Big Love from Electro Hearts: Radio Happy Music Compilation for the Haiyan​/​Yolanda Victims

76 tracks/artists. 9 hours of electro heaven. This is the first compilation album to come out of the Radio Happy community. Yolande  got in touched with her music community after hearing the tragedy that hit my country late November this year. The musicians were quick to respond eagerly contributing their best tracks. There were more who tried to contribute but it was decided that 76 tracks were enough.

I listened to the album for two days. You are in for a surprise if you think this is another dance album. It isn’t. It covers the wide spectrum of electronic music from dance, ambient, new age, space music and even pop. If you want a quick education about electronic music then this compilation is the best that you can find. There’s even an interesting cover of Feels Like Heaven(originally done by Fiction Factory) by Among the Echoes.

These musicians have spent much of their lives crafting electronic music in their own style so expect quality on top of excellent musicianship that I always find in electronic artists. I’ve done my cursory study of these musicians and they have devoted fans who try to tweet or post on facebook this interesting compilation. Even if you are not into electronic music, this album will change your mind.

What’s the reason behind this compilations?

“It is just a bit what we can do. I think it is more the thought of feeling helpless. Nobody can do a thing…
Children are the future. This is important.
This looked good and felt good to me ( maybe because I am a mother as well)
I hope the chaos can be rebuild, and people can start a live again in a few years…”-Yolande.

You can download the album for 7.50 Euros here:

All proceeds will go to

Notes from the album:

Radio Happy would like to help the Philippines, since one of our DJs lives there.  We wanted to create an album with Electronic music, in several styles, ambient, berlin school, synthpop, experimental, drones and more. I think we can be proud with the result! The money from the compilation will go to Save the Children.


   Released 15 December 2013
    A big thanks to all the DJ’s from,  you’re the best!! Could not have done it without you! Many thanks to all the artists who donated one ( or more) tracks. Also a big thanks to Bert Hülshoff, for helping me with the artwork. And a major thanks to Xan Alexander and Hans, who were always there for me when I needed it and Phil Booth and Ian Boddy for their wise words! And last but not least the biggest thanks to the people who buy this great album, because of you we can donate to “save the children”

Djos Kast Livens Up French EDM

Djos Kast

Artist: Djos Kast

Album: Still Alive

Name: Nicolas Castillejos

Location: CALLIAN, PACA, France

Beats that pull you into the dance floor-that’s  the DJ Djos Kast (real name Nicolas Castillejos) signature. The electronic music scene is ever changing, with new faces, new sounds and new way of creating beats coming along. But with the many young artists out there, it is hard to filter the best from the mediocre. But this talented DJ Producer is making a huge impact in the EDM scene. So remarkable that the coals left by  his blazing trail never stops burning.

Still Alive is an amalgam of euro trance and unique beats, an album that dances in both your awakened and subconscious mind. It is something that you no longer hear in our dubstep infested airwaves. It recalls the awesome tracks made in the 90s by artists like Darude and Paul Van Dyke. Have you heard of them? If not then you better Google the names and learn from the maestros. Djos Kast is continuing the legacy and in his own way, he is creating beats for everyone to enjoy and dance to.

EDM is about the spirit of getting together and celebrating one of the most ancient thing about humanity-our love for dancing. When the troubled world has left you nothing but disappointments, when all hopes and dreams die and the future looks bleak. Just remember that like dancing, you control your happiness. So stop thinking too much and dance!


DJOS KAST’s big passion for EDM started when he was 10, and is still intact. He was creating his own music when he was 15, for fun at start, and since 2009 in a more professional purpose. Maybe you’ve heard his tracks “It’s Over”, “Get Freaky”, “My Music”, “Bad Way” in the clubs and on web radios. In 2013, he released its first video, with a very promising title « Still Alive », on which he puts all hope. He’s working now on more productions, and is very happy to make remixes for other producers.

Links: Ambient and Beautiful


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I am getting hooked to this wonderful site that features artists that people  will love.  The website is nice to look at…so ethereal. I love the header. Arcadian Forrest gives links to the music that you might love to hear and buy. I am currently listening to his review of John Kitts: When the Music Is Good. I will go ahead and check the other artists. My, my this is getting to be an addiction! According to the site’s description:


Devoted to ambient and ethereal music

Welcome to my ambient, ethereal world!

It is my hope to provide you with a central location to find information on some of my favorite ambient, electronic, and ethereal artists – from those you may have heard of, and hopefully a few that maybe you haven’t. I’m always searching for DJ’s that are also mixing their own chill compilations.

Since my normal job is computer related, I usu. spend 8-10 hours a day in front of the computer screen, and listening to my favorite music.

Stay tuned to learn about the artists, my fav CD’s, and any new DJ’s or artists that I may stumble upon in my search.


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