Maria Ruìz Cruz

Wow what a name. Yeah it’s a long name. It really catches your attention huh? The fact is, this is a new single by Alex Pardini  featuring according to him : my brother from another mother. Is it just me or they look identical except for the beard and shades? I don’t know. You be the judge.

This is a nice soulful tune. I admit I can’t resist doing the hand movement. It looks so cool haha. For a year now, Alex Pardini has been entertaining me with sophisticated pop tunes. His style is different from those I usually review and I think this is his selling point.

The song is called “For You And Me” which is a love song for us all I guess. I mean who makes love songs directed to oneself these days huh? All I hear are always the break up or make up stuff directed to the opposite sex. It is really refreshing to listen to something different from that. I hope one day Juan Pablo Eduardo Da Silva Montero Guadalajara Fernando De Maria Ruìz Cruz will take those glasses off and reveal himself!……

Alex Pardini ‘The Unconscious’ (Theatre Magique Records)


Alex Pardini ‘The Unconscious’

Theatre Magique Records / Promo House/Techno/Funky/Deep

Singer/songwriter/producer Alex Pardini is a silent hunter. He owns Theatre Magique Records but he seems modest in promoting his music. But perhaps his other hobby which is Photography might also be a good source of balance to his art. But then again I find his music irresistible. He has the makings of a pop star. But instead of the spotlight, he devotes his time crafting tunes he wrote and discovering other artists.

His latest track is The Unconscious. It is a pulsing hypnotic tune with clean beats. I like the way he defines his beats. They are robust, sophisticated and has the quality found in bioluminescence of underwater organisms. Listening to his music is like doing a deep-sea diving. Serene but alive!

About the track:

“The unconscious mind accounts for 70% of what goes on in the mind. When ideas seemingly come to us out of nowhere, feelings suddenly and unexpectedly occur, or our behavior may be illogical, it is in response to a gigantic repository of experience and information hidden in the unconscious mind. Music communicates directly with the unconscious mind and can evoke powerful feelings. “The Unconscious” might just do the trick-Alex Pardini

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Sphere Music Podcast #8

The 8th podcast in the series featuring old and new songs
Exiles( The Wolves of Midwinter-Mary Fahl
Sweet Tea Oleander-Heyway Howkins
Matchstick Girl-Joel Sarakula
Moving Backwards-Ben Rector
Circle-Eddie Brickell and The New Bohemians
Inflation-Layne Greene
I’d Rather Dance than Talk With You-Kings of Convenience
Corners of Your Mind-Ivy
Fruit Tree-Nick Drake
Take A Long Way Around-Teenage Fanclub
The Sun Always Shines on TV-A-ha
No One is Like Everyone Else-Alex Pardini

Alex Pardini channels positive vibes with “No One Is Like Everyone Else”

No One is Like Everyone Else….

This song title keeps playing in my head as I start my morning coffee today. It is kind of fantastic when you think about it, that not all music is about references to sex, violence and hate. There’s still good music out there. You just need to look for it.

Alex Pardini has just released an album called Walk Laugh Live Die and No One is Like Everyone Else is the second single. The first one( Live to Live) is a catchy chill beat track that incorporates the use of rnb, soul, funk and pop to create a stylish tune that’s radio friendly and memorable. This one is more blues oriented with a nod to classic rock. If you are keen on hearing the lyrics behind the melody then you will realize that this Swiss artist is not your typical pop master. He is a musical philosopher with a zen disposition.

In a world where people are hurt due to hate crimes. Where kids are harassed for being different, this is a comfort song to have. And yes no one is like everyone else and that is why life is precious. I like the concept of the video showing people wearing shoes. “Walk in my shoes” is a catchy phrase that is really all over this video. People from all walks of life showing different outlooks and fashion sense. Shiny happy people you meet everyday. Wonderful people that make this life worth living.

I think many should hear and share his music because what he does is really amazing. His outlook is fresh. His style is exquisite. Listening to his songs is like stepping into this colorful city. Where life is fuller and richer. For me music is an escape from reality. It might not be real but it is a good vision of what reality should be. I love this tune!

Alex Pardini channels positive vibes with

Alex Pardini channels positive vibes with “No One Is Like Everyone Else”

Sphere Music Podcast #7


Yes again another podcast bringing you the coolest music on the Internet!

Von Shakes-Bali II
Roisin O-Hold On
Heyward Howkins-Nogales
Cocteau Twins-Violaine
Alex Pardini-Trouble In Paradise
Layne Greene-Untitled
Steve Moakler-Run
Drowning Dreams-Leave it all behind
Stephanie Dosen-way out
Sorrow Church– The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Peter Chains-Darkside of the Mind
Don BeeKeeper-Shake the Tambourine
Joel Sarakula-Bohemian
Gavern-The Otherworld Fragments
Peter Chains-Carrion Crows