Second EP and Canadian West Coast Tour for Once A Tree this 2014 (Interview)

Once A Tree

Once A Tree


Hayden and Jayli Wolf form a strong musical bond with their First EP and beautiful single Light Me Up. In this Interview, Hayden explains the story behind the formation of Once A Tree and other interesting things that await them this 2014. Their music is a great find. It is something that penetrates you right away because of its craft and style. I am so excited to represent this band to everyone because I believe in what they do and I think they will win more fans as they continue in this glorious path of music.


1. What’s the story behind the creation of Once a Tree?

Jayli and I met through our love for music, and as corny as it sounds, it was love at first sight! We had mutual friends, and she needed someone to sing a duet with her. So I traveled to her town and ended up staying three extra weeks! We started out writing folk music and gradually transitioned into more of a digital space where the project “Once A Tree” was born. The rest is history.

2. Are we going to hear more songs similar to the style of Light me Up? I like this style because it doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve heard before.

After the release of our first EP we took a bit of a break to work on our writing style and where we wanted to take our sound. We always want to be experimenting and growing in developing ourselves and our sound. So you can expect to hear more tracks similar to “Light Me Up” as well as some stripped down (more  organic) tracks that we have in the works.

3. What’s the songwriting process between you and Jayli?

Jayli and I both work to develop a melody and with Jayli’s singer-songwriter background; she is the one to usually form lyrics. After we have that down we move on to production where I do what I do.

4. What are the plans for this year as far as music is concerned?

2014 is our year to grow. We are excited to start performing live! And after we release our second EP we are hoping to do a small Canadian West Coast tour. As well, we are both developing our solo projects that we are really excited about. 

5. How do you maintain creativity in making tunes?

There are so many musicians and producers that we truly admire and inspire us, and we are always listening to new music. But drawing aspects and circumstances from life is where we gain a lot of inspiration for writing out music. There is always something in this experience we call life to draw inspiration from. The good times and the bad times. All circumstances deserve a chance to be told in their own unique way.

6. Where can fans buy your music?

Currently all our music is available for free or by donation.

You can stream and download our music at the following:

And follow us on 


And twitter:

7.Message to your listeners?

We want to thank everyone who listens to our music! We are so grateful for you all; you don’t even know! We are truly looking forward to growing and sharing our musical experience with you all. We wish everyone a blessed 2014. May all your dreams come true.

Oceans of Love,

Hayden & Jayli

//once a tree//

Sooth the savage soul with sundrowned by Lykanthea & Savage Sister



Vocals – Lakshmi Ramgopal and Chloe Lundgren

 Lyrics – Lakshmi Ramgopal and Michael Tenzer

 Synth/Drum Machine/Bass – Michael Tenzer





Trying to understanding the music of Lykanthea(real name Lakshmi Ramgopal), I had to check out the meaning of Carnatic vocal training. And wow , I was astounded by the amount of information and the training that one must undergo to perfect the craft. I hear it now whenever I listen to any of the four songs off the EP sundrowned.

It has a contemporary sound that if you are not keen you would sometimes mistake it for bands like The Cocteau Twins and Love Spirals Downwards. But it isn’t. This project is inspired by ancient literature and medieval choir music and science fiction. Lykanthea uses synths and harmoniums in a unique fashion. Michael Tenzer and Chloe Lundgren are from Shoegaze/Dream Pop/Darkwave group Savage Sister. If you haven’t yet you should check them out.


Lykanthea is a PhD student based in Chicago and this is just one of her musical projects. I get the feeling that sundrowned is their ticket to bigger things. I think that they should continue to develop this unique sound and in time there will be exclusive fans for this style of music.

This is definitely one EP that can sooth the savage mood early in the morning prior to coffee. And it’s also a perfect music to listen to before retiring to bed.

The Wonder Well is a Flourishing Musical Cornucopia by John Adorney


This will be John Adorney’s 7th release and while he is  already well known in the Yoga/therapist community, when he’s not making music, he is also a certified music therapist, which obviously  translates well to his music.



Mark Knopfler, A.R. Rahman, William Orbit, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Corelli, Handel, Deep Forest, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Bach.


New Age – acoustic electronic

I started my day with high spirits while listening to The Wonder Well by John Adorney. He knows both the human soul and ears. The Wonder Well is his latest album. There are 11 tracks. I think what’s different about this one compared to his past albums is the emphasis on pop hooks and lively beats. It is the music of activity and finding inner peace in an urban landscape. There is still that spiritual John Adorney but with a more radio-friendly approach.

Vocals, keyboards, cellos, guitars, banjos, dulcimer and bamboo flute take you to a cultural journey all over the world. The beautiful vocals of Daya surround this project, sometimes as backing and as lead (If A Rose Could Speak). There are pulsing electronic loops and beats. Reverb embellish some tracks. This is New Age for the new decade.

Spiritus opens the track with wispy vocal overdubs singing:

Spiritus est Deus(Breath is God)

In Spiritus est Deus(God is in your Breath).

The phrases repeat all throughout the track like a mantra. Never Alone has a faintly Latin flavor. I think what differentiates Adorney from the likes of Enigma and Vangelis is his love for intimate acoustic sounds. This one showcases deft acoustic guitar talent on top of chill out beats. There are many memorable tunes in The Wonder Well including the title track. Yes too many to mention. But I think the album title speaks for itself. It is a cornucopia richness for its material and the talents involved. The production is superb. The presence of the autoharp really completes this album!

The Wonder Well is something that will continue to flourish as you listen all the time. It has a timeless appeal because of its artful craft. And heavenly melodies.


Buy the album here:!store/c11l7


Diary of a Lost Girl – by Louise Rutkowski (ex This Mortal Coil, The Hope Blister).


No wonder the beautiful voice of Louise Rutkowski sounds familiar. She used to be part of This Mortal Coil and The Hope Blister. She helped build the  4AD records with her distinct angelic voice. Diary of a Lost Girl took seven years to make and it is on its way to seduce ears to heights of sonic orgasm. I listened to the taster and I tell you, this is the kind of album that you want to add to your collection of ‘feel good ‘ music.

The orchestral arrangement alone makes this a sure winner . The second track Remember made the hair at the back of my neck stand when she hit that high note in the end  of the song (on top of the lush orchestral strings). Bedtime Story combines the beauty of chamber strings and electronic beats. It has that nice pizzicato that goes in and out within the verses. Unlike Liz Fraser who sings in abstract glossalia vocalise, Rutkowski firmly plants her craft on story-telling with pop sensibilities. This is an album I would gladly play loud to amuse neighbors with its uniqueness.

I don’t know what kind of heavenly drink she ingests every day but her voice is rare and you don’t get to hear this kind in today’s singers. The same reason I didn’t watch the Grammys because the terrible voices make me shudder! I hope Diary of a Lost Girl will get wider distribution and probably even a place in movie soundtracks. Mimi is a song that’s fitting as accidental songs because of its cinematic style.

There are a thirteen tracks in the album and they have been crafted artfully. I admire the quality of work that Irvin Duguid (who co-wrote and produced this album) has placed in Diary of a Lost Girl. You can hear even the tiniest sound like the soft tinkling of the piano. The album is relaxing and perfect for those who are unwinding after a tired day. The lyrics touch on relationships, struggles and a woman’s journey into self-realization and inner strength. I sometimes don’t pay attention to the lyrics. I just love the voice of Louise Rutkowski and the beautiful tunes that inhabit the heaven called Diary of a Lost Girl.

You can pre-order the album from iTunes through this link:





The Electron Sun Project

They are:

-Pure Mischief ..
-Clare McCarthy…
-Dean Burnett…
-Lia Shapiro aka ALiEn TriBe…
-Ross Ackerman…
-Sean McCarthy

Here is an interesting project from several musicians based in the UK and United States. The Electron Sun Project sounds like its name. It’s music of beaches and outdoors-even space travel. The style is hard to define as it combines the styles of  American and UK electronic music. My current fave is The Universe Has Spoken featuring the unique voice of Ali Carter. She reminds me of Billie Holiday but with a pinch of Susan Ballion of Siouxsie and the Banshees. It’s a chillout tune (as the rest of the EP) with robust bass and drum arrangement  that reminds me of Bjork’s Army of Me.

This is what happens when space music merges with chill out pop. It’s a delicious blend of sophisticated melodies and textured synths that sound organic. Yet is has a little bit of that kick that prevents it from turning into  elevator music.

The reflective lyrics compliment the melody and they create this sweet pop tune. It deserves more downloads and airplay.

More from their official facebook page: