Will Tun and the Wasters Bring Out Their Best Musical Ideas with The Anachronist’s Cookbook.

 Will, Josef, Deaglan, Jared, Dan, Ivo, Johnny and MC Amalgam of Will Tun and the Wasters Bring Out Their Best Musical Ideas with The Anachronist’s Cookbook.

I am honoured to get a preview of this fantastic new album by Will Tun and the Wasters. It’s called The Anachronist’s Cookbook. And it has all the wonderful flavours of fusion music. This is for ska lovers with nods to Celtic, urban and punk music. If the goal of the Wasters is to make life a party, then they have succeed in this new album.11261415_10153146270106045_5083489851014269271_n

Wow six years as a band. That’s amazing considering that they always record fantastic tunes and I think you would agree with me(as a fellow fan) that we always expect any release from a band that we follow fervently!

So what can you expect from The Anachronist’s Cookbook? It has twelve electrifying songs. They are fast and good to dance to, but also artfully crafted. The production is superb. It’s clean, lush and the emphasis is on the rhythm. You can expect instrumental greats with the Wasters. For example, Move Your Mind has a Gypsy-inspired intro. And I think having a French rapper in the team balances the creative influences. MC Amalgam adds an Urban feel to the mix.

The Other Side is the current single off Cookbook. It’s vocally and instrumentally powerful. It sounds like a great party. It also features Feminist Punk-poet Jenn Hart. Hey it’s got a cool music video too. Why don’t you check it out. It features a cut-out animation that comes to life.

This new album celebrates the power of music that celebrate diversity. I will take this blurb from their press release:

The album represents their journey of personal and political discovery through alternative communities and underground culture, bringing together styles from Klezmer to Ska, Folk to Hip-Hop, Punk to World Music. When combined, The Anachronist’s Cookbook represents arguably the most eclectic representations of underground music existing today.

You better the album upon its release later this week!

Here’s the rest of the press release:



Having spent the last 5 years touring Festivals, squats and far-flung venues, Will Tun and the Wasters are finally ready to unleash their debut album to the world on September 25th.

The album represents their journey of personal and political discovery through alternative communities and underground culture, bringing together styles from Klezmer to Ska, Folk to Hip-Hop, Punk to World Music. When combined, The Anachronist’s Cookbook represents arguably the most eclectic representations of underground music existing today.

The Anachronist’s Cookbook will be released on CD and digital via underground legends Riot Ska Records in the UK and the world-renowned Plan-It-X Records in the US, both labels perfectly encompassing the DIY ethic the band have held since they began.

From humble roots the band have toured Europe, supported protests and occupations, received regular airplay on BBC Radio 1, had songs remixed by electro legends including Slamboree and amassed a dedicated online fan base, including over 40,000 YouTube hits.

The record also continues their long term collaboration with conscious French rapper MC Amalgam, as well as featuring a guest spot with Feminist Punk-poet Jenn Hart.

On Friday 18th September the band will be revealing a video to definitive track “The Other Side” created by award-winning BBC screened animator Tim Wheatley.

Will Tun & the Wasters are a renowned live band, as they bring their genre-defying sound and infectious energy to the stage. The band will be playing the following album release shows:

September 25th – RISC, Reading

September 26th – The Golden Lion, Bristol.

October 4th– Left Bank, Bristol (Emily Draws Club night)

October 9th – Hootenanny’s, Brixton. (ASBO Disco Club night)

October 30, The Exchange, Bristol.

The band is available for interviews upon request.

The Baxteria #9 Podcast is up!

Joel Sarakula

Picture taken from promo pics gallery

Just because this is an identical topic to my other blog doesn’t mean I have nothing new to say 🙂 Just to let you know, The Baxteria is now available for your listening pleasure. I decided not to cut the show into bits and just put them in one podcast. For those who are not into Celtic music, you can just skip to my 5pm show which is about other types of music. For those who just want to experience how eclectic my musical taste is, then listen to the full three hours of my show.

It’s been fun doing this and I really look forward to more shows and more bands to showcase. You would be delicted to know that My interview with Joel Sarakula is included in this show. I know the audio isn’t that good due to connection issues but he will be back and next time it will be a clearer interview. He performed two tracks. That is why I really like this artist. He is a powerhouse of talent and he always delivers the goods!

Autodj featuring Loreena McKennitt (3pm German time)

Stolen child/ Snow/ Ancient Pines/All Souls NightThe Old Ways/ Full Circle/The Mummer’s Dance/Penelope’s Song/ The Wind That Shakes The Barley visit: http://www.quinlanroad.com/

The Celtic Music Hour (4 pm German time)

Barrule– Mycharaine’s March
Rachel Hair Trio– Tsunami Jack/Cancro Cru
John Breen– The Galtee Mountain Boy
Enda Seery-Sta Cruz
Rant Maggie Rant-Belle Katrine
McDermott’s 2 Hours-All In Your Name
Athru– The Last Pint
Samuel Smith-The Last Prayer
Jamie Smith’s MABON-Caru Pum Merch
Clannad– Vellum
Capercaillie-At the Heart of it All
Connie Dover-Ubi Caritas
Indie Variety (5pm German time)
Von Shakes-Robimson Crusoe
Roisin O-Find the Light
Joel Sarakula– Matchstick Girl
Interview with Joel Sarakula
Under the Wire– Bloom
Layne Greene-Iron Town
Korein Daniel Csernei– Lonely Autumn
Placido Domingo-Love Came for Me(From the movie Splash 1985)

A Week of Great Music

Cool December winds are blowing and I am warmed by the beautiful music flowing all over. So what do we have for this week? A lot actually. There is a jumble of ideas and sounds but I will just pick a few to make it coherent. I just had a terrific time listening to Danny Coleman’s Rock on Radio with the gang tuning in. We had a great time chatting. I will post a picture here to give you an example -even my typos which I am NOT ashamed of hahahaha.


So let’s start the ball rolling.



Benny Pedersen a.k.a. B3nny

Always so pleased to be updated with the works of Benny Pedersen who recorded this performance as a front act for Mike Sheridan. Benny is in the process of further improving the musical project he is doing.


Dave Martin

Scottish musician Dave Martin created this amazing dance track. He also plays the bodhran, drums and other instruments for The Big Fat Eclectic Ceilidh. Now Dave stands alone on this one showing his prowess for great melodies and big beats.


Tiger Darrow

Been following the music career of New York based actress/singer/songwriter Tiger Darrow. Normally she plays the cello and piano but this one she stands all by herself with her Aimee Mann inspired vocals.


Sacha Talens

Canadian artist Sacha Talens is going to release his debut LP this January. He is busy recording additional tracks for a possible b-sides and also doing production work and mixing for other artists. This one is a song about sex and feet-only when taken literally 😉

And this video merits an attention:


MC Amalgam

French rapper based in Reading England has released an EP called RED IS NOT DEAD. What to expect? Awesome beats, eccentric instrumental arrangement and French vocals. Don’t worry if you don’t understand French. His performance is hypnotic that will get you into the mood. He also contributes his talent to Celtic Punk/Ska band Will Tun and the Wasters which is a regular in my Celtic music blog. MC is emerging as an artist giving something new to the hip hop scene!

World Music and Will Smith

Artist: Abou Diarra

I have just started exploring this fascinating instrument that originated from West Africa. How to describe it in sound and structure? Think of it as a hybrid between a Celtic harp or Clarseach, and the banjo. The sound is however closer to the Irish bouzouki. I love it. There is something spiritual and rhythmic about this instrument. The one on the video is known as Kamale Ngoni or young man’s harp invented around the 60’s

Kamale Ngoni

The kamale ngoni or “young man’s harp” was invented by the musician, Alata Brulaye in the 1960s. It is smaller, tuned a fourth higher than the traditional ngoni, often made of calabash rather than wood, and has eight, ten or twelve strings. It became popular in the Wassoulou region and contributed to the rise of Wassoulou music in the 1980s and 90s.-Wikipedia


Will Smith shares his secrets of success

Thanks to my friend Paula for this wonderful link. I was able to watch and be moved by the speech of this wonderful actor who gave us great movies.

More here: http://accelerateme.net/how-will-smith-created-his-ideal-life/ – Will Smith shares his success philosophy. For more on this, click the link above.


Today’s Quote

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