Moments In Memory (Improved Version) By: Athuja

This band is cooking something delicious. But you have to be patient and make sure you coax lead vocalist Peter Chains into singing more and showcasing his amazing voice. They are from Windsor Canada. Band members are:

Vocals & Percussion: Peter Chains11150682_358959294304643_6986054734366471665_n

Guitars: Ron DeMarse

Bass & Keys: Ralph Billingsley

Drums & Persussion: Doug MacDonald

Moments in Memory is a sexy track that sounds like it came out of a posh cafe. I love it and I hope they can come up with a proper EP or album. Right now they are uploading and refining their demos(as you can see by the titles).

Cool Song-Better Place by Anders Biegel

Here is a a feel good song  from a singer/songwriter based in Denmark. I discovered him through Instagram and found out he has a song playing in Spotify. I like his voice. It’s strong, distinctive and clear. Regarding the tune, it’s filled with high keys and pulsing melodies that come in and out of the stanzas. They swirl and bumped against each other during the chorus-beautiful sounds.
“Take me to a better place,
Up to the light for a change.”
His songwriting is sincere and they reflect what he does in life. He is a runner with a website dedicated to fitness and well-being. I think this is brilliant as the music scene is already saturated with angst-ridden artist. I don’t classify him among the acoustic/coffee shop musicians as his sound has a richer grander style. His sound is suited to orchestras and arena-type rock music. But in place of guitars you have keyboards. He loves his acoustic guitar and brings it everywhere.
Facts and Figures from The Marwills.
Whenever I hear a tune from Canadian rock band The Marwills, I feel like I am transported into the great era of the 70s when there was punk and funk rock. I love the lead vocals as it reminds me of what’s been missing in mainstream rock these days. And oh, it’s not just mainstream rock but all music that you could possible download in iTunes or hear on the radio. I love a powerful male voice with a terrific range and not something engineered in the studio. It looks like The Marwills are paving the way for ‘real’ music to finally come through. But I guess we will have to wait for a few years until the mainstream can catch up!
Nouvelle Electro receive a nod from Andy Gillespie of Simple Minds
Hi, we’re delighted that Andy Gillespie, synths for Simple Minds, has listened to “Icon” today and gave the track positive feedback! -Nouvelle Electro.
This is a shout-out from Nouvelle Electro which are a dou of Paula  and Ian Henderson. They have just released a remixed of their single “Icon” which is a tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe. I think Paula has captured the sweet cooing vocals of the late thespian and, one of the delightful surprises of this song is the audio sample of Ms Monroe talking.

Chad Paquet and the nifty tunes. Sometimes it is great to take a break from life and examine the bigger picture. A few years ago, Canadian musician Chad Paquet was putting an album together. He had everything figured out only to change his game plan. Perhaps this applies to all of us. Nothing is what it seems. Things can happen. Sometimes you invest your time and effort on a wrong person. Sometimes the situation doesn’t work. All it takes is a blind leap of faith and believe that things will work out in the end. These tracks posted on his myspace page reflect the things be had attained as a human being and as an artist. His instrumentals are wrapped in jaw dropping complexities. Pretty Glenn and Sometime in Smarchie’s are original compositions I heard few years back before his accident, which horribly rendered him incapacitated for more than a year. He is more of a jazz guy but his love for rock tunes makes his music eclectic. He is trying to collaborate with local vocalists who will sing his tunes. 20140709-103738-38258579.jpg 20140709-103738-38258631.jpg 20140709-103738-38258508.jpg

Listen to Canadian singer/songwriter Michelle Szulc

Michelle Szulc

Michelle Szulc

Michelle Szulc ( I think you say her last name as “Schultz”) is a young singer/songwriter who will give the likes of Taylor Swift a run for their money one day. Her strong, clear voice is so distinctive it can glide through the loud screams of electric guitars. Her glory was not limited to the time when she sang the anthems at Canucks Coyotes game in the middle of last year. And yes, she ended the American and Canadian anthems with a wild round of applause from the audience. Her soundcloud proves that she is gathering materials which will probably be an EP or album one day. Check out her cover of Blown Away plus original tracks like Mr Perfect and Flyin’ High.

She proves through her covers that she is a versatile performer. But it is great to know that she can write and perform her own songs using her acoustic guitar. I’ve always believed that Canadian artists have something extra. Perhaps it is that unassuming nature they have compared to other artists. Or perhaps being up North has its advantages in terms of artistic influences and styles. Whatever these things are it looks like Michelle Szulc has them plus more…

Her singing reminds me of sunrise..fresh, bright and filled with possibilities.



Beautiful Nova Scotia Sounds Captured in Crocus Song by Thomas McCallum


Thomas McCallum: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Tim Davidson: Bass, Mandolin
Emily Fox: Violin
Karis Tees: Vocals
Nick Halley: Drums
Austen Hilchey: Slide Guitar
Lydia Mainville: Cello

This is the first time I heard of singer/songwriter Thomas McCallum. Let me say this, that you’ve got to give this guy a listen. He makes fantastic tunes. Thanks to my friend Layne Greene for always sending me links to the music of his friends. I feel rich haha! I love the title track Crocus Song. I haven’t been to Nova Scotia yet but I can imagine that this song really reflects the beauty of that place. I love the violin and cello on this one and on every track. His mandolin playing is exquisite.

It states on his liner notes that the songs have been written over a period of six years. I think that the long wait has paid off as it’s given us these artfully crafted tracks that reflect his handsome and vibrant spirit. Instruments are essential any album  I listen to(I always want to go beyond the usual guitar-bass-drum setup) and I hear slide guitar and harmonica together with these crystal clear acoustic instruments. His vocal harmonies embellish True Icon and other songs. I listened to this album after waking up and it’s a good way to set the mood. Another favorite track is Enoch(Moth Song) because of its tempo and melody. Everything sounds good in the Crocus Song EP. I recommend you give this fantastic fella a listen.

A launching for this record is happening on Friday, 21 February 2014. Please refer to this link:

Come on by BaKED in downtown New Glasgow to see Thomas McCallum, Layne Greene and  Karis Tees in a small, intimate setting. Come early to guarantee a seat!
There is no cost for this event, though there will be an open donation at the door to cover the costs of the venue.
CDs will be available!