Matthew Perryman Jones’ album, ‘Land of The Living’‏

Matthew Perryman Jones is the master of dense atmosphere and grand arrangements. He goes for the intricate stuff ala Echo and the Bunnymen. His voice is a great addition to your household especially when you are stressed out at the end of the day but would not end up dozing off on the couch.

He makes ‘big’ songs with big themes. Listening to him is almost a religious experience. You should try it. Land of The Living is available as a free download for a week courtesy of Noisetrade. I have to thank Noisetrade for introducing me to great music. They always deliver and make sure the artists in their rooster get a lot of exposure.

Try to listen to Matthew Perryman Jones and be one of the converts. His songs are superb. I won’t Let You Down Again and Sleeping with a Stranger are favorites but it is really hard to choose. Now when you have an album that’s artfully crafted without loose ends!


There comes a time in every man’s life when he must question the principles of his culture, his community, and his ancestors. Some may ignore the questions, while others, particularly artists, wrestle with them until something new and lasting is formed from the struggle. Shortly written after the death of his father, Matthew Perryman Jones’ latest record, Land of the Living is a courageous personal Odyssey. His first full length album since 2008, Land of the Living was produced by Cason Cooley (Katie Herzig). The record could not have found a better birthplace than the elusive bohemian studio in Round Top, Texas, where it was recorded. The studio itself is made from a 1700’s Amish farmhouse, surrounded by vast land and skies and haunted by a woman the band came to call Sarah. The band tracked the songs live in under 8 days, the short time span forced them to “trust our gut and bring our very best to the table.”