After the Storm is the beginning of Creativity for J.P. Kallio

Every time singer/songwriter J.P. Kallio mentions that he has a new album out, I am always excited about it. I will explain the reasons why. First, I knew of his talent from his two bands and I know he is prolific. You have would probably agree with me that we are so damn lazy sometimes to get off our coaches and do something out there that can affect other people in a positive way. Yes we know we can do it because we have creativity but, motivation is not there. And J.P. is immuned to this creative laziness. Just look at his website and you will know what I mean.afterthestormalbumcover

He is also a blogger. That’s the second thing. In fact he is more productive than I am. I am amaze at the amount of ideas he can come up in a week. And on top of these crazy stuff, he also tours with his band. Really crazy eh? He is a staunch advocate of coffee in the morning. I guess I need to trust that coffee can make the world beautiful!

He is a musician’s friend. He is not bothered to share his craft and the tips that can go a long way. Now that his new album is out let me tell you what it is. It has twelve songs. The title is After The Storm. Which becomes clear when you finish listening to the twelve songs. These are acoustic tracks recorded with guitar and other instruments. The general feeling is that of being inside a coffee house. The songs vary from laid back, relaxing ballads to faster ones with provocative themes. For example Fool is a song about the perils of alcoholism but written in a humorous way.

If you love Dylan then you will love the title track. It has that amazing guitar playing which I haven’t heard in like ages. Still others are interesting on both the lyrical and musical aspects. Mama Was Right is heartwarming as a freshly baked muffin. So take your pick now and listen to the intelligence that flows in every song. And yes you will feel his big heart that knows how to love creativity.

You can buy the album from iTunes:

The Palestinian Tatreez designs sewn by Paula for Moments of Silence( UNRWA Gaza Relief Fund )

 The Palestinian Tatreez designs sewn by Paula

Passion is an adventurous creature. It takes you to places. For example, I know of Paula as a musician. The knowledge that she teaches as a profession came later. Then there’s this other thing she does in her free time. She has stitches and sends them framed to friends as gifts. They’re beautiful and creations. Then, somehow she that with her music. And it is not hard to imagine now, as she has not lonely contributed a track to Moments of Silence ( A compilation album to raise money for the UNRWA Gaza Relief Fund ). She has just completed framed pieces of her works, the Palestinian Tatreez designs. The proceeds (along with her music track Feeling Free ) will go to Moments of Silence fundraising campaign.

She posted this on her Facebook page as of today: Hi everyone, here is the information about the Palestinian Tatreez piece on sale to raise money for the UNRWA Gaza Relief Fund. The price is £75.00 and all money raised after framing costs will be donated. Postage and packing extra, quotes can be given. Please help spread the word and pm the MOS page or myself if you are interested. Thank you, Paula

Pictures by Karen Gavin




Moments of Silence is a diverse community of ambient music artists from around the globe whose mission is to raise funds for children affected by war.

The atrocities of Israel bombing the Gaza Strip in recent days has shocked everyone on a global scale. The death-toll is rising and many souls, including children, are falling.

“Moments of Silence” is a charity compilation organized by Brad Zacharias (Carbon Sigma) where talented ambient artists throughout the world have submitted a track to help relieve the tension of innocents affected by this Israeli strife in Gaza, though the UNRWA.


For more information about the UNRWA, please visit

Families devastated by heavy shelling and violence in Gaza are in urgent need of safe drinking water and food. And as always, children are suffering most. Our aim is to help raise support for the rebuilding of schools and provide clean drinking water. With your support, every little counts. #SaveGaza #ChildrenOfGaza #UNRWA
released 23 September 2014


Blast from the Past: Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure!
What’s your favourite 80s track? Mine is Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure. There is something sweet and mopey about it. Well, it is kind of mopey. Great tune to start the week as you look at WORK and think of it as a four-letter word.



Rockadelic If I Had Your Love by The Marwills.

Toronto based band The Marwills will release a new single called If I Had Your Love on November 20. Ohhh the swagger and the dripping sensuality of the song! This reminds me of those funkadelic songs from Cream and the oozing testosterone energy of Led Zeppelin  The bluesy classic rock style is definitely going to put them on the map as more and more listeners are getting tired of the same ol same ol adult alternative tunes that saturate the airwaves and the internet. And that Brett Bonnie guy has a kind of voice that can stop a traffic!It is time for a revolution. And that revolution is The Marwills.


Electric Sarajevo: Madrigals

Electric Sarajevo

Electric Sarajevo

Album: Madrigals

Hometown: Rome, , Italy

Style: electro/post-rock/new wave

Lost, Impero
A Revelation
City Dream
The Worst Lover
Teresa Groismann
The Sky Apart
The Madrigal
If You Only Knew

It seems nostalgia is the best thing these days. So tired of all the same ol same ol type of music that the mediocre artists put out there? And don’t even get me started with the autotune. Listening to Electric Sarajevo seems to have closed the walls of time and transport us to an era when electronic music was such a cool thing to explore. Everyone was wide-eyed and there were tons of records made in the name of sophistication and passion.

Madrigals is an auspicious introduction to this band from Italy. With full-bodied sound and interesting melodies, one has the desire to stay longer. if only the walls we build ourselves in the name of nostalgia would hold for a while and make us  satiated with electro and new wave experience. Musicians who are in the current lineup are : Massimiliano Perilli: Voice, Guitar /Paolo Alvano: Voice, Guitar / Andrea Borraccino: Bass /Stefano Tucci: Synths, Programming. And now you understand why the sound is fantastic! And  I love the Italian accent in the English songs.

Elaborated, disarming and mature, songs from Madrigals always inspire and enliven. Notable tracks are Lost Impero, Watercolours, Teresa Groissman and The Madrigal. Take note of the explosive avalanche of sounds in Teresa Groissman along with the sumptuous male voice. Check out their single If You Only Knew now available in youtube. The video shows the band singing in the movie theater against  a backdrop of what appears to be a fascist video during the second world war. The dark theme compliments the music which is melodic but has disturbing edge.

So what’s the idea behind the creation of Madrigals? According to the band: The theme behind those Madrigals is the love seen in the mirror, that cry out for revenge, the seek for a refuge. These are stories from different angles but always driven by that same strong and self-destructive feeling to the pursuit of peace in your heart!



Our Tea Talk Edition.

Also in this edition: Gary Dewhurst and Alice Braga.

Spending time with  singer/songwriter Layne Greene for another Tea Talk episode.

Layne Greene

This is a topic that guitar aficionados should read. What I am writing about will challenge those who claim to love electric guitar music. Yeah this is the sh*t man! So yeah you love your guitar and you play well BUT…do you have the effects that will make your musician friends drool? Are you really an elitist as you claim to be? I am joined by my pal Layne Green for this conversation. Layne and I used to have a regular Tea Talk episode in this site but our schedules got in the way. But it is nice to hang out once in a while to exchange ideas about music.

Pedals, pedals, pedals!            

Layne Greene: the music store finally has the pedal I want in stock 😀 yay!!!!!


Sphere Music: Is it good?

I hope sooo have to try it first if not, they have another one I’m interested in, but its more expensive.

Oh ok yeah it is great to have options but that one looks really nice

Pedals are expensive :S boooo it should do what I need it toooo I want one of those but they cost waaaaaaaaaay to much.

That one is a beautiful monster.

It does more than I’d probably use if I play until the day I die but it costs like $500

That’s like a good laptop!

I think I’d have a hard time spending as much on one pedal as I’d spend on a guitar :S

Because for you they are the same? Oh you mean pedals and guitars- it is hard to choose.

I mean, I could get a realllly nice second hand guitar for less than that one pedal and I definitely think that a decent guitar is more important than a decent pedal or an amp I could get a realllly nice amp for $500. Pedals are expensive, but most of them are reasonably priced for a bit of saving. Like the flashbackx4, it’s expensive, $310 or so after taxes, but it’s reasonable if you save birthday money… Christmas presents, live a little cheap for a few weeks, perfectly reasonable but saving for a strymon would be ridiculous o.O

A lot of Christian bands use strymon. “praise and worship” groups. They use a lot of strymon and JHS pedals. And a lot of the standard pedals but I’ve noticed a lot of those 2 brands on their boards . A lot of the guys with the money to buy those kinds of pedals are buying nice pedals to cover up crappy playing . I think the whole strymon thing just bugs me I mean, I would love to have the timeline, but most people who have them don’t even use most of the features, and there’s so many gimmick features that are completely useless musically.

It just means that it can be a waste not to take advantage of the features you paid for..I think that is what you are trying to say.

I dunno, it goes even deeper than that, I mean, I think it just bothers me that people who can’t play think that by buying fancy pedals no one will notice that they suck anymore :S its elitist of me, but oh well lolol

Right it does make sense you can’t hide playing regardless of the effects bad playing will always be bad playing.

Bandcamp vs Soundcloud:

Sphere Music:Which is more effective in the ‘selling thing’ bandcamp or soundcloud?

Layne Greene: definitely bandcamp by far. You even get an option to let people pay more if they want to.

 I noticed in your experience bandcamp is the most reliable site to sell recordings? Not soundcloud despite it’s ‘buy this recording option”?

Soundcloud is better as a sort of musical journal it’s got lots of musicians, who want other people to listen to their songs. Very few people like Don  Beekeeper who are legitimately interested in the community.

Yeah I noticed he is VERY active there.

If soundcloud was a country, Beekeeper would be the president. 😛

This is good news about bandcamp. So if artists are just aggressive in marketing their music, they can really earn without having to get into a label.

Yeah, that’s the whole philosophy behind bandcamp the big thing about it though, is you have to treat it like you’re releasing it through a small indie label no one has eve heard of.

It is like building your store and managing your goods and there is also this thing about newsletter.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is expecting bandcamp to sell albums for them.

It is really not good to expect too much unless you have a manager. My dream is to get rich so I can manage artists lol. And I will let them do what they want haha…or make a label where I will pay people to advertise my artists aggressively and pay radio stations to play the music have the music get into the movies and tv shows. I realize it is all about the money machine… those who got big were backed by rich guys. It is all about brainwashing the consumer that the music is amazing and those who do the brainwashing have connections and money because all types of music are relevant but who gets heard is a question of support and advertisement. What do you think?

I agree entirely, look at the popular music today, NOBODY thinks its good music, but they buy it because of their children, children are more susceptible to marketing techniques, they haven’t learned to think for themselves in many ways, so the record labels pump money into the Justin Biebers and Taylor  Swifts of entertainment.

Right! need to brainwash the children and that means getting a spot in the popular media. We need to let children realize that dancing and singing baby baby ohhh is crap and uncool then they will stop.


Music samples from Layne:

Layne Greene performing his song Break
w/ Alex MacNeil

Old Block Productions –
Andy Cunningham – Director/editor/Second Camera/Lighting
Adam Johnson – First Camera/Sound Recorder/Sound Editor
Brad Sutton – Lighting


Featured Artist: Gary Dewhurst

The smooth sounds of this UK based musician turn my head! I said man, that is one pleasant music there. I was having a bad mood but when I heard this all that has changed. Check out the brief bio below.



Having toured extensively from the early 80’s both as a solo artist and as part of numerous bands playing both electric and acoustic guitar, while having the privilege to play some of the largest venues across Europe, Gary gradually wound down the live work in favour of what seemed like a more settled life with more time spent writing, recording and producing, however there is nothing like being out connecting with an audience and enjoying the journey through music together.

After much thought and consideration he returned to his first love armed with a handful of songs and an acoustic guitar. Gary is currently building a new network of gigs and loving the sense of starting out again with a new purpose and joy for both my music and the music of others he gets to share in along the way.

Plans are afoot for a new album featuring songs that Gary is currently playing live. .

Gary loves the chance to work everywhere from the most intimate setting without even a PA, up to the buzz of a large festival where musicians get a chance to spark off each other in a special way.

He lives in Carlisle close to the English / Scottish border which provides a diverse range of influences in his music.

Gary is also a photographer, specialising in landscape work. His work has been published on many occasions. He will soon to be offering prints of his photographs and will happily undertake commissions


Featured video: Let Nature Heal Your Heart by Alice Braga

Alice is from New York. I confess I was really worried when Sandy hit. I am glad she is ok. This is one of the videos she made last October 12. Enjoy! Register for Clear the Clutter, Heal Your Heart e-course at:

Thomas McGregor: The Vitamin C Artist (interview)

With this edition: Skin and Bones, Pedals by Layne Greene and awesome video by Peter Gabriel

Thomas McGregor: Stretching the meaning of positivity and verve.

Violinist, Composer, and Instructor Thomas McGregor’s Official Fanpage. Youtube: Website: Reverbnation:

Spending 10 minutes of your time with Thomas McGregor every day can be healthy. Why? This interview clearly indicates that he is a person who likes giving a good dose of good vibes. His music knows no bounds and listening to his collaborations will show that his taste is eclectic. This guy can switch from Bluegrass, Celtic, Classical and experimental in a beat.

He is passionate in promoting his music and one can see a kind of discipline that makes legendary artists. This is the same drive that gets people somewhere and he practices what he preaches. Sphere Music is honored to make Thomas McGregor as our featured artist. Enjoy his music and know more about him through this interview.

Violinist, film maker and fitness guru. Which one is the REAL you?

That’s a good question! haha! I believe each one of us to be capable of so many things. I also believe it to be very important to embrace our interests and natural talents. Through this embracing, we can cultivate natural human expansion to the degree of inspiring many to think outside their normal paradigms.

Your music has a lot of depth, texture and atmosphere. You also love collaborating with other genres. What has been memorable for you in these musical explorations?

The most memorable experiences have been those where my mind has been shifted in one way or another. The times where me and/or my collaborator(s) have seen through different eyes via the medium of music/artistic expression. Music is an interesting entity. It seems to always be morphing; expanding and contracting. Attempting to show us all the possibilities that are presented to us through the universal creative collective.

What made you want to pursue music? What brought the realization that made you say” Hey I want to be a violinist and I want to be a recording artist”.

I’m not sure I had a time of realization of such. For me, it was just part of being who I was. As a young child I played music before I can speak. Music, in a lot of ways was my very first voice. Ultimately, I believe that realization came years after I had been playing music professionally. Mainly after some artistic maturity had happened. At this juncture, I had realized that there was so much music and talent out there, and I had to strive to become evening better, more innovative, and edgy.

What’s your groundwork for composing music? What comes first and what time of the day do you feel inspired to tinker with those strings.

Composition and improvisation are interesting. The process that one takes when composing is interesting as well. On a scientific level, we find that certain creative synapses and neurons fire in the brain that eventually [and perpetually] self generate themselves to the point of continued creativity during that time. Meaning, when we start to be creative its like a snow ball on a snowy down hill path; we have the potential to keep progressively getting more creative. This is achieved by letting parts of our mental construct disperse. By letting mental abstractions fade, leaving us to an open and clear mind, compositions seem to flow freely.

Visually, I like images to stimulate certain ideas and concepts. This may also mean the addition of images to previously conceived musical ideas. By doing this I strive to paint a picture. Even when improvising, the idea is to pain a picture for the listener. For in all actuality, music is simply vibration. And vibration is everything, in one degree or another. For everything that is moved by air vibrates. Thus, life is a series of vibrations, or universal musical expression. Therefore, composition and improvisation can perpetuate from any source. This is why I also instruct my students to be musically completely open minded. You may not like the way something sounds, but let’s find the parts you do like.

On a philosophical level, this had implications to our current societal state. If we can find our likenesses rather than our differences, the world would be a much calmer place. Ultimately, this is an extremely valuable compositional tool. For your vibrational influences can come from anywhere, if you remain open to finding the parts you like – and evening acknowledging the parts you don’t fancy.

 Your advice to young violinist who think that being a recording artist and a violinist at the same time is such a cool thing to pursue?

My advice to young artists would be to concentrate on quality and knowledge. The artist that knows his art, and the mechanics of his art is paramount. Also, I would advise looking to see how the artist art form directly relates to other aspects of life. I.E. Nature, Science, History, Other Art Forms, Fitness, etc… This is a tool that widens your thinking. Also, you may start to see how your art form directly applies and/or is influences/is influenced within those other mediums. Stay calm in this endeavor, for the applications and implications thereof will rise, presenting themselves. Also, I would conclude with acting the young artist to consider philosophical aspects of their art. Is your art spiritual? Is your art void of spirit? Is your art metaphor for something greater? Is your art connected to something greater? These questions may only be answer over a life time of artistic cultivation. This however is one of the best aspects, when participating in artistic development.

Please tell us about the musical projects that keep you busy these days, what are they and how do you plan to promote them.

Ah! I am very excited about these up and coming future projects! I am currently writing and recording with guitarist and song writer Tanner Cole Beeghly from Topeka, Kansas. We are composing tunes in the feel of groove, newage, jazz, folk feels. I have plans to do some collaborating with Lucas Croatia, from Zagreb, Croatia. This might be more folk rock/new age fusion. Also, I will be collaborating with Psychedelic American Gypsy Rock group The Venus Illuminato coming up this week. I will have video of our rehearsals together up in the coming weeks as well. All of these collaborations will be up for download on my store site: I am also appearing on singer-songwriter Allen Cote’s newest contribution as well. That should be out next year, if not sooner. These are all just a few of what’s in the works. There will be most more to come!
Musicians are influential artists and what they say in public can be taken seriously by fans and thus sometimes there are people who exploit their fame just because they can. What is your reaction to this and can musicians also become vessels of change for the good of the society? How?

Absolutely! Musicians and artists alike should be at the very front lines of universal change. For it is through art that we cultivate the mind, and influence each other. I believe true art to not be limited by ego. When ego becomes involved, you start to have problems with the art. As I stated before, everything is vibrations. So if you inner vibrations are off kilter from the natural progressional vibrations of life, you will see something suffer. Sometimes, the suffering happens to the (unknowing) admirers via the artist that has become to full of himself and less of his art. That is why it is universally important to continue to listen and remain open to others that are experimenting with artistic expression. This is like if you were to hit the refresh button in you mind. It keeps you aware of what is already out there, void of your influence. I’ve always said that the ultimate instructor is egoless, knowing that ego only hinders the progression of the student. Paradoxically, the admiration that comes from producing well made art is the fuel that can inspire an artist. Knowing that someone appreciates what you do is very important to the continuance of that artist spirit. For we see artist’s work continue living far after they have passed. This work has survived because people still care to keep it around for appreciation. That is probably why people say that fine art lasts the test of time. I think the longevity of art is derived mainly from what people consider art, or worthy of appreciation. In this sense, depending on the person, many different things could last the test of time.

There you have it folks! We will get to see more of him in this page in days to come so stay tuned:


Featured Song: Skin & Bones

A pre-mastered version of ‘Skin & Bones’ taken from the forthcoming Blue Rose Code album ‘North Ten’, coming soon on Ho Hum Records.

More from this artist:

Gadget freaks: Pedals!

This is one of the pics taken from the music gadgets of Layne Greene. I am crazy about colorful guitar stuff. According to him:

My board is slowly building… next up, hopefully a VS single tap delay, and either a POG or an organizer, probably an organizer since POGS are like $10293481294612478012847.

Visit his music pages here:


Flashback Video: Peter Gabriel – Red Rain

I am also a big fan of Peter Gabriel.I think he is a great musician. Who doesn’t think so? Tell me and I will make him/her a coffin out of fairlight CMI. Kidding. I am not  a mean guy:P . Peter experimented with electronic, world and other types of music. He left a lasting legacy to many artists who followed his novel path. When I was a kid I didn’t understand why my “older brothers and sisters’ think he’s cool. Now I know.