Our Tea Talk Edition.

Also in this edition: Gary Dewhurst and Alice Braga.

Spending time with  singer/songwriter Layne Greene for another Tea Talk episode.

Layne Greene

This is a topic that guitar aficionados should read. What I am writing about will challenge those who claim to love electric guitar music. Yeah this is the sh*t man! So yeah you love your guitar and you play well BUT…do you have the effects that will make your musician friends drool? Are you really an elitist as you claim to be? I am joined by my pal Layne Green for this conversation. Layne and I used to have a regular Tea Talk episode in this site but our schedules got in the way. But it is nice to hang out once in a while to exchange ideas about music.

Pedals, pedals, pedals!            

Layne Greene: the music store finally has the pedal I want in stock 😀 yay!!!!!

Link: http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/18029/Guitars/Guitar_Effects/T_C_Electronic/T_C_Flashback_X4_Delay_Looper_Pedal.htm

Sphere Music: Is it good?

I hope sooo have to try it first if not, they have another one I’m interested in, but its more expensive.

Oh ok yeah it is great to have options but that one looks really nice

Pedals are expensive :S boooo it should do what I need it toooo http://www.strymon.net/timeline/ I want one of those but they cost waaaaaaaaaay to much.

That one is a beautiful monster.

It does more than I’d probably use if I play until the day I die but it costs like $500

That’s like a good laptop!

I think I’d have a hard time spending as much on one pedal as I’d spend on a guitar :S

Because for you they are the same? Oh you mean pedals and guitars- it is hard to choose.

I mean, I could get a realllly nice second hand guitar for less than that one pedal and I definitely think that a decent guitar is more important than a decent pedal or an amp I could get a realllly nice amp for $500. Pedals are expensive, but most of them are reasonably priced for a bit of saving. Like the flashbackx4, it’s expensive, $310 or so after taxes, but it’s reasonable if you save birthday money… Christmas presents, live a little cheap for a few weeks, perfectly reasonable but saving for a strymon would be ridiculous o.O

A lot of Christian bands use strymon. “praise and worship” groups. They use a lot of strymon and JHS pedals. And a lot of the standard pedals but I’ve noticed a lot of those 2 brands on their boards . A lot of the guys with the money to buy those kinds of pedals are buying nice pedals to cover up crappy playing . I think the whole strymon thing just bugs me I mean, I would love to have the timeline, but most people who have them don’t even use most of the features, and there’s so many gimmick features that are completely useless musically.


It just means that it can be a waste not to take advantage of the features you paid for..I think that is what you are trying to say.

I dunno, it goes even deeper than that, I mean, I think it just bothers me that people who can’t play think that by buying fancy pedals no one will notice that they suck anymore :S its elitist of me, but oh well lolol

Right it does make sense you can’t hide playing regardless of the effects bad playing will always be bad playing.

Bandcamp vs Soundcloud:

Sphere Music:Which is more effective in the ‘selling thing’ bandcamp or soundcloud?

Layne Greene: definitely bandcamp by far. You even get an option to let people pay more if they want to.

 I noticed that...so in your experience bandcamp is the most reliable site to sell recordings? Not soundcloud despite it’s ‘buy this recording option”?

Soundcloud is better as a sort of musical journal it’s got lots of musicians, who want other people to listen to their songs. Very few people like Don  Beekeeper who are legitimately interested in the community.

Yeah I noticed he is VERY active there.

If soundcloud was a country, Beekeeper would be the president. 😛

This is good news about bandcamp. So if artists are just aggressive in marketing their music, they can really earn without having to get into a label.

Yeah, that’s the whole philosophy behind bandcamp the big thing about it though, is you have to treat it like you’re releasing it through a small indie label no one has eve heard of.

It is like building your store and managing your goods and there is also this thing about newsletter.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is expecting bandcamp to sell albums for them.

It is really not good to expect too much unless you have a manager. My dream is to get rich so I can manage artists lol. And I will let them do what they want haha…or make a label where I will pay people to advertise my artists aggressively and pay radio stations to play the music have the music get into the movies and tv shows. I realize it is all about the money machine… those who got big were backed by rich guys. It is all about brainwashing the consumer that the music is amazing and those who do the brainwashing have connections and money because all types of music are relevant but who gets heard is a question of support and advertisement. What do you think?

I agree entirely, look at the popular music today, NOBODY thinks its good music, but they buy it because of their children, children are more susceptible to marketing techniques, they haven’t learned to think for themselves in many ways, so the record labels pump money into the Justin Biebers and Taylor  Swifts of entertainment.

Right! need to brainwash the children and that means getting a spot in the popular media. We need to let children realize that dancing and singing baby baby ohhh is crap and uncool then they will stop.


Music samples from Layne:

Layne Greene performing his song Break
w/ Alex MacNeil


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Featured Artist: Gary Dewhurst

The smooth sounds of this UK based musician turn my head! I said man, that is one pleasant music there. I was having a bad mood but when I heard this all that has changed. Check out the brief bio below.

More: http://www.myspace.com/garydewhurst



Having toured extensively from the early 80’s both as a solo artist and as part of numerous bands playing both electric and acoustic guitar, while having the privilege to play some of the largest venues across Europe, Gary gradually wound down the live work in favour of what seemed like a more settled life with more time spent writing, recording and producing, however there is nothing like being out connecting with an audience and enjoying the journey through music together.

After much thought and consideration he returned to his first love armed with a handful of songs and an acoustic guitar. Gary is currently building a new network of gigs and loving the sense of starting out again with a new purpose and joy for both my music and the music of others he gets to share in along the way.

Plans are afoot for a new album featuring songs that Gary is currently playing live. .

Gary loves the chance to work everywhere from the most intimate setting without even a PA, up to the buzz of a large festival where musicians get a chance to spark off each other in a special way.

He lives in Carlisle close to the English / Scottish border which provides a diverse range of influences in his music.

Gary is also a photographer, specialising in landscape work. His work has been published on many occasions. He will soon to be offering prints of his photographs and will happily undertake commissions


Featured video: Let Nature Heal Your Heart by Alice Braga

Alice is from New York. I confess I was really worried when Sandy hit. I am glad she is ok. This is one of the videos she made last October 12. Enjoy!

http://www.AliceBraga.com Register for Clear the Clutter, Heal Your Heart e-course at: http://arosyoutlook.ning.com/group/clear-the-clutter

Alice Braga: When Roses Bloom


Alice Braga talks about the transcendence of Art through nature and seasons..and how flowers keep her grounded on life and healing.

I met Alice Braga  the artist formerly known as Alice Marie couple of years ago. It is a great opportunity to catch up and find out what she’s up to. What I got are fascinating things that I am sure will inspire readers of this page.

After two albums out you disappeared from the music scene. What have you learned through the whole thing and care to share with us what brought about this disappearance?

A year before Angels Near was released, I became a full-time mother, which left little time and energy for songwriting and performing. I had also moved to a suburb in New Jersey (after living in New York for 3 years), and it took a while to get acclimated and find creative companions. I also experienced a sudden death in the family, which deepened my spiritual practice and exploration, and that eventually inspired me to get certified as a life coach.

You are passionate about peace, beauty and natural healing. What brought this direction to your life?

Well, let’s just say, I know what it likes to feel the opposite of peaceful, and having experienced profound peace without pharmaceutical assistance, I’m pretty passionate about encouraging others to explore the activities that have helped me. Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and mindfulness practice are some of the ways I’ve experienced healing, but clutter clearing/feng shui, painting and photographing flowers have also helped me connect to my heart, where the healing happens. Working with coaches, therapists and healing circles have also been transformative. Above all, raising my daughter has opened my eyes to so much beauty and elicited a desire to preserve and increase it.

   You are running a blog and facebook page dedicated to flowers. What can flowers teach us?

According to Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now, A New Earth), they are the highest vibration we can be around, and I fully agree. Even photos of them lift my spirits and plant me, forgive the pun, firmly in the moment. They have taught me to slow down, notice details, and appreciate the temporary nature of life itself. I’ve also learned that I don’t have to wait for a special occasion to buy them. Being alive and able to experience the colors and scent of a stargazer lily IS the special occasion! I also learned to take better pictures because of them. Forty of them (and their accompanying wisdom) are in this video: http://bit.ly/rosyoutlookvideo. FYI, the soundtrack to that video is the instrumental version of “Lipstick Diaries.”

Let’s talk about something musical now. How long will be the gestation period before another album from you?

That’s one thing the roses haven’t revealed! LOL Then again, they are good reminders that “to everything a season.” I trust that the demos and song fragments I’ve been gathering will coalesce when the time is right. Meantime, I’ve had fun exploring mini music videos on both my YouTube pages. http://www.youtube.com/rabbitholereport and http://www.youtube.com/rosyoutlookcoaching.

When you sing, artists like Natalie Merchant  and Stevie Nicks come to mind. I am curious to know where did you get your vocal training.

The shower! The kitchen! Singing along to Olivia Newton-John and Stevie Nicks records (w/ Mr. Microphone of course). I did have some vocal lessons here and there, and I benefited greatly from Claude Stein’s Natural Singer Workshop. The Alexander Method of breathing helped as well. My producer Wade Tonken was also helpful in this regard.

    You love to chant. What can chanting do to us?

Chanting and just plain vocalizing puts us literally in our right minds and detaches us from whatever story we might be clinging to at any given moment. It induces relaxation and awakens joy. And I’m sure much more I’ve yet to discover. Drumming and playing any instrument are also ways of entering that state.

Are you still passionate about drinking tea?

I drink herbal tea in fall and winter, and I still love the ceremony around preparing it and drinking it. It’s very comforting and calming.

Care to share thoughts to your readers…things I might not have covered in my questions but are still essential to this interview.

I would just add that whatever you feel moved to create, regardless of marketplace trends or monkey mind objections, let yourself do it. Ask for help, clear a space, claim the time and let the river flow. It’s good for you and everyone in your circle.

Follow her website: http://www.rosyoutlookcoaching.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/arosyoutlook

Copies of her albums are sold here:http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/AliceMarie


Jo Davidson:The Healing Powers of Music


Jo Davidson (her piano solos on Tell the Story are healing in and of themselves, and she has a new collection of classical pieces on the way; she also interviews health and spirituality experts on her podcast called Zentertainment Talk Radio)-Alice Braga (writer-artist, life coach and owner of http://www.rosyoutlookcoaching.blogspot.com/

Perhaps it is true that one can’t be a healer unless one was a victim or a sick soul who found a way into redemption. More and more I am channeling my energy to balance my writing from totally ‘music trivia” stuff to discussions that touch the soul.

New York based musician Jo Davison is a recent discovery. I love solo piano music. There is something about a composition that is stripped to the bones, leaving it with just the power of the melody and its sound dynamic. It is like looking at an x-ray of a plant leaf. The intricate shapes make you realize the beauty of the universe and how an higher power shaped the things around us right from the start of the first light in the universe.



Alice Through A Rose Colored Window

The Artist Formerly Known as Alice Marie.

Musicians are the modern magicians. They just don’t realize the wealth of power they have in their hands until they start making MUSIC THAT MATTERS. I think being able to communicate with people from all walks of life is the great gift of modern technology for us. It is amazing be able to reach other places without going anywhere.

Years ago I met an artist who became a regular correspondent in myspace. We shared music ideas and our passion for tea! I love her way of playing the piano. She also has that voice that reminds one of Stevie Nicks and Natalie Merchant. After releasing two highly acclaimed albums she disappeared. A few days ago I thought of her and decided to search for something about her in cyberspace. I came across her CD baby site and then got led into her blog through a link.

She is still the same fascinating person. Her creativity is now channeled raising her daughter. Seeing her through a different light is like looking through a rose colored glass. Everything feels right again. It’s that rosy outlook that I am planning to take with me as I navigate through life’s challenging waters.


Check out here great site :