James Bullard- One Man Show

James Bullard has a new beautiful song called One Man Show

Occasionally, a singer/songwriter arrives in the indie scene which makes you wish you can sing and write songs like that. One Man Show is his latest upload via soundcloud. It’s a dreamy upbeat ballad which modern Beat poets will really embrace. I love the way he makes complex songs sound really simple. He has a knack for catchy melodies that never leave you. As of this moment, I have played the same song twice and I am planning to play it again and again until I finish writing this post.iphone360_232807

He first broke into prominence as an actor in Ken Park. Instead of pursuing an acting career like his contemporaries, he decided to pack his guitar and pursued a musical career playing across cities and states. Now,he has earned loyal fans who will never trade him for anyone else because his artistry has captured the hearts and minds of thousands… eclipsing his former image as an actor.

Peter Chains and Athuja
In all my blog posts Peter Chains doesn’t need an introduction. He is a guy whose voice I praised in its emotional depth and beauty. Is it possible for a man to have a beautiful voice and be known for it? Yes. I would cite singers like the late Jim Morrison and Brendan Perry of Dead Can as the closest example. It is great to see him trying his voice on different styles. He is primarily a singer/songwriter but being with Athuja has proven that he can also do Jazz.

For now the band is creating new materials and jamming as they get ready for some serious live performance. I envision an album or EP next year. So far they have uploaded three tracks via their Facebook band page. Please remember that these are not studio quality recordings but they will give you an idea about the direction that the band is moving to.

If you like prog rock and jazz then I am sure you will follow Athuja. If not then I’d recommend you just follow them because it is not too late to reinvent your musical tastes!


Alex Pardini-Beautiful

Beautiful is a new single from European pop artist Alex Pardini. I love sophisticated house and chill-out music. That is why I am always enthusiastic with his every release because I am aware with the amount of effort that he puts in his craft. He is also a good acoustic and electric guitar player and you can hear his rifts now and then.

This is simply beautiful!


I am not saying I am totally partial to electronic music because I love many types of music. But unlike many people who grew up with The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, the first band album I bought was The Human League greatest hits. Of course U2 followed and the rest is history. But what I am trying to say is that my explosive musical awakening was sparked by electronic music. So that means a lot to me. Whenever I hear music such as this one called Project U A bit of fun.  by Altocirrus  then I get that warm feeling inside. It’s like walking into a familiar territory .

This is a sweet track. The beats are not that heavy. There is a sense of space between sounds. It gives you that floating sensation. It works well with my cup of coffee. So I give you Altocirrus   and hoping your day is as awesome as mine.


About the project:

Altocirrus is the inspirational name given to music produced by Sean and Clare McCarthy.
The songs evolve as a reflection of everyday experiences. Considering that we live in the North West of Ireland we experience a lot of different “weather” which you will hear influences many of our tracks.
After their music was played on Harbour FM (102.3 FM) in the UK on Terry Hawke’s show “Hawke Chillout Sessions” to a very positive response and also on One World Radio’s show in the UK “Man of Two Worlds” hosted by Neil Fellowes Geigertek, Altocirrus decided to take it further with a view to releasing an EP and album.
Sean developed an interest in electronic music through listening to music by The Art of Noise, Ashra, Klaus Schulze, The Alan Parsons Project and Afrocelt Sound System. Other musicians such as Pat Metheny and John Martyn are also big influences.
Sean works as a gold/platinumsmith and finds listening to and producing music stimulates his creativity.
Clare is classically trained to play both piano and violin. Her influences are Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Crowded House, Merril Bainbridge and Seal. Clare works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.
Altocirrus is attempting to build a distinctive sound to reflect their mood and experiences through music.

Dennis McCalmont certainly has it.

Dennis McCalmont


Dennis McCalmont has the kind of music you want to keep around in case you need some feel good atmosphere. His music has the combination of chill out, folk and heartfelt ballads. It is something that goes down easily. He is very professional and the recordings are carefully crafted.  His vocals are smooth and a fine instrument on its own. He is one of the contemporary artists who give Ireland its own brand of chillout pop with folk flavour.

I can listen to his songs any time of the day. Especially when I am stressed and I just need something that isn’t intrusive but at the same time a better mood enhancer. So yes check out Dennis McCalmont. And if you listening to his music, buy his tracks too. It will help him create more albums in the future. I mean think about it. Why donate funds to artists via kickstarter etc just because the media tells you these artists are cool right? A beautiful music should stand on its own even without the media hype. Dennis McCalmont certainly has something beautiful in his songwriting.Please support him.

‘Take A Breath’ a Track from the New Album ‘Nature Of Life’
Available to Download



Zen Beats

Here’s an interesting album from musician/graphic artist mooname. Listening to this at 6 am with a flu made me feel better. The gradual shift of melody and the energetic drum n bass make this the best chillin music I have heard in ages. I better get to know this person more because there is something about his mytery that makes you want to know more.


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