Happy Canada Day From The Marwills

Stompin Tom Connors was a legendary Canadian singer/songwriter. Alternative rock band The Marwills uploaded their own rendition of the classic. The result is a refleshing and heart warming tune that will bring sunshine to your Happy Canada Day. And you don’t even have to be Canadian to enjoy both the song and the ocassion!

Click the link below to watch the video


Into the Mystic (Van Morrison) Cover by Pedro Martins & Layne Greene

Into the Mystic is an excursion into the music of Van Morrison. A track that you don’t hear being covered by young musicians. This time it has found a freshness in the shared talents of Layne Greene and Pedro Martins. Layne Greene has made folk influenced acoustic tracks since late 2010. It is now that he is branching out in shared creativity with other musicians. Into the Mystic is the result of that artistic curiosity. What do you expect to hear from this project? As always, there is meticulous attention given to mixing and mastering. Both artists are perfectionists.

Pedro MartinsĀ  has explored the sounds of his native Brazil. There is always a natural breezy vibes in all his songs and covers. Venturing into Canadian musical territory is a good move because collaborations always bring out interesting results. And in this track Into the Mystic, both artists have hit the right chord! The video’s visuals is the product of Julie Meyer’s creativity with the graphic arts. Into the Mystic is now available for mass consumption. Visit the websites: http://www.youtube.com/user/phdmartre/videos?view=0&flow=grid

and : https://www.facebook.com/LayneGreeneFolk

Lisa Gerrard :All Along the Watchtower Amazing Cover!

Lisa Gerrard (also known as the other half of Dead Can Dance) has made haunting and beautiful music for decades. The Black Opal recently came out and I grabbed a copy. I literally dropped my jaw with her new turn in style. It is still Lisa with beautiful orchestrated pieces and a voice bestowed upon her by a Seraph. But to hear her actually use words and sing with an actual band is something new. Just listen to this cover of a classic :