Still Missing: Sacha Talens

A Google plus photo but that page has no updates.

A Google plus photo but that page has no updates.

And so the search for the indomitable and enigmatic Sacha Talens continues. Ophélie who is one of his contacts from France reached out to me a couple of days ago to discuss our common concern for this amazing singer/songwriter from Canada. Sure he is an artist who writes fantastic tunes but he is also a good friend to everyone he meets online and offline. His disappearance left a very big question mark. Has he :

A. Has he decided to quit the music industry to concentrate more on his expertise as a Chef?

B. He decided to unplug from the Internet and found a Buddhist commune to practice his spiritual side to become  a  guru.

C.He is still online in a different moniker.

D. He is just resting for a couple of months and will be back when the right time comes.

But whatever the cause I know Sacha would never pull this kind of thing unless it is a serious matter. I’ve been talking about this matter to my Canadian friend Layne Greene . But he doesn’t live in Toronto. I know Don Beekeeper does. I will trying to ask him if there is a way to trace the whereabouts of Sacha Talens. Mr Talens needs to know that his fans and friends miss him and this world is much better with him around.

He posted this via Instagram a few weeks before the disappearance. A sign of things to come?

He posted this via Instagram a few weeks before the disappearance. A sign of things to come

Missing: Sacha Talens

Where the hell is Sacha Talens?

Where the hell is Sacha Talens?

One of the mysterious things that happened to the indie music sphere lately is the disappearance of pop rocker Sacha Talens. His whereabouts is unconfirmed. He was supposed to release his second album The Divine in the middle of September. Many big plans were on the way. Then all of a sudden ‘puff!’ Just like that. He disconnected from all his social media sites including twitter which he was very active with.

Instagram is another site he like posting to and that is also a dead zone. What happened? I have no idea. I don’t claim to be the closest person to him but we used to exchange messages every now and then. We even made two memorable interviews for this blog. We were talking about having him as a guest on my online radio show. He is a fun guy to talk to. Always sensitive about the feelings of others. Yes he is quick to react sometimes and does not keep strong opinions to himself. He has been an avid supporter of vegetarianism, gay marriage and free speech. And that makes him a very important artist.  That is why it is disturbing to go to the internet and notice that difference.

I have no idea if he is just having one of these burn out phases while extensively working on a three-album deal with a major publishing company or he just feels frustrated with the state of the music industry. I wish I know but like I said I am still yet to hear from this Canadian singer/songwriter who released the beautiful Bathurst Moment sometime ago. If you know his whereabouts you can contact me through my email and it’s in this site.