Something Groovy, Something Different: J.P. Kallio – I’m Not Ready (Official video)

For several releases, J.P. Kallio’s signature sound has always been rooted in bare, acoustic rock with occasional session players, but it’s always been just his voice and the guitar. I’m Not Ready came as a surprise because of the introduction of the beats and vocal layering. Released February 12, the song is now available via YouTube and Bandcamp.


Me, enjoying Kallio’s YouTube video inside Starbucks.

I really like it because it is a kind of sound you can listen to when you are on the go. It can be loud but at the same time laid back. And the ‘laid back’ quality of his music has led him to have loyal followers or supporters of his music.

I give two thumbs up to the quality of the song and the video. For those who aren’t aware yet, Kallio is based in Ireland, fronting a Celtic rock band  Sliotar- that is if he is not pursuing his solo career.

The video was shot in Dublin, showcasing the sparkle of the river Liffey by night and also various places like Powerscourt and so much more. If you watch the video you will see various landmarks that I am sure you are familiar with.

More info:

To find out more about this track, visit:


I’m not ready

City lights and neon signs they shine so bright
All through out the night
Through the electric glow Its hard to see the stars
high up in the sky
I can hear a rumble and the beat
The rhythm of this town
Some say it’s just noise I believe its music
And I sing out loud

I’m not ready to put it all behind just yet
The thought of leaving makes my heart ache
There’s still so much to say before I forget
But I can see there’s not much more you can take

I remember just like yesterday the street where we had
Our first kiss
I remember how you broke my heart
Piece by piece
But you picked up the pieces
And mend it into one


released February 12, 2016
The song was written, performed and recorded by J.P. Kallio


Bloody Diamonds : Interview with Sara and Jake

Bloody Diamonds

released 12 March 2013
Sara Elizabeth – Vocals / Organ
Ian Bennett – Guitar
Jake Seaward – Bass
Kenny Myers – Drums

Music and lyrics written by Bloody Diamonds
Engineered and mixed by Andrew Wiseman
Additional engineering by Nick Jones
Mastered by J. Lapointe – Archive Mastering
Album artwork by Fish Bone Prints

I had a chance to catch up with Canada’s rising rock band Bloody Diamonds. They are touring to promote their new release Monsters 7. We all know that the big country up north has produced world class musicians. So what’s this excitement about Boody Diamonds? I tell you this: My experience with their music is an hour of visceral glory. A kind of aesthetic explosion that seems to come from the depths of your guts as it channels something primal, unsettling but beautiful at the same time. Sara and Jake, the band’s core duo answer questions I asked on your behalf dear readers. They are young, beautiful and full of raw energy. You don’t want the fear of missing out so here they are!

 Hard Rock, Bluesy and Dark. These are the three terms that stand out when I listen to your music. How did you decide to combine these elements and attain consistency from the first album They’ve Got Secrets up to the current Monsters 7”?

Jake: We’ve always written rock music, and in my opinion the blues scale simply has all the best notes in it. I don’t care much for major scales. The rest just kind of happened. In the beginning we didn’t aim to be a “dark” band, but it definitely took that shape within the first few songs we played together. We love dirty riffs, crunchy chords, and tasteful dissonance so I guess it was inevitable. There’s consistency from our first album to Monsters, but I feel like the two tracks on the 7” are more focused. We wrote them in a shorter time frame than the songs on the first album, and had more experience playing them live. We recorded our first album after playing just a couple shows. When we went to record Monsters we had a couple of tours playing together under our belt. We actually recorded the Monsters 7” mid tour during a couple days off in Toronto. We had a much better idea of what we wanted to do.

You and Sara have this amazing musical chemistry. How did you two and the rest of the band make it work?

Sara: The two of us write the majority of our songs, it’s just always been that way and what has worked best. Jake has the riffs and I’ve got the voice. Once we have a song written, we have a pretty good sense of what everyone’s parts should be to complete the tune. We bring them to the rest of the band and everything usually falls into place. At this point we can pretty much read each other’s minds, as soon as I start singing a new line Jake knows what to play.

Lady of the Night, She Aint Pretty and Twisted are tracks that would be appropriate for bloody horror flicks. Are you guys big fans of horror films?

Sara: I’m actually horrible at watching horror films. I get way too into it… I don’t sleep for weeks afterwards. I love creepy and dark, but not actual horror. We get this question a lot and it always makes me laugh.

Jake: I don’t watch a lot of movie movies, but I’m big into documentaries, often on horrifying subjects. Does that count?

Halifax is the home of great bands. Is there a fierce musical competition where you came from?

Jake: It’s definitely an interesting scene. There are a lot of really great, hard working bands in this city. So many bands and people we find super inspiring come from our own city which is great. Considering how small Halifax actually is the music and art scenes are incredible. But at the same time it can be very cliquey. Being “cool” is relative. But we don’t really look at this as a competition, it’s our lives. Afterall we play music, not hockey. It’s not like any music fan ever likes one band and one band only anyways.

You are  touring and promoting Monsters 7”. What inspired you to write the title track and also Bright Lights Darling?

Sara: Lyrically, Monsters was inspired by a bit of an overwhelming point in our lives. Dedicating yourself to the musician lifestyle can really take a toll on you, you know. Sometimes you just want to run away, you feel like you’re stuck and have been running around in circles. There’s always people (or “monsters”) telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, it can drive you to insanity. The second verse is more about letting go of it all. There’s always going to be monsters, you just need to learn how to deal with them.

Bright Lights Darling was a bit of therapy for me. Blame sneaks up on you pretty easily. Blaming yourself and other people, it’s easy to do. For me this song is about making mistakes, facing the truth, and then kicking ass. Though following your dreams can result in years of “failure”, it’s real. Living life is a thrill.

October and November will be exciting for the band starting with the Halifax Pop Explosion. Are you nervous? Confident? Impatient?

Jake: It’s our first time playing Pop Explosion so it’s definitely exciting. I wouldn’t say we’re nervous but definitely anxious. I would say I’m more so excited to get back on the road again though. It’s been two months since the last tour but it feels like forever. There needs to be a word for the opposite of home sick, thats what I’m feeling pretty much everyday we’re not on tour.

Where can listeners buy and download your records?

Jake: For one stop shopping Bandcamp is pretty kick ass. You can listen/download/buy our records all in one place, and you can get other merch there too. But we have an online store on our website, our music is available from iTunes, Amazon, and most other major digital music retailers, and if you live in Eastern Canada our records might just be available at your local independent record store.

What’s the best thing about touring this time of the year?

Sara: There’s a lot of reasons why fall is our favorite time to tour, though spring is a close second. We sleep in our van a lot. Every night to be more specific. Not all of us, but at least one or two. It’s the best/cheapest security system possible. Fall is ideal weather for that! Not too cold, not too hot. The van doesn’t have snow on it when you wake up and the sun isn’t beating on you through the windows at 5am. Sometimes it gets too hot in the summer (yes, even in Canada) and we have to worry about our records warping. Sometimes its too cold in the winter and we have to worry about our gear freezing. Fall and spring are the ideal times for touring Canada. It’s also great weather for boots and leather jackets.

That Christian D! An Interview.

Christian D

So who is Christian D? What makes this singer/songwriter totally magnetic in terms of music and presentation? Well, a lot of things actually but I will just state the obvious. He’s got the attitude that will make you want to listen what he says or what he sings about. Lyrically and musically, he’s compelling. And he lives to the occasion as he is our featured artist along with this interview. Check this out and spread the vibes!

I listened to all your releases and you have a signature sound along with that big voice. Where did you get all that combination?

Any signature sound is probably half by design, and half dumb luck.  As far as the basic songwriting goes, I have to take most of the blame for that. The sound of the recordings has a lot to do with the guys in the band at the time.
 The big voice? Basically, I’m just loud, I guess. Probably helped years of trying to hear myself in bad monitors in clubs. I’m just trying to use what I got- there isn’t much pretty in there but there’s a lot of loud. I believe in exploiting my limitations.
Several EPs and one album. What’s cooking for you this year in terms of music and live performance?
I’m working on a live album right now, that be about 14 songs probably, mostly our stuff with a few covers. Once that’s done I’ll be trying to get some more singles out. Probably a couple more solo things which will be a little different and some Hangovers stuff which will be more trashy rock.
Live performances? I’ve got a few coming up, basically I try to say yes to anything that remotely makes sense to do.
Why did you choose to use just Christian D and not Christian DeArmond?
It’s easier to stick on a poster, for one thing… &  it’s just kinda stuck over the years. I’ve considered going shorter and just using Christian.
I love vampire movies and literature.What inspired you to write Vampire Rocker?
That had a lot to do with once hearing Keith Richards described as having a vampire-like lifestyle, and the movie Near Dark. I loved the image of them tearing around in cars and slapping tinfoil over the windows at sunrise while they’re exposed skin started to burn.
 Neither of which has much to do with the lyrics, but those things were definitely inspirational.
I know you can be choosy in terms of bands you listen to. So what’s your latest pick this week? Please give me your top 5 albums.
“Choosy” is probably a polite word for what I am….I’m the kind of guy that will listen to the same album or artist  for three days straight. Lately it’s been a lot of Nick Cave, as is my usual. Just saw his show here in Toronto and it was phenomenal. He’s one of my favourite artists of all time.
Top five albums ( this month at least) would be Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Henry’s Dream and Your Funeral My Trial, The Cramps- Stay Sick, Tom Waits- Glitter and Doom, the collection of Tom Tales at the end of that is hilarious, and The Stooges -Fun House.
Those albums would all make my top 20 any day of the year.
How do you get your ideas into songs? Do they just come out of an impulse or do you work on the creativity part?
That depends on the song really. Sometimes they come so quickly it’s like they write themselves. “Shimmy Shorts” went like that, I think it was done in about 15 minutes. Others I’ll work on for a  day and be  satisfied. And some I can’t even tell you because they are constructed really slowly over months and months. I might just have a nice line in a notebook, and slowly add to it as the ideas come. The longest thing ever was Vampire Rocker. I wrote the lyrics in the 90’s and it never got done until Brendan Bauer came up with the guitar riff in 2008. Thankfully it usually goes a lot quicker than that!
Years ago I used to write a lot more by improvisation, lyrics flying out of all night jam sessions, and anything good enough to remember for a day or so  would go in the song.  There’s no single method for me,  really.
       So where can fans buy your music?
iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, some solo stuff is on CD Baby- all the usual places. Probably the best thing is to start at the website and just find the link to however you prefer to buy stuff. The first Hangovers full-length is available for mail order as well.
Let’s talk about social network. I know it is a case to case basis and you choose what works for you. So what works for you? Twitter? Facebook or YouTube? And why?
Mmmm, I’m on all three. All musicians hear that we have to “do”  social media  all the time. I kind of distrust that whole thing. I’m not really interested, nor very good at, marketing and sales. I just like talking to, and listening to  interesting people and I’ll occasionally mention what I’m putting out there musically. Though a lot of the time I just fling out whatever crap is on my mind  that day. Lines from unwritten songs, dialogue from books I’ll never write, raves about guitar pedals…Twitter is probably the most fun to me. It’s short and sharp and you can take in a lot of information really quickly.
 How do you deal with destructive criticism?
Ignore it. Though I probably get less of that than you might think.
 I’m really chasing down particular sounds and ideas  and trying to make music that I’d want to hear. It ain’t for everyone.  Sometimes it ain’t even for me. I’m still trying to write a song where I hear it and think “Goddamn, that’s really great.” Hasn’t happened yet.
 What’s the best musical advice you got that works for you again and again?
Keep trying. That’s the most important thing.
Well there you have it folks. Now you get to know the real Christian D. Follow his twitter, buy his albums and spread the words of love, awesomeness and music!

Don Beekeeper on his Bandcamp Releases

don beekeeper


I think Bandcamp is a great tool in marketing music. This is the site for ‘album oriented’ people who love the idea of having everything in one place. The interface is clean and it isn’t littered with ads therefore giving the album great focus. Now, we don’t want to sound that we are thrashing other sites so I just made sure  only Bandcamp gets referenced here while other site names are removed. Beekeeper also released his songs in other formats but as he said:

Don Beekeeper: People are very resistant to visiting Bandcamp, for some reason. Even though they can download as much as they want, they’d still prefer to download from bleep.

Sphere Music:I like bandcamp. You know it is easy to embed via wordpress and looks beautiful too. I can’t believe they are reluctant to go to that lovely site! For me bandcamp is very professional in terms of how it looks like and how the songs standout.

DB: Yeah – Bandcamp looks good. The pages are very cleanly laid out. It’s easy to navigate. It has no ads on the pages. I have no clue how to promote it, though.

SM: the thing about bandcamp is that when you put out an album there it really looks like an album…bleep looks scattered.

DB: I agree – bleep is all about the individual track. And nothing gets older faster than a bleep release – people don’t listen to anything more than 4 or 5 days old.

SM: Maybe that’s why I could never really like bleep 100 percent. I am an albums kind of guy. I feel that albums are like books. There’s a plot you follow. And even if there are songs that sound boring when listened individually, they gain importance when they are gelled with other tracks

DB: Yeah – but the album is probably a dying thing. Casual listeners have always preferred the hit to the extra content. And an album is so much less an actual object, now.

Beekeeper’s albums as he describes each one of them:

  • Don Beekeeper

    “Ray” is a ten-song album centred on a character that I started writing about 20 years previously. The ten songs were written and recorded during the first 2 weeks of February, 2011.

    10 track album

  • “Grifter” is a 4-track ep named for Grifter Blues, which was a classic-style slide guitar blues song I wrote last year. I was trying to get the sound you hear on many old solo blues albums. The ep also features a spoken word piece, and two more energetic pieces.

    Grifter, by Don BeeKeeper
    4 track album

  • “The Sky is So Blue” is a three song ep which has a more lively, upbeat blues song for its title piece. It also features “Great Wall” which I wrote several years ago and is possibly a bit more difficult to describe in terms of genre….

    The Sky is so Blue, by Don BeeKeeper
    3 track album

  • The Neverending Freakshow! is an 8-song album I just completed. It’s almost musical theatre – but its characters are typical moral standpoints and their actions are ultimately their failings.

    Neverending Freakshow!, by Don BeeKeeper
    8 track album

Our Tea Talk Edition.

Also in this edition: Gary Dewhurst and Alice Braga.

Spending time with  singer/songwriter Layne Greene for another Tea Talk episode.

Layne Greene

This is a topic that guitar aficionados should read. What I am writing about will challenge those who claim to love electric guitar music. Yeah this is the sh*t man! So yeah you love your guitar and you play well BUT…do you have the effects that will make your musician friends drool? Are you really an elitist as you claim to be? I am joined by my pal Layne Green for this conversation. Layne and I used to have a regular Tea Talk episode in this site but our schedules got in the way. But it is nice to hang out once in a while to exchange ideas about music.

Pedals, pedals, pedals!            

Layne Greene: the music store finally has the pedal I want in stock 😀 yay!!!!!


Sphere Music: Is it good?

I hope sooo have to try it first if not, they have another one I’m interested in, but its more expensive.

Oh ok yeah it is great to have options but that one looks really nice

Pedals are expensive :S boooo it should do what I need it toooo I want one of those but they cost waaaaaaaaaay to much.

That one is a beautiful monster.

It does more than I’d probably use if I play until the day I die but it costs like $500

That’s like a good laptop!

I think I’d have a hard time spending as much on one pedal as I’d spend on a guitar :S

Because for you they are the same? Oh you mean pedals and guitars- it is hard to choose.

I mean, I could get a realllly nice second hand guitar for less than that one pedal and I definitely think that a decent guitar is more important than a decent pedal or an amp I could get a realllly nice amp for $500. Pedals are expensive, but most of them are reasonably priced for a bit of saving. Like the flashbackx4, it’s expensive, $310 or so after taxes, but it’s reasonable if you save birthday money… Christmas presents, live a little cheap for a few weeks, perfectly reasonable but saving for a strymon would be ridiculous o.O

A lot of Christian bands use strymon. “praise and worship” groups. They use a lot of strymon and JHS pedals. And a lot of the standard pedals but I’ve noticed a lot of those 2 brands on their boards . A lot of the guys with the money to buy those kinds of pedals are buying nice pedals to cover up crappy playing . I think the whole strymon thing just bugs me I mean, I would love to have the timeline, but most people who have them don’t even use most of the features, and there’s so many gimmick features that are completely useless musically.

It just means that it can be a waste not to take advantage of the features you paid for..I think that is what you are trying to say.

I dunno, it goes even deeper than that, I mean, I think it just bothers me that people who can’t play think that by buying fancy pedals no one will notice that they suck anymore :S its elitist of me, but oh well lolol

Right it does make sense you can’t hide playing regardless of the effects bad playing will always be bad playing.

Bandcamp vs Soundcloud:

Sphere Music:Which is more effective in the ‘selling thing’ bandcamp or soundcloud?

Layne Greene: definitely bandcamp by far. You even get an option to let people pay more if they want to.

 I noticed in your experience bandcamp is the most reliable site to sell recordings? Not soundcloud despite it’s ‘buy this recording option”?

Soundcloud is better as a sort of musical journal it’s got lots of musicians, who want other people to listen to their songs. Very few people like Don  Beekeeper who are legitimately interested in the community.

Yeah I noticed he is VERY active there.

If soundcloud was a country, Beekeeper would be the president. 😛

This is good news about bandcamp. So if artists are just aggressive in marketing their music, they can really earn without having to get into a label.

Yeah, that’s the whole philosophy behind bandcamp the big thing about it though, is you have to treat it like you’re releasing it through a small indie label no one has eve heard of.

It is like building your store and managing your goods and there is also this thing about newsletter.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is expecting bandcamp to sell albums for them.

It is really not good to expect too much unless you have a manager. My dream is to get rich so I can manage artists lol. And I will let them do what they want haha…or make a label where I will pay people to advertise my artists aggressively and pay radio stations to play the music have the music get into the movies and tv shows. I realize it is all about the money machine… those who got big were backed by rich guys. It is all about brainwashing the consumer that the music is amazing and those who do the brainwashing have connections and money because all types of music are relevant but who gets heard is a question of support and advertisement. What do you think?

I agree entirely, look at the popular music today, NOBODY thinks its good music, but they buy it because of their children, children are more susceptible to marketing techniques, they haven’t learned to think for themselves in many ways, so the record labels pump money into the Justin Biebers and Taylor  Swifts of entertainment.

Right! need to brainwash the children and that means getting a spot in the popular media. We need to let children realize that dancing and singing baby baby ohhh is crap and uncool then they will stop.


Music samples from Layne:

Layne Greene performing his song Break
w/ Alex MacNeil

Old Block Productions –
Andy Cunningham – Director/editor/Second Camera/Lighting
Adam Johnson – First Camera/Sound Recorder/Sound Editor
Brad Sutton – Lighting


Featured Artist: Gary Dewhurst

The smooth sounds of this UK based musician turn my head! I said man, that is one pleasant music there. I was having a bad mood but when I heard this all that has changed. Check out the brief bio below.



Having toured extensively from the early 80’s both as a solo artist and as part of numerous bands playing both electric and acoustic guitar, while having the privilege to play some of the largest venues across Europe, Gary gradually wound down the live work in favour of what seemed like a more settled life with more time spent writing, recording and producing, however there is nothing like being out connecting with an audience and enjoying the journey through music together.

After much thought and consideration he returned to his first love armed with a handful of songs and an acoustic guitar. Gary is currently building a new network of gigs and loving the sense of starting out again with a new purpose and joy for both my music and the music of others he gets to share in along the way.

Plans are afoot for a new album featuring songs that Gary is currently playing live. .

Gary loves the chance to work everywhere from the most intimate setting without even a PA, up to the buzz of a large festival where musicians get a chance to spark off each other in a special way.

He lives in Carlisle close to the English / Scottish border which provides a diverse range of influences in his music.

Gary is also a photographer, specialising in landscape work. His work has been published on many occasions. He will soon to be offering prints of his photographs and will happily undertake commissions


Featured video: Let Nature Heal Your Heart by Alice Braga

Alice is from New York. I confess I was really worried when Sandy hit. I am glad she is ok. This is one of the videos she made last October 12. Enjoy! Register for Clear the Clutter, Heal Your Heart e-course at: