Summer sound- Lunavela

Ex- Colapsing Cities artist Steve Mathieson has a new project out called Lunavela. The new track is called Burn for You. And guess what? It’s a perfect summer track. The vocals are easy and the melodies glide like the smoothest Margarita you’ve ever tasted!

Burn for You has an 80s New Wave vibe. I love the chilled electro pop combination and I am sure you will too. Collapsing Cities were the same band that gave us Regrets. I think Lunavela has a distinct sound so different from its predecessor and that is good news! Check out the single below via Soundcloud:

Feeling Free (JCRZ Chill Out House Mix) – Paula

There is something otherwordly in how English  musician/vocalist Paula delivers her songs. Feeling Free is a song she wrote for sometime. The original has a New Age feel, which reminds me of  most of the tracks from Moya Brennan’s Two Horizons album. But Paula is a pure soprano and I think she exploited her vocal range in this track as she layered them in a wispy manner, allowing the harmonies to weave their own tales.

JCRZ adds the beats making this tune accessible to pop and dance listeners. I wish Paula makes more of this type of songs because Feeling Free is really addictive and I end up repeating the track in my iphone (connected to my bluetooth speaker playing in the other end of the living room).

The song has a mystical theme. I like how it defines the internal sense of fulfillment by casting all worries and things that hurt us. Going inside yourself and taking time off  to connect with your spiritual half can be a liberating experience.

Howling by Once A Tree


If there’s a song that puts chillout divas  to shame then this is it! Howling is beautiful and mesmerizing.

Artist: Once A Tree
Track: Howling
Release Date: May, 18, 2014
Genre: DreamTrap
Location: Toronto, Canada
Members: Hayden John Wolf + Jayli Wolf

Remember the duo who brought us the track Light Me Up early this year? Once A Tree are back with the new single called Howling. This still retains the style of the first single but only this time, intensified with the instrumentals. This time Jayli Wolf takes her singing to another level. She provides stronger vocals and dramatic delivery in every verse of Howling.

It has a modern beat that I love. It looks like Once A Tree are giving us fantastic tracks every time they put up an announcement. Hayden Wolf has a fantastic vision and I see these two creating genre defying tracks again and again. They really have a special sound. I love all things Canadian and this is one of them.

About the sound:
“Howling” is a dreamy trap-laced electronic infusion. Giving rise to the magnetizing lead vocals of Jayli Wolf who takes the hard-hitting instrumentals to another level.



Sounds of Desolation by Panophonic

Collection of chill instrumental electro indiepop/indierock songs by Philly indie rocker Tom Lugo. 

I am a fan of Tom Lugo. This guy has several projects. He also owns Patetico Recordings that caters to indie bands. He has many styles so it is hard to point out a definitive one unless you are talking of specifics relating to a band  he is part of. But most of his guitar styles can be associated with the dreamy, dream pop sound of  The Sundays, Cocteau Twins and The Smiths. He also does martial arts so never mess with this guy when he is playing music or he will kick your arse. But hey, Tom is the nicest guy I know. It is hard not to get enthusiastic about the things he does.

Sounds of Desolation is a collection of instrumental songs with the word ‘chill’ written all over them. I am listening to this album at 5.a.m. Not a bad thing to wake up to even when you are caffeine-deprived. I have many favorites. Abiotic Factor tops my list with its beat and guitar style. I think I don’t mind that the majority of mainstream music is crap these days. Because there will always be bands like Panophonic to save the day. And mainstream music is NOT the only option you have.

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