It’s Bryaaaaaaaan!

One of those memorable sessions with Layne Greene (left) Alex Lank (center) and Bryan MacDonald(right)

One of those memorable sessions with Layne Greene (left) Alex Lank (center) and Bryan MacDonald(right)

Yes that’s the name of Bryan MacDonald in Soundcloud. This dude is kind of laid back and shy but he has a good sense of humour. His guitar playing is a must-hear for those looking for unique styles. He has already collaborated with many musicians and among them is appearing in the new album of Layne Greene called “Everywhere Around Here.” You can’t miss his style. It has that spacey characteristic along with the gentle use of reverb. It is hard to compare him to other  guitarists but I recommend you hear him out. His sound is really different. It will blow you away.

If you are a recording artist or a band living somewhere in Nova Scotia, try to look for him and bring him along. I am sure he is going to be a great asset to your recording needs. He is always ready, all geared up to play his guitar. His many experiences in performing in front of live audience (busking and actual gigs on stage) have stood the test of time(and weather).

I am looking forward to hear more from this amazing instrumentalist. I hope to catch him in a new album by another brilliant musician.

I recommend these Soundcloud artists

I am so passionate about Soundcloud. That is where I hear cool music all the time. That’s where musicians that I respect and admire post their tunes. That’s a place where I love to repost and tweet the uploads of these fantastic artists. So today it’s less talk and more Soundcloud links. These are the musicians that are hot on my list. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I did. And oh, it’s 5 am in the morning here.

Album Review: Empirico by Whodoes

Plus: J.P. Kallio, 10 Awful Things About British Festivals That Should Take A Hike and Pierre Masse

Seasons have a way of influencing how we listen to music. The gloomy months bring out that introspective spirit in all of us. I’ve always have this special interest in contemporary instrumental music. It is another genre which I did not ‘force’ myself to appreciate. It came naturally. With music it is both an emotional and mental experience for me. Emotional in a sense that there are tunes that can ‘transport’ me to another place. There are lyrics that make me bawl like a baby. And I am sure this is something I share with musicians. After all, who else knows the secret places inside a tune than the creator of it- the artist?

When Vasilis Chountas a.k.a. Whodoes told me that a new album is out, I got excited because I remember the beautiful experience I had with Dolphins in the Sky. Empirico has nine tracks with varying moods. Everything about it sounds sci fi and a progression of his minimalistic style which he cultivates with Dolphins in the Sky. Would you believe that his main instrument is just the electric guitar? Everything around it was build by the sounds created by that single instrument. Empirico is for fans of soundtrack, ambient, ethnic, experimental and post-rock music. There is also an unmistakable Greek element in the a0642189950_2melodies as Chountas is from Greece.

Emprico opens with pulsing sounds as if these are transmission from outer space. There is a sense of urgency underneath the calm rhythmic style. T harkens back to the early days of ambient music created by Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream.

One of my favorite tunes is Memories which is also the carrier single. It has that chill out beats and cinematic feel that could be one of those tunes you hear in a suspense/mystery TV series during the opening credits. I love its gradual style and abstract melodic style. Rain is falling hard outside while I am writing this review and I feel like I am swimming in the seas of pleasant music. All those pulsing, underwater life pulsing around me in the form of notes and beats.

There are other great tracks from this wonderful album including Street Romance, Room Alone and the drum-heavy That Night which reminds me of Portishead. Similar track Lost follows with industrial beats and melodies yearning for a resolution.

If you like Vangelis and other artists I mentioned in this review then you will pick up Empirico.


Today’s Featured Artist Blog: J.P. Kallio:

I love reading what artists have to say. That is why I often visit their blogs. If I don’t get to read anything from their website then I go ahead and ask them for an interview. My passion for knowing how an artistic mind works can be traced back to my childhood when I destroyed automatic watches trying to know how the cogs and wheels inside work. Don’t worry I won’t do the same thing to your heads physically 😉


Meanwhile in other music-related news:

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I got this link from NME.Do you agree? What do you think?

And lastly, a blast from the past:

14 Questions with Pierre Masse

Here is a memorable interview with the young and talented Pierre Masse Posted on September 9, 2010.

Have a great weekend friends!

Howling by Once A Tree


If there’s a song that puts chillout divas  to shame then this is it! Howling is beautiful and mesmerizing.

Artist: Once A Tree
Track: Howling
Release Date: May, 18, 2014
Genre: DreamTrap
Location: Toronto, Canada
Members: Hayden John Wolf + Jayli Wolf

Remember the duo who brought us the track Light Me Up early this year? Once A Tree are back with the new single called Howling. This still retains the style of the first single but only this time, intensified with the instrumentals. This time Jayli Wolf takes her singing to another level. She provides stronger vocals and dramatic delivery in every verse of Howling.

It has a modern beat that I love. It looks like Once A Tree are giving us fantastic tracks every time they put up an announcement. Hayden Wolf has a fantastic vision and I see these two creating genre defying tracks again and again. They really have a special sound. I love all things Canadian and this is one of them.

About the sound:
“Howling” is a dreamy trap-laced electronic infusion. Giving rise to the magnetizing lead vocals of Jayli Wolf who takes the hard-hitting instrumentals to another level.



Found: Sacha Talens

I got a confirmation from Ophelie that singer/songwriter Sacha Talens is alive. It seems that he’s taking a BIG break from the music industry. He had big hopes in releasing a series of recordings that should been a 3-album deal but poof! He dropped out of the radar just like that.

You might not believe it when I say that I can relate to his situation. I was close to doing it myself last year when tragedy struck home and I lost my mom. It still hard for me and I am living a double life. One that brings you amazing musical talents and the ‘other me’ who is in the dark and probably has no chance of seeing the light ever.

Wherever Sacha Talens is right now, may this post get to him. We all die inside in order to be born again-if we want to. Some simply don’t. I can’t blame the man for taking it hard. His music is his life…other than the fact the he is an amazing chef and a good fella.

So we will just have to respect his wish to be left alone. We all need that. Heaven knows we do!

Here is a link to the review I did about his album for Expats Post :