Golden Brown (cover) – Fiach Moriarty

Originally recorded for US tv show ‘The Carrie Diaries’. Recorded in Studio 2, Kinsealy, Dublin by Keith Lawless who also plays keys on the track. Pat Daly provides violin and David Lawless provides Drums.
Debut record available here:…

Not to show disrespect to the original version but this one is absoluuuutely gorgeous and much better sounding. New version is by Irish singer Fiach Moriarty!  Did you hear how he plucks that guitar? Did you listen to the keyboard section? And his voice simply floats in this song. Dreamy, beautiful but with the underlying strength. I wanted to do an in depth article about him but I am afraid someone might get there ahead of me. Fiach has always made beautiful songs original or covers. It is his choice of chords, his way of singing and arranging -things that set him apart from the rest. I don’t know how to express it in words but it is…extra special. Yeah I think that is the right term. If you happen to be in Ireland, come by Dublin because he is there. He is Dublin’s local musical hero. And he is beloved not by his Irish friends but also by people who get to discover his music.