Sphere Music Podcast #7


Yes again another podcast bringing you the coolest music on the Internet!

Von Shakes-Bali II
Roisin O-Hold On
Heyward Howkins-Nogales
Cocteau Twins-Violaine
Alex Pardini-Trouble In Paradise
Layne Greene-Untitled
Steve Moakler-Run
Drowning Dreams-Leave it all behind
Stephanie Dosen-way out
Sorrow Church– The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Peter Chains-Darkside of the Mind
Don BeeKeeper-Shake the Tambourine
Joel Sarakula-Bohemian
Gavern-The Otherworld Fragments
Peter Chains-Carrion Crows


Finding My “Bohemia” With Von Shakes

Von Shakes

Band: Von Shakes


Patrick Brazel – Vocals/Rhythm
Hugh O’Reilly – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Cillian McSweeney – Bass/Backing Vocals
Ryan Normandin – Drums

Type of music: Indie Rock


The Strokes, Kings of Leon, The Pixies, The Cure, BRMC, The Smiths, Margaret Thatcher, The Replacements, Kooks, Neil Young, Foals, Justice, etc.

Introducing of the catchiest alternative rock band to come out of Ireland is no other than Von Shakes. Composed of Patrick Brazel – Vocals/Rhythm guitar, Hugh O’Reilly – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Cillian McSweeney – Bass/Backing Vocals and Ryan Normandin – Drums; the band promises to deliver sonic goodness a.k.a pepper with caramel filling. How’s that? The potential single Robinson Crusoe has a massive ear worm you can’t untangle yourself from due to its awesome melody when you hear it. And I love great melodies.

The single from the album My Side has a video out and it features a chase with a projected image of a girl around the city. Very cool video worth checking out! The song itself is another pop rock tune that is really going to court mainstream radio. If radio stations will play this tune   then they are not missing out.  Lead man Patrick Brazel looks like he could be an actor in a movie.

Bohemia has twelve tracks of good music. Headaches is my other favorite because of that great guitar sound, terrific beat and sweet bass. I think their shining moments happen when they play fast tunes. Although I’d say Pale is a good ballad where the vocals are full bodied and really expressive. Hopefully as they mature we will hear more great ballads from them.

Bohemia is an auspicious debut that will gain fans at the rate of how pancakes are done! It’s really that good. Add a good amount of maple syrup and you have one of the best musical snacks of 2013. Go look for Bohemia and relieve that depression with good tunes.


Download: http://goo.gl/NSS8e
Von Shakes FB: http://goo.gl/3y6rO
Wreckroom FB:http://goo.gl/fPru7


Finding My “Bohemia” With Von Shakes

Reflections by Western Skies Motel Sings to Ripples and Magic Ponds


I love it that I am getting more and more ambient/contemporary instrumental releases to write about. Music like this gets the stress out of your system. We live in a time when multitasking is a normal thing. But just because many people do it, doesn’t mean it is healthy. I love my little quiet space, no one around and yea music such as this to help me figure out my thoughts.

Western Skies Motel is a project by Danish composer/instrumentalist René Schelbeck . Schelbeck also played in a variety of Danish indie bands then spent years raising his family.  Reflections is his come back to the music world. It is a work of emotional force and artful craftsmanship.

I love the album for its unhurried pace and textures. I can listen to the tunes again and again and find minute detail. I think that every written observation one has isn’t really done at all. There’s always something new to find out and that makes you want to say’ hey I wish I could have written about that sound’ but then again the article is already published and all you can do is just appreciate the discovery you have with the music. And that discovery is a private matter. I know I will discover new things after this. But in general, all I can have to say is this:  Reflections is a beautiful collection of tunes that aims to awaken that deeper aspects of how we sense and relate to things around us.

All the tracks in Reflections are written around the  harmonium and acoustic guitar. The title track Reflection starts out with a quiet stretch between notes using the guitar. The reverb and feedback turn to ambient harmonies. Then the ‘walking’ tempo starts and the movement is the movement of ones emotion as it syncs with the music. Here and There sounds like a cross between prairie scenes and a friendly alien through the use of harmony effects with gentle drums.  Homesick reminds me of ripples you make when you touch a pond. His rhythm moves like waves and the gentle forces soothes the mind.

Three tracks and I could not get enough. René Schelbeck is an artist to keep on the radar!

More here: http://music.audiogourmet.co.uk/merch

Christian Bookshop

Jimmy Monaghan’s and Aisling Walsh

with contributions by Evelyn Walsh (Clarinet), Eleta Van Schalkwyk (Violin) & Trista Monaghan (Tin whistle).

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Jimmy Monaghan.
Mastering and sequencing by Liam O’Connor

I love my experience checking out this fantastic folk duo from the West of Ireland.  Christian Bookshop. The title sounds catchy. But they aren’t a bookshop and their songs aren’t really Christian songs. In fact the lo-fi approach of these artists make this album sound good whither you are using the small laptop speakers, or the typical home entertainment speakers. The recording sounds warm and it echoes the sounds of the 60s and the 70s. The tunes are also happy and they make you forget your troubles.

The album has 10 tunes.  The songs are easy to memorize because the melodies are simple and uplifting. Which is what folk music is all about right?  Singin’ Freebird reminds me of Sesame Street. But the lyrics will tell you they mean business!

Hey head to the islands,
Now that everything’s going my way.
I’m signin’ Freebird to anyone passing my way,
And if you don’t like what I do then fuck you.

The second song has a sad tune but the tempo keeps you on your toes. I tried to check the lyrics again and this is what I discovered:

So this is how it ends,
You tell me that it hurts,
The night I kissed your breast,
At the fireworks…

So basically if you think that Christian Bookshop is your typical airy fairy folk duo then you are wrong. There is more to this project that meets the first listen. There is that Irish vibe that is so familiar and appealing in their melodies. There are moments of tenderness and poetry like in the case of Penitentiary:

Hold me in the dark,
Hold me down forever ever.
I know where we are,
Falling apart with the weather weather,
So tie my shoes,
Walk me down to the city city,
Pick and choose all the places my mind it should be.

I’d say you give Christian Bookshop and listen . Fantastic duo. It looks like they are here to stay for a long time.

Sphere Music Podcast #4

Peter Chains

Here’s the result of this Saturday’s podcast with special guest Peter Chains.

Farewell to Childhood- Eternal Keys 
Matchstick Girl-Joel Sarakula

Interview with Peter Chains:

Days Long Gone-Peter Chains
Reflection-Peter Chains 
Mistress of Death-Peter Chains 
Miss Razorblade-Johnny Normal 
Sweet Sweet Super Sweet-Happyendless 
Digital Fields-ElectroCelt 
Trainbridge-Eternal Keys 
Self Realization-Korien Daniel Csernei