Listen to “Findie Music” with the Glasshouse Boys

Glasshouse Boys

They create songs with changing moods like the dynamic sunlight on Irish landscape. They are based in Dublin. They call their music: “Findie” (Folk-Indie). Major influences include Bob Dylan, Pixies, Neil Young, Pokey Lafarge and Jack White. Brendan Carvill is the guitarist and lead vocalist. His sunny voice calls to mind 60s and 70s singer/songwriters. I guess Neil Young is a good reference. But his Irishness always comes through and that makes his style really unique. Conor Black plays the guitar and mandolin. Listen to their song “Her” and you will hear a great amount of mandolin glory there. It is also present in “Songbird.” Bala Blake keeps the tunes solid and ‘large’ with his bass. And last but not the least, Nimai Blake keeps the tempo alive with his skins.

I feel they are destined for bigger things. You can really spot that in their originality and the attitude of their music. If you like Bluegrass and Irish folk then this will appeal to you. If you just love music for its sake then you better listen to this one because this is the way songs should be made.

Thanks to singer/songwriter  Rachael McCormack for sharing this band via soundcloud.

Shamona: Making Sweet Noise within Liverpool’s Thriving Music Scene

Pete Riley jnr. – Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar
Andy O’Connor – Backing Vocals and Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Sean Burns – Drums and Percussion
Pete Riley snr – Slide Guitar and Backing vocals on tracks 1 and 2.
Henry Priestman – Hammond organ on track 2.

All tracks written and performed by Shamona

Love them or leave them seems to be the primary theme revolving around the lyrics of this British band led by the charismatic Pete Riley and backed by the wonderful Andy O’Connor on lead guitar and  Sean Burns on drums. Shamona makes a kind of music that’s fun, feel-good and embellished with wonderful melodies. I am definitely keeping an eye on these young talents and where their artistry will lead them one day.

The EP is called Heed the Call composed of four songs which glorify the verse chorus verse song structure. I noted the band’s influences upon first listen and which they also boasted on the fb fan page: The Beatles, Cream, The Who, Bob Dylan, Edwin McCain, Coldplay, America and  Queen. Good ones, as I also love these artist/bands and they have been influential in my journey to rock & roll.

My favorite track? I know a lot of listeners would choose Heed the Call since it is the carrier single. But my personal choice is Foreign Affair due to the solid vocal harmonies and amazing guitar solo. I also love the drumming style that calls to mind elegant pop rock songs written in the 70s. Ah such nostalgia evoked by this terrific track.

I also love the fourth track Circus Clown again for the same reasons noted in Heed the Call. There is nothing to dislike about Heed the Call EP. I think it is a safe move for the band to test waters by recording an EP with four tracks. It makes listeners realize that a demand for a full-length album is the next logical step!

This is one of our new songs, “Heed the Call” from our latest upcoming EP. A big thanks to Ryan Madden for making this video. Also, we want to thank Mark Reader and Pete Riley Snr for doing an amazing job of mixing and mastering the EP. Make sure you keep up to date on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for event date’s.

 Shamona and The Spaceship