New Album: “Moments of Silence” for the Gaza fundraiser compilation.


The electronic music community has once again shown solidarity by getting together and record their own tracks for this compilation album. It is called “Moments of Silence” for the Gaza fundraiser compilation. I know that this is going to be a great album in a sense that the theme is all about that longing for peace and also the love for humanity. I think the merits of this album go two ways:

1. To show awareness about the ongoing situation on Gaza. How millions of lives are torn apart; and children who have nothing to do with war that is created by adults, have to suffer.

2. Fundraising is another purpose of this compilation. All proceeds to UNRWA. Even if you are not an electronic music fan, supporting this album also means that you contributed to our desire for peace.

Here is the facebook page for those who want to be updated about this recording. Simply lke or follow the page then watch out for announcements.

There are 34 tracks in this compilation. The tunes are calming, spiritual and beautiful. This album will appeal to lovers of New Age and Contemporary Instrumental Music.In this age of distraction and information overload, I think this album stands out as a great companion to your meditation and soul-searching. All the 34 bands/artists have their own style. Some go for more electronic approach while there are others who incorporate acoustic instruments. The styles vary from Jazz to World Music. I have my own favorites. One of them is Feeling Free by Paula!

So what’s the story behind Moments of Silence? According to Brad Zacharias:

“This past summer, I was overwhelmed by the news about the fact that Israel was sending bombs to Gaza and killing so many children. Having a small 3 year old little girl it broke my heart knowing how helpless the families were under such horrible conditions. I felt helpless as I know that we should all protect our children – no matter what. I was shocked and saddened. So I composed a song to help release my feelings. And knowing other like-minded musicians out there were feeling the same emotions I was, I decided that raising money through a compilation to help benefit these kids and families would bring me as close as possible to extending my hand among others in helping benefit these children and their families.”

Listen to the tracks below:

Here’s the description taken from the bandcamp page :

Moments of Silence is a diverse community of ambient music artists from around the globe whose mission is to raise funds for children affected by war.

The atrocities of Israel bombing the Gaza Stip in recent days has shocked everyone on a global scale. The death-toll is rising and many souls, including children, are falling.

“Moments of Silence” is a charity compilation organized by Brad Zacharias (Carbon Sigma) where talented ambient artists throughout the world have submitted a track to help relieve the tension of innocents affected by this Israeli strife in Gaza, though the UNRWA.


For more information about the UNRWA, please visit

Families devastated by heavy shelling and violence in Gaza are in urgent need of safe drinking water and food. And as always, children are suffering most. Our aim is to help raise support for the rebuilding of schools and provide clean drinking water. With your support, every little counts. #SaveGaza #ChildrenOfGaza #UNRWA


released 23 September 2014

Moments of Silence Compilation – 2014

Produced and Directed by Brad Zacharias
Mastering by Andrew Klimek

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Walk Laugh Live Die by Alex Pardini

Alex Pardini

Alex Pardini gives us slices of life though Walk Laugh Live Die

My idea of  good music is something that  becomes part of your life. I think songs become part of our existence because we listen or use them to convey different things. We play songs to tell someone what we feel inside, especially when we can’t say it. Songs are time machines that take us back to that  time when we felt safe and loved. It could also be for dancing or relaxation. We also use songs  to channel whatever negative emotions we have inside. With their different uses in our lives, musicians are magicians casting spells to transform our reality into something bearable if not totally beautiful.

Walk Laugh Live Die by Alex Pardini is like a musical essay about what life is all about and what it should be. This isn’t just your typical funky lounge music. This is an album of songs that challenges listeners to either agree or contemplate. What I admire about Walk Laugh Live Die is this sense of cohesiveness that embraces the ten tracks. He is a great mix master and producer. The overall tempo seems to melt into each track and yet the individuality is preserved in terms of styles across songs.

The vibe is for slow dancing. It’s easy but not slow, elegant but has rugged edges courtesy of the funky guitar embellishments.  It’s an album of urban landscapes. That moment when you are done with work and you hangout with your crew and party the night away. My favorite tracks are Unknown Girl and Make Me Feel This Way. The former reminds me of Suzanne Vega’s Caramel (from Nine Objects of Desire) due to the classic synth sounds. Make Me Feel This Way gives me the feeling like I’m  floating at dusk.

Walk Laugh Live Die is a stylish album with a stylish music video. This is expected from an artist with photography as his other passion. This is an album that will linger in my playlist for a long time. Official release date is September 30.

Track listing:

Live to Live

Trouble in Paradise

The Storm

Beautiful Liar

No One is Like Everyone Else

Make Me Feel This Way

Unknown Girl

Sad Little King


You can buy the single from iTunes:

As for his complete catalog:

Album notes:

 Promo Text

Alex Pardini’s album “Walk, Laugh, Live, Die“ starts where “Made of Diversity“ ended a little over two years ago (2011). Though, it creates a world of it’s own by fortifying old paths and discovering new ones.

„Walk, Laugh, Live, Die“ is a colorful musical journey that will make you travel way further than from a to b.

Hop on!

About Alex Pardini

Alex’ musical world is a living and breathing playground of magic and surprises. His wide musical output is astonishing, but more importantly, a personal necessity.  A philosophical approach to music – a metaphor for his life.

Alex is constantly perfecting his art, experimenting and expanding his musical diversity, in order to find that all-embracing and unifying golden middle.
His photography takes his music one step further and extends his creative work into the visual realm.

A true one man operation flourishing in his cozy apartment studio. From the first shy sparkle of inspiration to the mastered song – always accompanied by his visual art.