Ox Cohen:Tri Axis Triple Works

Ox Cohen

Artist: Ox Cohen

Album: Tri Axis Triple Works

Style: Experimental Rock/Ambient/New Age

Hometown: CHICAGO, IL

Every track of Ox Cohen is like a portal into another world. You don’t know what to expect when you open it. And in every track lies its own Jack in the Box. There are strange and mesmerizing sounds that happen within the span of the track. Tri Axis Triple Works is an album about voyage within and into space. The use of experimental rock calls to mind Vangelis and Tangerine Dream with the melodic beauty of Yes.

I think this is the kind of album you would like to listen to in your bedroom while staring at the ceiling for an hour. It really takes you away. Tracks like Cloud Voyage and Refinder really do their job in transporting you into an electronic sound scape that moves forward. Gem Highway almost has that Flock of Seagulls 80s synth vibes. Coupled with hypnotic beats, everything swirls as if in colored lights. You can sample most of his music here: http://www.banguskahnmusic.com/music/

Tri Axis Triple Works sounds like a taster of what’s more to come from this classically trained musician from Chicago.


Ox Cohen artist born in St. Louis and raised in Chicago began his music training at age thirteen learning the basics of Blues and Heavy Metal to start and later expanding into Jazz and Classical throughout the years as he had gone to Music High School and College. Later played in several bands. The band experience was semi-professional, one of which was mainly a grunge/alternative influenced one and the other a metal band. Then as time had passed Ox Cohen became more into composing, although he had written throughout the time period. In the last seven to ten years became more enamored with computer recording, the keyboard as well as the cello and fusing guitar within the synthesized instruments. Ox Cohen is a big fan of a lot of the Hard Rock and Progressive Rock bands coming from the Seventies as well as the bands of the Alternative movement of the Nineties yet as well influenced by many other genres including the Sixties and Classical music. He hopes that listeners can appreciate his music and hopes it will bring a healing effect when it is possible.

Links: http://www.banguskahnmusic.com/


Pitch takes the Chapman Stick to the Next Level.



Album: Conquistador


Bruno Pitch : Chapman Stick
Syloë : Vocals
Guix Huré : Drums

Location: Moulins, France

This is my first encounter with the Chapman Stick instrument. Although this has been constructed in the 70s I’ve never heard any band who takes the usage of this unique instrument to the next level.  Pitch is a band based in France. The music grows on you at first listen. It’s probably the stings which is rare in a jazz/prog rock band. It must be the vocals of Syloë. Or probably the driving beat of Guix Huré. But whatever it is that makes Pitch a fascinating band, it’s something to do with their musicianship.

Magellan’s Dream has that adventurous flair that calls to mind Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I love accent in Syloë’s voice. She also has a perfect Jazz voice. There is that part of the track around 4:00 where the strings make an Irish jig sound.

In Easter Island, I like how Syloë”s emphasizes on the sound of the vowels “Easter Isllllllaaaaaannnnggggddd.” The instrumental solo that starts before 4:00 is electrifying. More notable tracks are Land of the Pirates and Cap Horn.

Pitch is an exciting name in progressive rock that is courting mainstream fans due to the beautiful melodies and excellent musicianship of the members. When you are on a cruise, play this music and by the time you get back you will be anticipating their next album. That’s how addicting Pitch is!


Formed in 2009 under the name of ‘Bruno Pitch’, this french band from Moulins city was an instrumental project based on Chapman Stick compositions, in 2010 the first album was made : Crystal Garden.

In 2012 the new band was born with the singer Syloë, the project changed is name to ‘Pitch’.
A new album was realized in summer 2012 : Conquistador, composed of 9 songs and an instrumental track.

Music video by Pitch performing Easter Island
Music : Bruno Pitch, Syloë, Guix Huré
Lyrics : Bruno Pitch
Movie by Charly Picciocchi – Mertz-TV


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pitchband