Sphere Music Podcast #7


Yes again another podcast bringing you the coolest music on the Internet!

Von Shakes-Bali II
Roisin O-Hold On
Heyward Howkins-Nogales
Cocteau Twins-Violaine
Alex Pardini-Trouble In Paradise
Layne Greene-Untitled
Steve Moakler-Run
Drowning Dreams-Leave it all behind
Stephanie Dosen-way out
Sorrow Church– The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Peter Chains-Darkside of the Mind
Don BeeKeeper-Shake the Tambourine
Joel Sarakula-Bohemian
Gavern-The Otherworld Fragments
Peter Chains-Carrion Crows


Our Tea Talk Edition.

Also in this edition: Gary Dewhurst and Alice Braga.

Spending time with  singer/songwriter Layne Greene for another Tea Talk episode.

Layne Greene

This is a topic that guitar aficionados should read. What I am writing about will challenge those who claim to love electric guitar music. Yeah this is the sh*t man! So yeah you love your guitar and you play well BUT…do you have the effects that will make your musician friends drool? Are you really an elitist as you claim to be? I am joined by my pal Layne Green for this conversation. Layne and I used to have a regular Tea Talk episode in this site but our schedules got in the way. But it is nice to hang out once in a while to exchange ideas about music.

Pedals, pedals, pedals!            

Layne Greene: the music store finally has the pedal I want in stock 😀 yay!!!!!

Link: http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/18029/Guitars/Guitar_Effects/T_C_Electronic/T_C_Flashback_X4_Delay_Looper_Pedal.htm

Sphere Music: Is it good?

I hope sooo have to try it first if not, they have another one I’m interested in, but its more expensive.

Oh ok yeah it is great to have options but that one looks really nice

Pedals are expensive :S boooo it should do what I need it toooo http://www.strymon.net/timeline/ I want one of those but they cost waaaaaaaaaay to much.

That one is a beautiful monster.

It does more than I’d probably use if I play until the day I die but it costs like $500

That’s like a good laptop!

I think I’d have a hard time spending as much on one pedal as I’d spend on a guitar :S

Because for you they are the same? Oh you mean pedals and guitars- it is hard to choose.

I mean, I could get a realllly nice second hand guitar for less than that one pedal and I definitely think that a decent guitar is more important than a decent pedal or an amp I could get a realllly nice amp for $500. Pedals are expensive, but most of them are reasonably priced for a bit of saving. Like the flashbackx4, it’s expensive, $310 or so after taxes, but it’s reasonable if you save birthday money… Christmas presents, live a little cheap for a few weeks, perfectly reasonable but saving for a strymon would be ridiculous o.O

A lot of Christian bands use strymon. “praise and worship” groups. They use a lot of strymon and JHS pedals. And a lot of the standard pedals but I’ve noticed a lot of those 2 brands on their boards . A lot of the guys with the money to buy those kinds of pedals are buying nice pedals to cover up crappy playing . I think the whole strymon thing just bugs me I mean, I would love to have the timeline, but most people who have them don’t even use most of the features, and there’s so many gimmick features that are completely useless musically.


It just means that it can be a waste not to take advantage of the features you paid for..I think that is what you are trying to say.

I dunno, it goes even deeper than that, I mean, I think it just bothers me that people who can’t play think that by buying fancy pedals no one will notice that they suck anymore :S its elitist of me, but oh well lolol

Right it does make sense you can’t hide playing regardless of the effects bad playing will always be bad playing.

Bandcamp vs Soundcloud:

Sphere Music:Which is more effective in the ‘selling thing’ bandcamp or soundcloud?

Layne Greene: definitely bandcamp by far. You even get an option to let people pay more if they want to.

 I noticed that...so in your experience bandcamp is the most reliable site to sell recordings? Not soundcloud despite it’s ‘buy this recording option”?

Soundcloud is better as a sort of musical journal it’s got lots of musicians, who want other people to listen to their songs. Very few people like Don  Beekeeper who are legitimately interested in the community.

Yeah I noticed he is VERY active there.

If soundcloud was a country, Beekeeper would be the president. 😛

This is good news about bandcamp. So if artists are just aggressive in marketing their music, they can really earn without having to get into a label.

Yeah, that’s the whole philosophy behind bandcamp the big thing about it though, is you have to treat it like you’re releasing it through a small indie label no one has eve heard of.

It is like building your store and managing your goods and there is also this thing about newsletter.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is expecting bandcamp to sell albums for them.

It is really not good to expect too much unless you have a manager. My dream is to get rich so I can manage artists lol. And I will let them do what they want haha…or make a label where I will pay people to advertise my artists aggressively and pay radio stations to play the music have the music get into the movies and tv shows. I realize it is all about the money machine… those who got big were backed by rich guys. It is all about brainwashing the consumer that the music is amazing and those who do the brainwashing have connections and money because all types of music are relevant but who gets heard is a question of support and advertisement. What do you think?

I agree entirely, look at the popular music today, NOBODY thinks its good music, but they buy it because of their children, children are more susceptible to marketing techniques, they haven’t learned to think for themselves in many ways, so the record labels pump money into the Justin Biebers and Taylor  Swifts of entertainment.

Right! need to brainwash the children and that means getting a spot in the popular media. We need to let children realize that dancing and singing baby baby ohhh is crap and uncool then they will stop.


Music samples from Layne:

Layne Greene performing his song Break
w/ Alex MacNeil


Old Block Productions – http://www.oldblock.ca
Andy Cunningham – Director/editor/Second Camera/Lighting
Adam Johnson – First Camera/Sound Recorder/Sound Editor
Brad Sutton – Lighting


Featured Artist: Gary Dewhurst

The smooth sounds of this UK based musician turn my head! I said man, that is one pleasant music there. I was having a bad mood but when I heard this all that has changed. Check out the brief bio below.

More: http://www.myspace.com/garydewhurst



Having toured extensively from the early 80’s both as a solo artist and as part of numerous bands playing both electric and acoustic guitar, while having the privilege to play some of the largest venues across Europe, Gary gradually wound down the live work in favour of what seemed like a more settled life with more time spent writing, recording and producing, however there is nothing like being out connecting with an audience and enjoying the journey through music together.

After much thought and consideration he returned to his first love armed with a handful of songs and an acoustic guitar. Gary is currently building a new network of gigs and loving the sense of starting out again with a new purpose and joy for both my music and the music of others he gets to share in along the way.

Plans are afoot for a new album featuring songs that Gary is currently playing live. .

Gary loves the chance to work everywhere from the most intimate setting without even a PA, up to the buzz of a large festival where musicians get a chance to spark off each other in a special way.

He lives in Carlisle close to the English / Scottish border which provides a diverse range of influences in his music.

Gary is also a photographer, specialising in landscape work. His work has been published on many occasions. He will soon to be offering prints of his photographs and will happily undertake commissions


Featured video: Let Nature Heal Your Heart by Alice Braga

Alice is from New York. I confess I was really worried when Sandy hit. I am glad she is ok. This is one of the videos she made last October 12. Enjoy!

http://www.AliceBraga.com Register for Clear the Clutter, Heal Your Heart e-course at: http://arosyoutlook.ning.com/group/clear-the-clutter


Featured songs: Mary Arrived on Sunday (Don Beekeeper), Freezing Rain (Hurricane Bells cover by Layne Greene) and Dancing with tears in my eyes by Ultravox

Song artwork by Don Beekeeper

Mary Arrived on Sunday (Don Beekeeper)

Collaboration is an amazing thing between musician. It is a unifying force that creates alchemy and making even two opposites unite. This happens to friends and it makes you realize that no one is an island not only socially but also creatively. We all got through the process of meeting and creating something during that meeting, be it thoughts, lessons or works of art. This week, two Canadian musicians ‘sat together’ to create a song. Don Beekeeper wrote the song and Layne Greene added the guitar lines. It works! According to Don : “I wrote and recorded this with just acoustic guitar and sent it to Layne – he did the rest.” I know Layne likes to experiment with sound recording and yes, his pedals which he obsess about. Mary Arrive on Sunday is a poignant track that expresses moments we have captured as if in camera. Don uses his voice as an emotive instrument. Think of  Neil Young.


Ultravox Weekend

My two friends Loic and Paula were in Paris. They went to see the Ultravox concert. Ultravox is one of the bands that awakened me to the beauty of New Wave music as a kid. How can you not respond to Dancing with Tears in my Eyes? The video of a nuclear meltdown is also amazing!

Music video by Ultravox performing Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (2009 Digital Remaster).

Speaking of Paula, she has a new collab album with My.Cosmo . Futher details from Cosmo Simnovec:

New collaboration with Paula (UK) – Falling from the sky
EP with 4 versions (Electro, Ambient, Acoustic & Demo)
Release date: November 01, 2012

Check out the album art:


Freezing Rain (Hurricane Bells)

Layne Greene was responsible for my conversion to the music of Hurricane Bells. I love their sound and the production techniques they use in their recordings. One of them is the ample use of reverb. Layne provided his own reverb and slight echo in this cover version. This is the third of the series he is making until Christmas. I mentioned that I love the chord structure of this song so I asked what he used. He said:

C#6, C#maj, C#sus, C#maj

For his guitars:

“I’m using my ibanez EW acoustic for all the acoustic track, and my godin freeway classic for all the electric stuff.”

He also added:

The guitar was fun to record  one take, start to finish , nothing planned out except for the intro.The intro bit is the slide part he plays, but done without a slide, after that I just played it reallllly safe until the solo kicks in then I just threw everything I had at it without ruining it kinda let loose so to speak.

*The word collab is not really in the English language. Paula and I got the hang of it after talking about different musical projects she has with other musicians.

Raw and Powerful

Welcome to our acoustic and folk edition featuring Don Beekeeper, Layne Greene and Fleet Foxes

Don Beekeeper: I love being on Soundcloud

I have not met anyone who is as interactive in soundcloud as Canadian singer/songwriter Don Beekeeper. Everyone seems to be either on facebook or in my case IRC.  According to Don: I don’t write any one particular kind of song. I try to make things sound like I think they should sound, based on what they say. I tend to use the fastest and easiest way to play and record my stuff. I like to move on from one thing to the next. I’m actually more interested in writing something new than I am in thinking about what I’ve already done …

He loves collaborative work with other artists . One of the memorable tracks I heard was his spoken word set to music. His prose is intense. He reminds me of the beat poets of the 50s. His music is stripped down acoustic style with bits and pieces taken from Blues, folk and ballads. I am sure Don probably has other ideas as to how he defines his music. He strikes me as a very opinionated guy with a sense of humor. But I don’t really know the guy very well so I am just basing it on first impression.

His soundcloud page is flowering with comments. He noted : I love being on Soundcloud. I’ve never encountered a place with a greater concentration of talented and otherwise-hidden people. I’m writing this from my basement with headphones on. He does have a nice voice. His range is somewhere between Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. He also plays the harmonica. One of his youtube videos show him singing accompanied by an acoustic guitar and harmonica.


Layne Greene: Cliffs Along the Sea (Bryan John Appleby cover)

Cliffs Along the Sea is the second in series of the cover project that singer/songwriter Layne Greene is working on until Christmas. I like Bryan Appleby and I think he made a really nice cover of the song. I heard the original version and the vocals on that one gets pretty rough in the chorus section. Layne did a workaround. He was able to counteract that treacherous passage by doing an overdub, using the same melodic line an octave lower. This maintains a cohesive pull between higher and lower notes. He usually harmonizes , so hearing him sing  monophonic is really new. He doesn’t own a recording studio yet so his songs are recorded manually in a small room where a workaround to improve the sound is a constant task. I think this constant exposure made him a really clever guy to make do with so little yet create something clean, crisp and worth a listen.



Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues (Live on KCRW)

Our folk edition would not be complete without the music of the Fleet Foxes. Their use of emotional landscapes with an almost cinematic appeal make their music really interesting.

Video:New Glasgows Art at Night

New Glasgow’s Art At Night was a celebration of youth art as part of National Youth Arts Week. Over 40 youth artists came together to showcase their work in public throughout Downtown New Glasgow. The entire event was open to the public for free.

For more information on New Glasgow’s Art at Night go to www.artatnight.ca

Video & Editing – Brad Sutton
Music – Steve Haley

Nova Scotia has a thriving community of film makers, artists and musicians. Two of my friends appeared in this event: jazz guitarist Alexander MacNeil and folk musician Layne Greene.