I recommend these Soundcloud artists

I am so passionate about Soundcloud. That is where I hear cool music all the time. That’s where musicians that I respect and admire post their tunes. That’s a place where I love to repost and tweet the uploads of these fantastic artists. So today it’s less talk and more Soundcloud links. These are the musicians that are hot on my list. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I did. And oh, it’s 5 am in the morning here.

Layne Greene’s Fantastic Guitar And Vocals

This guy continues to fascinate me. He is really taking his musical career to the next level. He is working on a debut album with a well-known Canadian producer. I heard many of his demo recordings and they are different from most of this internet uploads. He is also active in Eventide Art Hub which is becoming the fastest growing art community in Nova Scotia. You can catch him performing there and also helping run the show.

This is one of the recent recordings he did featuring that classic acoustic guitar which has a long history.

Layne Greene at Eventide: The famous glasses are gone.

Layne Greene at Eventide: The famous glasses are gone.