Rock Back For Ecuador:66 Independent Artists Come Together for a Cause.

If you are a listener hungry for new tunes then I think you better check this out. 66 independent artists recorded and contributed songs to help Ecuador after a catastrophic earthquake that took many victims.

Art is all about humanity. When I was in college we had a subject devoted to Humanities and it covered paintings, music and sculpture among many things. The subject taught me a lot about the beauty of the human soul and how artists in general are easy to react when catastrophe strikes. We are not invincible. You and I could be obliterated from this world when catastrophe strikes. That is why the musicians contributed their best works hoping you will buy the album to aid the victims of the catastrophe.

It took me days to absorb everything in the album because it has different genres and styles that will really appeal to many people. These songs are well-crafted and I think you will not regret getting the album ! Musical surprises await you.

Here’s the press release for the compilation:

Rock Back For Ecuador
Patetico Recordings
05 July 2015
Global Indie Artists Come Together for Ecuador Disaster Relief Series
Rock Back for Ecuador is a compilation released by U.S. indie label Patetico Recordings. The label has partnered with 66 independent artists and several small indie labels around the globe to make this happen. They have all come together in order to raise funds for victims of the recent catastrophic earthquakes in Ecuador. All money raised will go directly to the relief efforts. The compilation is available exclusively through bandcamp at
The concept of the Rock Back compilation series was born in 2011 when disaster hit Japan and Tom Lugo, owner of Patetico Recordings, acted on his empathy for charitable causes and non-profit organizations by reaching out to the community of artists in his network. They collectively put together a compilation and the profits were donated to relief efforts. The response was overwhelming, with over 100 artists from across the globe joining in the efforts. What was to be a single CD compilation grew into the 8-disc compilation Rock Back for Japan. The compilation series hit the top 10 Indie Rock releases on’s chart for several weeks, with certain volumes holding the number 1 spot.
Rock Back For Nepal is a three volume compilation, was released by U.S. indie record label Patetico Recordings in 2015, featuring 60 indie artists from around the world that came together to contribute their music in an effort to raise funds for victims of the earthquake disaster in Nepal.

Global artist come together for one great cause… to help those who are in need.

A magnitude-7.8 earthquake occurred in Ecuador Saturday April 16, 2016, it’s considered the worst disaster the country has faced in decades.

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Exciting Winter Chill Essentials-basicLUX Records

Life can be stressful depending on where you are or how you look at it. That is why the idea of having to go somewhere after a hard day at work is such a pain. Why not stay home and listen to music? basicLux Records has gathered the best under its label and chose the the most beautiful track from each artist for your listening pleasure.

Hear out Lemongrass, Gabriel Diggs, Madison Park, Groovecatcher and more…I’m sure you’ve heard them in various sites including YouTube while you were searching for songs with keywords like chill chill-out, house, electronica, dance etc right? So here’s your chance not to look further. They are all here. They are the best and the brightest in the genre.

Don’t Let Go, It’s Easy are just few of the introductory songs that will set you on the mood. The quality is pure and crisp. Whiter you are listening to your expensive headphones like the The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, Beats Studio Wireless or just the basic Apple EarPods, these compilation emanates that inherent sonic quality that sets the standards! And if you are listening with huge speakers, please pump the volume up and share the music.

I also urge you to check out each artist when you visit

Why Rock Back for Nepal is an important release of 2015

Rock Back For Nepal is another spine tingling compilation album from Patetico Records. Let me list down the points why this is a good album to own. But before that you might ask what is this compilation for. 

Patetico Recordings Rallying for Nepal Disaster Relief Fund 

Music Artists Coming Together For The Good People of Nepal 

There you have it and it is for a good cause. I will discuss the key points why it is important to have this album:

Only the best- the bands involved in this project have given their best tracks. There are 17 of them and this is the fifth time I am listening to the entire album. Yes, in a gloomy afternoon which makes it a personal and euphoric experience.

For a good cause- as mentioned proceeds go to the people of Nepal. If only major labels did something similar. I guess they are just busy fattening their wallets instead of caring for people in need.

Good introduction to new artists- this album brings you bands you are probably hearing for the first time. And their music have stood the test of time. These bands have been around and have recorded or performed in many venues before being showcased in this collection.

Rock Back For Nepal covers many genres. From the slick electronic grooves of SPC ECO to the Dream Pop inspired Arirang, all tracks were carefully sellected and sequence to suit the universal mood of how genres should be played in particular order.

If you are a hipster and you want to impresse your friends about sounds they haven’t heard yet, then go get this album. If you are like me who is looking for beautiful tunes just to make  it through the  work week then yeah we should enjoy this together.

I am including the lengthy press release here for your information.

The brilliant Patetico Recordings Record Label/Promotional Company hailing stateside out of Philadelphia (eastcoast city) is putting together a specially needed/very worthy music cause on a CD compilation series for The Nepal Disaster Relief Fund. ‘Patetico Recordings’ have very recently asked for FORKSTER to be involved and without hesitation I immediately come to you all here today in providing/making you all aware here at FDBR of the details for its arrival in raising money for the good people of Nepal. The artwork is still in progress with tracks still coming regularly and they are definitely planning on releasing ‘Volume One’ by the end of 2015’s MAY Month. You will certainly be seeing FORKSTER throughout with there as many necessary releases for it in providing indepth coverage on each compilation album’s contributors and promoting it mighty for charitable donations for the humanitarium needs for the people of Nepal. 

Patetico Recordings rocking good people are no strangers to producing heartfelt music projects needed in raising monies for people/countries in dire need due to catastrophic occurrences. They released back in 2011 “Rock Back” for Japan’ in providing music money relief for the horrific earthquake/Tsunami that was thrown on the countries innocent people. The project went on in being a very successful contributor in raising monies for Japan’s 2011 disaster. 
Postive details BELOW on the projects results & proceeds: 

8 Disc Compilation with 100 Music Artists Involved 

They were able to raise money and 100 percent went to the relief efforts 

ROCK BACK for Japan Compilation Series Hit The TOP TEN and Certain Volumes Hit #1 on the Indie Rock Chart for Amazon per sale.- Timothy Forkster see less

New Album: “Moments of Silence” for the Gaza fundraiser compilation.


The electronic music community has once again shown solidarity by getting together and record their own tracks for this compilation album. It is called “Moments of Silence” for the Gaza fundraiser compilation. I know that this is going to be a great album in a sense that the theme is all about that longing for peace and also the love for humanity. I think the merits of this album go two ways:

1. To show awareness about the ongoing situation on Gaza. How millions of lives are torn apart; and children who have nothing to do with war that is created by adults, have to suffer.

2. Fundraising is another purpose of this compilation. All proceeds to UNRWA. Even if you are not an electronic music fan, supporting this album also means that you contributed to our desire for peace.

Here is the facebook page for those who want to be updated about this recording. Simply lke or follow the page then watch out for announcements.

There are 34 tracks in this compilation. The tunes are calming, spiritual and beautiful. This album will appeal to lovers of New Age and Contemporary Instrumental Music.In this age of distraction and information overload, I think this album stands out as a great companion to your meditation and soul-searching. All the 34 bands/artists have their own style. Some go for more electronic approach while there are others who incorporate acoustic instruments. The styles vary from Jazz to World Music. I have my own favorites. One of them is Feeling Free by Paula!

So what’s the story behind Moments of Silence? According to Brad Zacharias:

“This past summer, I was overwhelmed by the news about the fact that Israel was sending bombs to Gaza and killing so many children. Having a small 3 year old little girl it broke my heart knowing how helpless the families were under such horrible conditions. I felt helpless as I know that we should all protect our children – no matter what. I was shocked and saddened. So I composed a song to help release my feelings. And knowing other like-minded musicians out there were feeling the same emotions I was, I decided that raising money through a compilation to help benefit these kids and families would bring me as close as possible to extending my hand among others in helping benefit these children and their families.”

Listen to the tracks below:

Here’s the description taken from the bandcamp page :

Moments of Silence is a diverse community of ambient music artists from around the globe whose mission is to raise funds for children affected by war.

The atrocities of Israel bombing the Gaza Stip in recent days has shocked everyone on a global scale. The death-toll is rising and many souls, including children, are falling.

“Moments of Silence” is a charity compilation organized by Brad Zacharias (Carbon Sigma) where talented ambient artists throughout the world have submitted a track to help relieve the tension of innocents affected by this Israeli strife in Gaza, though the UNRWA.


For more information about the UNRWA, please visit

Families devastated by heavy shelling and violence in Gaza are in urgent need of safe drinking water and food. And as always, children are suffering most. Our aim is to help raise support for the rebuilding of schools and provide clean drinking water. With your support, every little counts. #SaveGaza #ChildrenOfGaza #UNRWA


released 23 September 2014

Moments of Silence Compilation – 2014

Produced and Directed by Brad Zacharias
Mastering by Andrew Klimek

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Big Love from Electro Hearts: Radio Happy Music Compilation for the Haiyan​/​Yolanda Victims

76 tracks/artists. 9 hours of electro heaven. This is the first compilation album to come out of the Radio Happy community. Yolande  got in touched with her music community after hearing the tragedy that hit my country late November this year. The musicians were quick to respond eagerly contributing their best tracks. There were more who tried to contribute but it was decided that 76 tracks were enough.

I listened to the album for two days. You are in for a surprise if you think this is another dance album. It isn’t. It covers the wide spectrum of electronic music from dance, ambient, new age, space music and even pop. If you want a quick education about electronic music then this compilation is the best that you can find. There’s even an interesting cover of Feels Like Heaven(originally done by Fiction Factory) by Among the Echoes.

These musicians have spent much of their lives crafting electronic music in their own style so expect quality on top of excellent musicianship that I always find in electronic artists. I’ve done my cursory study of these musicians and they have devoted fans who try to tweet or post on facebook this interesting compilation. Even if you are not into electronic music, this album will change your mind.

What’s the reason behind this compilations?

“It is just a bit what we can do. I think it is more the thought of feeling helpless. Nobody can do a thing…
Children are the future. This is important.
This looked good and felt good to me ( maybe because I am a mother as well)
I hope the chaos can be rebuild, and people can start a live again in a few years…”-Yolande.

You can download the album for 7.50 Euros here:

All proceeds will go to

Notes from the album:

Radio Happy would like to help the Philippines, since one of our DJs lives there.  We wanted to create an album with Electronic music, in several styles, ambient, berlin school, synthpop, experimental, drones and more. I think we can be proud with the result! The money from the compilation will go to Save the Children.


   Released 15 December 2013
    A big thanks to all the DJ’s from,  you’re the best!! Could not have done it without you! Many thanks to all the artists who donated one ( or more) tracks. Also a big thanks to Bert Hülshoff, for helping me with the artwork. And a major thanks to Xan Alexander and Hans, who were always there for me when I needed it and Phil Booth and Ian Boddy for their wise words! And last but not least the biggest thanks to the people who buy this great album, because of you we can donate to “save the children”