We Singing Colors: The Coolest Band To Come Out Of Bucharest!

Band bio:

We Singing Colors is an Indie-pop band from Bucharest.

In 2014 has released the first album “Made of wool, made of heavy metal”.

The band played all over Romania, in the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Spain and India.

Their songs were featured on independent radio stations in USA and Canada as well.


Concerts: http://bandsintown.com/WeSingingColors

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wesingingcolors

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wesingingcolors

Bandcamp: http://we-singing-colors.bandcamp.com/

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/we-singing-colors/id793269354


If Romania has to offer something in the indie-pop world, then it has to be We Singing Colors. Their music is composed and recorded around the acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. In 2014, they released their debut album “Made of wool, made of heavy metal”. They are well-received in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Spain and India. They also have listeners in North America and their songs are played the USA and Canada.

Songs from Made of wool, made of heavy metal” have universal appeal and I think, with enough exposure and constant touring, they will get mainstream success. Songs like Far, far, far and Destiny will appeal to fans of acoustic folk while their other songs (which are complex and atmospheric) will find admirers in the wider musical spectrum.

I am enjoying their music videos viua YouTube!

Big thanks to my Romanian pal Ionut Proca for introducing the group to me. You should check them out. They are really the coolest band to come out of Bucharest!

Add them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wesingingcolors/


Walking On Cars-The Hottest Irish Indie Pop Rock Band This Year

Members: Patrick Sheehy,
Sorcha Durham,
Paul Flannery,
Evan Hadnett,
Dan Devane
Genre: Indie Pop Rock
Home Town: Dingle

Let me tell you how I chanced upon Walking on Cars. I am talking about the hottest indie pop rock band to come out of the Emerald Isle. I was browsing through YouTube for “fresh awesome bands” and their name came up. I remember it was Two Stones that caught my attention. It was one of the biggest hits in the UK when it was release and it is still massive. Currently it has more than one million views since its release two years ago. With their US tour on the way, I know that the band will gather more fans.12190961_1039796956040840_1991186454690506930_n.jpg

Their music stands between the delicate melodies-typical of bands using the piano/keyboards as a dominant instrument-and the big arena sound soaked in energy and sheer talent. This is due to supernova aura of lead vocalist Patrick Sheehy. His tall build and intense gaze can draw you to the music like a druid harnessing the force of nature to enchant you. You add talented and equally charismatic band members you got an insanely beautiful musical treat.

The band are Sheehy, Sorcha Durham, Paul Flannery, Evan Hadnett and Dan Devane. They emerged from the windswept Dingle, Country Kerry. Actually most of their music videos were shot on that location. Whoever is in charged of their music videos deserve a praise as the scenes really give justice to their songs. Their album is called Everything This Way released this year. It has twelve songs and many of the songs in this album have potential mainstream appeal. And I mean top -of -the -charts kind of hit potential.

The new single is Speeding Cars. Now if you haven’t yet, you better check out the music video as it is fucking amazing! It is the most haunting thing to come out this year and another kudos to the creative team for giving us something fascinating.

12540610_1076411879046014_5642465984581589876_n.jpgGuess what, Everything This Way can be addicting and I’ve been listening to it everyday when I go out on my morning exercise. Like I said about the song Two Stones-The Alleluia works on this one!